Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 289

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Chapter 289: Chapter 289 - Returning to the Bat Cave

Chapter 289 Returning to the Bat Cave

The strange vehicle raced across the sea while the puppet remained in front, staring into the distance, motionless like a statue .

“Is this how I came back?” Lu Ning asked . Her face looked puzzled . She couldn’t imagine what she had experienced while she was unconscious .

Zhou Wen leaned against the back of the strange vehicle, playing games on his phone .

He wanted to see if he could control the blood-colored avatar to take the same path .

Although he knew that it was useless even if the blood-colored avatar walked over, successfully passing the cave of white bats, it was impossible for him to cross the underground sea with the nine-headed dragon guarding it .

However, there wasn’t much to do in the strange vehicle . Lu Ning was resting while Lu Yunxian was observing the situation ahead . Since he had nothing else to do, Zhou Wen began grinding the instance dungeon .

Zhou Wen sat at the back, and there was only the sea behind him . In front, Lu Yunxian and Lu Ning couldn’t see what he was playing .

Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar to move forward at full speed . Soon, large groups of Blood Threadworms surrounded him . Zhou Wen didn’t have the patience to deal with them . He ignored them and ran at full speed . When his Primordial Energy filled up, he killed all of them, letting them rain crystals . However, he no longer had any use for Legendary crystals .

As for the Blood Threadworm eggs that dropped, Zhou Wen would pick them up and incubate them .

The Blood Threadworms were not strong, but if there were a lot of them, things were different . Even Epic stage experts had to avoid them .

Zhou Wen had hatched quite a number of Blood Threadworms . He planned on trying to see if they were of any use . If they were useful, he would keep them and not feed them to his pets .

Where can I find a speed-type mount? I run with my legs all the time and it expends my Primordial Energy, but I can’t do anything about it . Zhou Wen used his Primordial Energy to increase his speed and ran for a while before having to recover his Primordial Energy . This was quite tiring, so he thought of how he needed a mount .

Zhou Wen naturally had something extraordinary about him, being called a genius among geniuses by the former principal . His divergent thinking abilities and memory far exceeded that of ordinary people . He remembered the complicated routes that the strange vehicle took, despite its fast speed and quickly arrived at the cave of white bats .

Looking at the ores that looked like stars in the cave, Zhou Wen suddenly wondered if he could dig out these ores in-game .

Thinking about it, he gave it a try . It was not difficult to dig the ores . The blood-colored avatar shattered the rocks beside the ore, digging out a translucent milky-white crystal .

‘Obtained Primordial Crystal . Weight: 21 grams, Primordial Crystal Purity: 0 . 12’

This crystal is actually something that the game acknowledges . But what’s the use of Primordial Crystals? It can’t be used to make weapons that can kill dimensional creatures like Primordial Gold, right? Zhou Wen was astonished .

Unfortunately, there was no storage space in-game . Even if he knew that the Primordial Crystals were useful, he couldn’t take them away .

I wonder if there are any storage-type Companion Beasts . If they exist, I have to get one . Otherwise, it’s such a pity to waste so much good stuff . Zhou Wen had heard of such a Companion Beast, but he had never seen it . He also had no idea where they dropped .

Zhou Wen didn’t wait for the white bats to attack after entering the bat cave . He attracted the attention of the nearby white bats over .

There wasn’t any strange vehicle in the game, so if he were to be surrounded by the bats, he would definitely die . Therefore, Zhou Wen planned on killing them along the way and let them drop their items .

If he was lucky, he might even have a white bat drop as a mount . They flew at extremely fast speeds and were rare flying pets . Zhou Wen was very interested in getting one .

The only worry was he couldn’t hatch an Epic Companion Egg .

Zhou Wen lured a horde of white bats and with the fan, he sent them flying . Their bodies turned into ice sculptures in midair, shattering upon collision with the stone walls .

Seeing dozens of white bats being destroyed by a single attack and having plenty of crystals drop excited Zhou Wen greatly .

It would be great if all Epic creatures can be killed as easily as these white bats, Zhou Wen thought greedily .

It was a pity that it was not easy to find such weak Epic creatures . Furthermore, there were few places with Epic creatures appearing in huge hordes . In some smaller dimensional zones, Epic creatures usually appeared alone . Even in a super dungeon, like Zhuolu, it was rare to encounter one .

After scanning the battlefield, he discovered that the crystals produced by the white bat were mostly Speed Crystals . Epic crystals were very useful, but Zhou Wen’s absorbing was useless, nor could he take them away . He felt as if he had lost a winning lottery ticket as he looked at the floor of crystals .

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A storage Companion Beast . I must get a storage Companion Beast, Zhou Wen screamed inwardly .

Zhou Wen lured and killed countless white bats along the way . Although he didn’t keep a careful count, he estimated he killed at least 400-500 of them . The crystals that dropped were all basic stat crystals .


Upon hearing a rather unique chime, Zhou Wen looked at the pile of white bat corpses and his eyes lit up .

Among a few crystals, there was a crystal that glowed blue . The words on it were different from the rest .

Poison: 13… Overjoyed, Zhou Wen he hurriedly got the blood-colored avatar to pick up the Poison Crystal . After absorbing it, his Poison stat reached 13 points .

A Poison stat allowed Zhou Wen to have a decent poison resistance . Furthermore, some special Epic Primordial Energy Skills had special requirements towards his stats .

Zhou Wen thought that if he could obtain a Primordial Energy Skill that came with the Poison element in the future, the Poison stat would definitely be useful .

Seeing that the white bats dropped Poison Crystals, Zhou Wen felt energized and continued charging forward . He kept luring and culling large numbers of them .

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When he was less than halfway through the bat cave, Zhou Wen lured a large group of white bats and fanned them, sending them all to their deaths .

However, one of the bats flickered and vanished as though it had teleported . When it appeared again, it had passed the Grand Yin Wind and appeared in front of the blood-colored avatar .

Only then did Zhou Wen realize that the white bat was different from the others . It was bigger and its color was different from the whiteness of the normal white bats . It looked as though it was carved from milk-white jade, and its eyes were like two shining diamonds .

In the next second, a beam shot out from the white jade-like bat’s eyes and headed straight for the blood-colored avatar .

Zhou Wen hurriedly used Ghost Steps to dodge its attack and began engaging in combat with it .

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