Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 294

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Chapter 294: Chapter 294 - Longevity Fruit

Chapter 294 Longevity Fruit

“Where did An Sheng fall from?” Zhou Wen asked Lu Ning .

“The fault at the back of the temple,” Lu Ning replied .

Zhou Wen hurriedly got Lu Yunxian to control his Companion Beast as the trio rushed into the back hall .

If the front of the temple was considered a building, then the back of the temple was a huge cavern . 80% of it maintained its original appearance with only a few places showing signs of artificial excavation .

A stone drum stood on the left side of the cavern, emitting thumping sounds . The terrifying sonar waves came from it .

However, now that Zhou Wen and company were close to the stone drum, they couldn’t sense the powerful might of the echo . The power of the sonar wave was only equivalent to a Legendary sonar wave attack .

A huge rift spanning a few hundred meters covered the other side of the cave, and at the back was a strange fruit tree .

The fruit tree was twenty to thirty meters tall, its crown resembling a large umbrella . The tree had dense leaves and its body was black as ink . Only the leaves had a few fine white veins .

Many fruits peppered the areas between the black leaves . However, looking carefully, one couldn’t help but be alarmed .

This was because the fruits looked like babies that were sitting cross-legged with their eyes closed . It exuded an indescribable horror .

No matter how he looked at it, Zhou Wen found the strange tree resembled the Dead Man Tree in his mysterious phone, but there were slight differences .

Lord Alcohol had already run up to the tree . He leaped up to pick the infant-like fruit .

Zhou Wen didn’t know if it was an illusion, but he saw the fruit move by itself, taking the initiative to make contact with Lord Alcohol’s palm . Soon, it was in his hand .

“I originally planned on letting them give it a try, but now there’s nothing I can do . ” Lord Alcohol’s red eyes stared at the strange fruit that resembled a jade doll and swallowed it .

“What’s that fruit?” Zhou Wen asked Lu Ning .

Lu Ning looked confused . “When we first entered, this was all there was at the back of the temple . There was no stone drum or fruit trees . ”

Without any hesitation, Zhou Wen pulled out his Bamboo Blade and cleaved at Lord Alcohol, who had just swallowed the fruit, with the Demonic Astral Wheel . Since he had become an archenemy, he had to try with all his might to kill his enemy .

Zhou Wen didn’t know what changes would happen after Lord Alcohol swallowed the fruit . Although he wanted to know, he wasn’t willing to wait for the outcome .

Lu Ning and Lu Yunxian shared the same thoughts . Two forces of ice and fire joined Zhou Wen’s Demonic Astral Wheel in the assault on Lord Alcohol .

After Lord Alcohol swallowed the fruit, he seemed to be in a daze . He stood there motionless with his head lowered and his body bent . He looked extremely strange .

Just as the three forces were about to hit him, Lord Alcohol raised his head and spread open his arms . He leaned back and let out a painful

roar .

A terrifying power erupted from his body as a powerful shockwave shattered Zhou Wen and company’s attacks . This terrifying power wasn’t directed at the three of them .

Their expressions instantly turned nasty as Zhou Wen summoned Banana Fairy . Banana Fairy opened her mouth and blew a gust of cold wind at the roaring Lord Alcohol .

The cold wind blew Lord Alcohol away, slamming him into the stone wall at the back of the cave, creating a huge pit .

Lord Alcohol’s body leaned against the pit in the stone wall, his body twisted . Covered in frost, his eyes were closed .

However, the ominous feeling in Zhou Wen’s heart intensified . With the Bamboo Blade in hand, he used Ghost Steps to instantly appear in front of Lord Alcohol, delivering Transcendent Flying Immortal right into Lord Alcohol’s chest .

At that moment, Lord Alcohol’s hand suddenly moved . The veins on his hand protruded like tiny purple snakes wrapping around his arm . Furthermore, his arm was emitting a strange blood-colored glow .

At such a close distance, Lord Alcohol held the Bamboo Blade that had stabbed at him like a bolt of lightning . It had failed to slice off his palm but had managed to slice it open .

Blood flowed out, but he seemed to feel nothing . Holding the blade, he opened his eyes and slowly stood up from the pit .

As he stood up, his body underwent a tremendous change . His fractured bones automatically healed, and his white hair turned black . His hunched and thin figure also gradually straightened up as he bulked up . His entire silhouette and overall bearing seemed to undergo a miraculous change .

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Lord Alcohol, who looked like an old man, had turned into a middle-aged man as he slowly stood up . There were no signs of aging on him at all . It was hard to imagine that the previous Lord Alcohol was the same person .

Doctor Darkness silently crept behind him and stabbed him in the waist with his scalpel .


Without even looking back, Lord Alcohol threw out his palm, sending Doctor Darkness and his Life Soul flying out . Doctor Darkness slammed into the mountain wall, his bones seemingly fractured . He fell to the ground with a twisted expression . It was unknown if he could survive .

“Jing Daoxian didn’t lie to me . The fruit of the Longevity Tree can really restore one’s youth . It feels great being young…” Lord Alcohol wore a look of delight . In his glee, he exerted strength in his palm, throwing Zhou Wen and his saber flying .

Zhou Wen switched to the Godfiend Life Providence in midair and used its power to counter the terrifying momentum that Lord Alcohol transferred into him . He landed safely on the ground, not suffering a tragic fate like Doctor Darkness .

“What’s that fruit? How did it make Lord Alcohol become so terrifying?” Lu Yunxian said as he looked at the young and powerful Lord Alcohol .

“I don’t know . ” Zhou Wen’s expression didn’t look too good . The aura emanating from Lord Alcohol was terrifying . Zhou Wen could even faintly feel an invisible gas rising from his body like an invisible devil .

What made Zhou Wen most worried was that the current Lord Alcohol had already reached an unimaginable level . Even Banana Fairy couldn’t kill him . The three of them probably didn’t have the strength to resist him anymore .

Lord Alcohol had transformed into a twenty-year-old youth . His black hair was hanging down due to his nature-defying growth, and his muscles were filled with elasticity and strength . He had been a grizzled old man just moments ago .

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“Let’s leave, now . ” Zhou Wen cried out to Lu Yunxian and Lu Ning, before turning to run towards the front temple .

Since they were no match for him, death was the only outcome .

Lord Alcohol glanced coldly at them and reached out his hand to grab at them . Zhou Wen and company immediately felt an irresistible suction force pulling them towards him .

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