Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 288

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Chapter 288: Chapter 288 - Strange Vehicle Adventure

Chapter 288 Strange Vehicle Adventure

Zhou Wen watched as large numbers of white bats landed in the tunnel in fragments behind him . There were also some crystals, and he couldn’t help but feel wistful .

The strange vehicle continued to move forward . He didn’t know what the consequences would be if he left it, so he didn’t attempt to pick up the crystals . He could only watch as the strange vehicle left the spoils untouched .

Despite him killing a large group of bats, there were still large numbers that didn’t fear death as they charged forward . Looking at the white shadows flying above them, it made one’s scalp tingle .

Zhou Wen had just used the Grand Yin Wind and his Yuan Qi hadn’t recovered when he saw large swaths of white bats rush down . His expression changed slightly as he clenched his Bamboo Blade and prepared to engage the white bats in melee combat .

Lu Yunxian and Lu Ning summoned their Companion Beasts to prepare for battle . The carriage was too small, so they could only summon Companion Beasts in their companion form-as armor or weapons-to aid them in battle .

When a large horde of white bats charged down, Zhou Wen was just about to draw his saber when there was a humming sound . All the white bats above retreated . None of them continued charging as they circled the ceiling of the cave .

Zhou Wen and company were stunned as they looked ahead . They didn’t know when the puppet began holding a strange musical instrument . It was likely made of stone; flat with a few holes on it . It was rather crudely made .

However, just as the white bat was about to charge down, the puppet placed the stone musical instrument in front of its face . Its face was a wooden board without any facial features . It was unknown how it blew, but it produced a humming sound .

The moment the sound emitted, the white bats immediately retreated again . They hovered above them, but none had the courage to swoop down again .

The strange vehicle moved through the bats, but they didn’t encounter any more attacks from them . They safely moved forward .

“Young Master Wen… Don’t tell me that the puppet is alive…?” Lu Yunxian looked at the puppet with his mouth agape . He thought it was a mechanical object . Who knew that there would be such a development?

Zhou Wen looked at the puppet as well . The puppet stood in front, no longer moving its arm . However, the strange vehicle continued to move forward at a constant speed . The crank was also spinning autonomously .

The puppet stood there, holding the stone musical instrument as it looked forward into the distance . However, without any facial features and eyes, what was it using? It was extremely bizarre .

Zhou Wen found it odd, but since it was beneficial to them, he didn’t have any intention of attacking the puppet . He was just worried about where the strange carriage would take them .

The scenery in front of them suddenly broadened as the white bats that filled the sky scattered . Zhou Wen and company looked past the scattered white bats and saw a blue sky .

Unlike the cave from before, this place was actually a huge and boundless space . It was impossible to see the end of this space at a glance . In the distance, one could even see the sea and islands . Above them was a blue sky .

However, the blue sky was a little too blue . It was like a sapphire . Zhou Wen looked carefully and realized that it really was a sapphire .

A gigantic sapphire formed the sky of the underground space by occupying the entire area above .

There were no suns or stars . The sapphire emitted a faint blue light that illuminated the entire underground space . At the same time, everything in the underground space had a blue hue .

In the next second, the strange vehicle landed on the blue ocean . Zhou Wen didn’t know if it was an ocean, but he just couldn’t see the water body’s end . All he saw was deep blue seawater .

The strange vehicle cruised over the sea surface . Its stone wheels were rolling across the surface as though it was traveling on flat ground . They dragged out two white waves on the surface of the sea in its wake .

“What’s that underneath?” Lu Yunxian pointed at the seawater beside him in horror .

Zhou Wen and Lu Ning looked at the surface of the sea and saw a huge shadow, as though a behemoth was swimming under the strange vehicle .

All they could see was a gigantic shadow, nothing else . Furthermore, the shadow was gradually expanding .


The seawater erupted like a volcanic eruption as it sprayed hundreds of feet into the sky . Huge waves formed as the seawater struck the strange vehicle . However, the strange vehicle appeared imperturbable . This didn’t stop the seawater from pouring into the carriage, drenching them .

However, Zhou Wen and company weren’t in the mood to care about the seawater . The three of them widened their eyes as they stared at the sea by the side of the war wagon .

A huge creature that looked like it was carved from obsidian extended half its body from the sea . Its body was perfect and gorgeous . Its black obsidian-like scales shimmered and every inch of its body seemed to be exquisitely carved . Even if one were to observe the titanic body with a magnifying glass, one wouldn’t be able to find any crudeness or flaws .

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The huge body that was like a hill exuded an exquisite and majestic feeling .

“Dragon… That’s a dragon… a dragon carved from obsidian…” Lu Yunxian stammered as he pointed at the creature that had stretched half its body out of the sea .

Zhou Wen didn’t look too good either . The development seemed to exceed his expectations . Regardless of whether the terrifying creature in the sea was a dragon or not, he could tell from its aura that it was a terrifying existence . It might even be stronger than the white dragon in Dragon’s Well .

Boom! Boom!

A series of crashing waves sounded as the seawater around the strange vehicle churned . Copious amounts of seawater surged over, knocking Zhou Wen and company off their feet .

However, their gazes were never on the strange vehicle’s interior, but outside . Black dragon heads emerged one after another . One… Two… Three…

When Zhou Wen saw the ninth black dragon extend its head out of the sea, he felt numb .

“Roar!” The nine creatures carved from obsidian roared at the strange vehicle, sending sonar waves at them . Even the seawater turned into tumultuous waves as a result of the sonar waves . They surged at the puny strange vehicle from every direction .

“We’re doomed!” Lu Yunxian’s expression changed drastically . Such terrifying creatures and such terrifying sound waves implied that they had no way of escaping the calamity .

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Zhou Wen held the banana fan tightly as he prepared for death . Even though he knew he wasn’t a match for these entities, he couldn’t just sit back and do nothing .

“Hum!” The strange sound from the stone musical instrument echoed in front of the carriage . The sound wave dispersed the churning sonar waves and tsunamis at the same time, preventing them from getting close to the strange vehicle .

The nine black dragons stared at the strange vehicle covetously, but none of them lunged forward . They only watched as the strange vehicle slowly drove towards the other side of the sea .

Zhou Wen and company’s hearts raced . After the strange vehicle left the nine black dragons, Zhou Wen looked back and saw the nine obsidian-like dragons roaring at the sky as though they were venting their anger .

And beneath the sea, Zhou Wen discovered that the lower half of their bodies were connected, like a black mountain that had sunken into the sea . Only then did he realize that it wasn’t nine dragons, but a monster with nine heads .

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