Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 295

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Chapter 295: Chapter 295 - Devil

Chapter 295 Devil

Zhou Wen held the banana fan and sent out a gust of Grand Yin Wind .


Lord Alcohol’s body was blown away once again and he slammed into the wall . However, he stood up even faster this time and he recovered from his injuries more quickly . He stared at the banana fan in Zhou Wen’s hand with a sharp gaze . “An Epic Companion Beast can’t have such potent wind-elemental powers . That’s a Mythical Companion Beast . Which race do you represent?”

“So you’re also a representative?” Zhou Wen asked .

“Pfft, I’m not a lackey . I’m myself . I’m a lord no matter where I go, not anyone’s dog . It doesn’t matter which race you represent . You’ll all die today,” Lord Alcohol said as he stared coldly at Zhou Wen .

With that said, Lord Alcohol’s majestic figure took a step forward and arrived in front of Zhou Wen . He grabbed his head .

Zhou Wen’s body phased away as he spread his wings behind him . His figure flashed like a shadow as he dodged Lord Alcohol’s grasp .


The force exerted by Lord Alcohol’s fingers left five finger marks that were more than a meter long on the mountain wall over a hundred meters away . It alarmed Zhou Wen .

Lu Yunxian and Lu Ning attacked at the same time . Two completely different forces, one ice and one fire, attacked Lord Alcohol’s back .

With a wave of his hand, Lu Yunxian’s flaming tiger and Lu Ning’s Ice Snake’s powers shattered . The two of them were sent flying as they spat out blood and fell into the distance; their outcomes unknown .

Zhou Wen sighed inwardly . Indeed, I should just stay at home and play games . Why did I have to risk my life? But there are some things that I have to do .

Zhou Wen tightened his grip on the banana fan as Lord Alcohol walked towards him . The only thing that could restrain Lord Alcohol was this banana fan, but the Grand Yin Wind consumed too much Primordial Energy, preventing him from constantly using it . It was a huge weakness .

If Zhou Wen took a step further and advanced to the Epic stage, he might still be able to use his Life Soul to resolve the problem of his Primordial Energy consumption, but he didn’t have a good solution at the moment .

“Lord Alcohol, it looks like I won’t be able to escape death today . Before I die, can you tell me what those fruits are? Why do they have the mystical powers of rejuvenation?” Zhou Wen wanted to stall for time .

Lord Alcohol was clearly very excited . He had finally gotten what he wanted after so many years . At that moment, he had a lot of glee and emotions that he wanted to vent .

“This is a Longevity Fruit . Its effect isn’t as simple as rejuvenation, turning one young again . In the words used in ancient times, consuming this fruit can allow one to ascend and transform . ” Lord Alcohol’s face was filled with excitement .

“I heard you say that Jing Daoxian told you about the Longevity Tree?” Zhou Wen asked .

“That’s right . Jing Daoxian, Zhang Daotian, and I were playmates who grew up together . However, I wasn’t as blessed as Zhang Daotian or as talented as Jing Daoxian . Neither was my luck comparable to theirs . Thankfully, I’ve had a relatively good life and managed to live to old age . ”

“I met Jing Daoxian a few months ago . Jing Daoxian had white hair and looked older than the past you . If the Longevity Fruit was really that good without any side effects, why didn’t he pluck one and eat it himself, so as to restore his youth?” Zhou Wen asked .

“I’ve naturally thought of this question . I wanted those fellows to test it out, but unfortunately, you ruined my plans . But now, it looks like Jing Daoxian didn’t lie to me . He probably feels that it’s beneath him to use the Longevity Fruit . ”

“Lord Alcohol, isn’t what you just said a little too naive? You’ve lived to this age . Just think about it . Who wouldn’t want to stay youthful forever?” Zhou Wen retorted .

However, Lord Alcohol sneered . “It’s naturally impossible for anyone else, but Jing Daoxian is different . He’s a natural devil . Common sense doesn’t apply to him . Things that people spend their whole lives pursuing is nothing to him . If he puts his mind to it, he can obtain anything . ”

Seeing how Lord Alcohol seemed to think highly of Jing Daoxian, Zhou Wen deliberately retorted, “No matter how powerful Jing Daoxian is, didn’t he still lose to the Hero King, Zhang Daotian? Isn’t the claim that he can obtain anything a little too devoid of reality?”

Lord Alcohol immediately revealed a look of disdain . “Zhang Daotian may be a stunning genius, but he’s still much worse than Jing Daoxian . Everyone thinks that Zhang Daotian defeated Jing Daoxian, but unbeknownst to them, the only time Zhang Daotian beat Jing Daoxian was in his marriage to Wan Yiqi . ”

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“What do you mean?” Zhou Wen was somewhat curious, and not purely because he was just trying to stall for time .

“Back then, Jing Daoxian and Zhang Daotian fell in love with Wan Yiqi, but because Jing Daoxian was extremely tyrannical and malicious as he acted according to his whims, he gradually gained the title of a devil . As for Zhang Daotian, he became the Hero King . It’s also why Wan Yiqi eventually chose Zhang Daotian who represented justice and kindness . What a pity that she never expected…” At this point, Lord Alcohol sneered .

“What didn’t she expect?” Zhou Wen pressed .

“She never expected that she herself was the stumbling block of justice,” Lord Alcohol mocked . “On the second day after Wan Yiqi and Zhang Daotian got engaged, Wan Yiqi advanced to the Epic stage and obtained her Life Soul . Guess what its name was?”

“What was it?” Zhou Wen knew that Lord Alcohol just wanted someone to respond to his words .

“Haha, her Life Soul was actually the Culling Empress . If Wan Yiqi wanted to live, she had to kill someone every day to rear Culling Empress; otherwise, Culling Empress would turn itself against her . And as time went by, Culling Empress would become stronger, forcing her to take more lives . Hence, she passively became the most evil devil in the world . Regardless of her willingness, she had become a stumbling block of justice, becoming the person she hated the most . ”

“Couldn’t killing dimensional creatures work?” Zhou Wen asked curiously .

“No, she could only kill humans . That was what the Culling Empress demanded . Wan Yiqi told Zhang Daotian about her Life Soul, imagining that he could help her . Unfortunately, no one can change their Life Souls . Wan Yiqi still committed murder under the influence of Culling Empress, and Zhang Daotian chose to let her be punished by the League’s laws . ”

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“There’s such a thing? Why haven’t I heard of it before?” Zhou Wen was puzzled .

“You obviously won’t read about it in the history books . When Wan Yiqi was about to be sentenced to death, Jing Daoxian stormed the League building and slaughtered almost everyone, producing a river of blood . Only a few survived . By the time Zhang Daotian arrived, he saw corpses everywhere, while Wan Yiqi stood there completely unharmed . On the snow-white wall behind her were words written in blood . ”

The League shall live with her alive . The League shall perish with her dead .

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