Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 293

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Chapter 293: Chapter 293 - Echo

Chapter 293 Echo

The voice grew louder, as if lightning was approaching rapidly .


When the sound came out of the stone temple, it was like a thunderclap exploding above everyone’s heads . Zhou Wen felt his ears buzz as though his head was about to split open . His eyes, nose, ears, and mouth bled . He couldn’t hear anything for a moment .

The other people were in no better situation than Zhou Wen . Some of them had already spewed out blood . Even their Companion Beasts were affected . Their expressions turned ghastly as some of them were clearly injured .

However, Lord Alcohol and company covered their ears and remained motionless .

Zhou Wen didn’t dare move when he saw the situation . The sound was odd, but the thunderclap that happened above him nearly knocked him unconscious . Who knew what the consequences would be if he continued talking .

Zhou Wen thought of retreating to the other side of the stone pillar . If he did, he could shout and use that terrifying sound to easily finish off Lord Alcohol and the rest .

Lord Alcohol kept staring at Zhou Wen and company . Seeing the change in Zhou Wen’s eyes, he seemed to have guessed something . He opened his mouth and said something to Zhou Wen, but he didn’t make a sound .

Zhou Wen carefully tried to lip-read and realized that he was saying: “Don’t move . Airflow can also cause echoes . When that happens, all of us will die . If we could run, we’d have run . ”

Zhou Wen didn’t know if what he said was true, but seeing how they had no intention to move, he guessed it was true . They would probably have run if they could .

“You can’t stay here forever, right?” Zhou Wen mouthed to Lord Alcohol .

“Wait, in another hour, the echo will disappear,” Lord Alcohol said .

Zhou Wen’s heart stirred when he heard that . Since they Lord Alcohol and company didn’t dare to move, they could still maintain peace . However, once the restriction on them disappeared, Zhou Wen and company might not be their match .

Although Zhou Wen had the banana fan, Lord Alcohol and the rest clearly weren’t weaklings . Even a person like An Sheng had been thrown down the fault . This group couldn’t be underestimated .

Especially a person like Lord Alcohol . He had experienced the dimensional storms before . He was even associated with people like Jing Daoxian and Zhang Daotian . He was definitely not as simple as a haggard old man .

If I don’t teach them a lesson now, the three of us will be at a disadvantage later, Zhou Wen thought to himself .

However, the three of them weren’t immune to the damage from the echo . Finishing off Lord Alcohol and the rest now was equivalent to dooming themselves .

Unfortunately, Truth Listener is still in the midst of its evolution . Otherwise, it would probably have some effect on the echoes . Zhou Wen thought of Truth Listener and looked at the chaos space . It was still in a stone egg form; the completion of its evolution unknown .

Other than Truth Listener, is there no other way? Zhou Wen racked his brains for a way to deal with the echo .

Banana Fairy was definitely not up to the mark . She was an offensive-type Companion Beast, so she didn’t have good defense . Now that they were facing an invisible enemy, it was impossible counterattacking .

Under such circumstances, Doctor Darkness was even more useless . Without an opponent, his ability could not be used .

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Ghost Bride might be of some use . As a ghost, she’s probably not afraid of the sonar attack, Zhou Wen thought . Although Ghost Bride wasn’t afraid of the echo, it wasn’t of much help to Zhou Wen . She couldn’t block the echo for them .

Unless the echo is directional . Zhou Wen carefully recalled the details of the echo blast . He felt that although they were relatively far from the stone temple, they didn’t hold any advantage .

The further they went, the louder the echo . They were no different from Lord Alcohol and the rest who were standing in front of the stone temple .

While Zhou Wen was contemplating the matter, he saw Lu Yunxian wink at him and mouth something to him . However, Zhou Wen had been looking at Lord Alcohol and company, so he hadn’t noticed before .

Now that he noticed Lu Yunxian, he could tell from his mouth that he seemed to be saying: “I have a way to withstand the echoes . ”

“You can withstand the echoes?” Zhou Wen also mouthed in response to Lu Yunxian . Unfortunately, Lu Yunxian didn’t have the ability to read lips . He kept repeating his words .

Zhou Wen thought about it . Lu Yunxian was quite reliable, so it was unlikely he would lie .

Zhou Wen hesitated for a moment before attempting to walk towards Lu Yunxian . He was only two or three steps away when he immediately heard the rumbling of thunder in the stone temple .


A thunderclap boomed, causing Lord Alcohol and company to bleed from their seven orifices . Even the Companion Beasts were no exception .

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As for Zhou Wen and company, they were fine . In front of them was a strange pet that looked like a headless pig . Its body was curvy and oval without a head or tail . It had four hooves growing on it . It looked very strange .

However, such a silly-looking Companion Beast had actually used a strange energy fluctuation to withstand the terrifying sonar blast, preventing the trio from being hit by it .

Zhou Wen’s eyes immediately narrowed as he looked in the direction of Lord Alcohol . The latter wasn’t in a good state to begin with, so when he saw what had happened, his face became even paler .

“Young Master Wen, how about we make a deal?” Lord Alcohol mouthed a request .

“What kind of deal?” Zhou Wen directly asked, immediately causing thunder to rumble from the stone temple . It turned back into an echo that boomed above the stone temple .

Boom! Boom!

Some of the Companion Beasts dropped to the ground . The dozen or so people bled from their seven orifices . The weaker ones had already collapsed to the ground .

These sounds triggered even more echoes . Thunder rumbled outside the stone temple, as if an enraged thunder god kept attacking with echoes .

There were already a few people on Lord Alcohol’s side who were badly bleeding, who knew if they could survive this ordeal . Zhou Wen’s situation wasn’t looking good either . The echo’s powers were too strong, and the strange Companion Beast was trembling . It didn’t seem as if it could last much longer .

Zhou Wen’s eyes darted askew and saw that, instead of retreating, the old fellow chose to harge into the stone temple in spite of the thunderous booms .

“Let’s enter the stone temple . ” Zhou Wen’s heart stirred as he made Lu Yunxian control the Companion Beast .

Zhou Wen originally imagined that the sound would be even more terrifying when they were nearer the stone temple . However, he realized that the further away he was, the louder the sound was . Although the echo remained terrifying in the stone temple, it wasn’t as terrifying as outside .

Zhou Wen sized up the stone hall and saw that there were many crudely-made stone objects inside . Lord Alcohol continued running for the back door of the stone temple . The echoes left him vomiting blood, but were unable to kill him .

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