Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 296

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Chapter 296: Chapter 296 - Begging for Mercy

Chapter 296 Begging for Mercy

“For the sake of pride, the League could only say that Zhang Daotian had sent Jing Daoxian scurrying . In fact, it wasn’t too far from the truth . In that battle, Jing Daoxian really suffered severe injuries . It would be hard to say who would have won if they had fought . Since then, the League has been trying all means to have Jing Daoxian killed . They tried all kinds of despicable means, but even so, they failed to kill him,” Lord Alcohol said .

“Why didn’t Jing Daoxian take Wan Yiqi away? Why did he leave her there?” Zhou Wen asked curiously .

“I don’t know what others would choose, but with Jing Daoxian’s pride, he definitely wouldn’t take her away no matter what happened since she hadn’t chosen him in the past . ”

“What a strange person . Did Zhang Daotian kill Wan Yiqi in the end?” Zhou Wen had already forgotten that he was stalling for time . He couldn’t help but ask again after being completely attracted by the story .

“Who would dare to kill Wan Yiqi if Jing Daoxian was alive? Back then, Jing Daoxian really had the ability to slaughter Congress . ” Lord Alcohol shot Zhou Wen a look and said, “Don’t ask me how Wan Yiqi survived . I have no idea either . There are so many people in the League, so there’s always a way to deal with the problem regarding Wan Yiqi’s Life Soul . But ever since then, Wan Yiqi has never appeared in public . ”

“Alright, now that the story is over, you should be on your way . Life is seeping away from you, but you are still able to listen to the stories of others with such relish . You’re an interesting person . If you weren’t a representative, I could have spared your life . Pity,” Lord Alcohol said as he walked towards Zhou Wen .

“Would you believe me if I said I’m not a representative?” Zhou Wen asked .

“How can one have a Mythical Companion Beast without being a representative?” Lord Alcohol said disdainfully as he curled his lips .

Zhou Wen naturally knew what his situation was, but he couldn’t think of a good solution . In front of the disparity in strength, it was difficult for him to think of a plan to defy the heavens and change fate .

The only more reliable method was probably to pluck a fruit from the tree, like Lord Alcohol, and eat it . Perhaps he could become as strong as him .

However, Zhou Wen felt that there was something sinister about the Longevity Fruit . He hadn’t eaten it, afraid that there would be side effects .

Besides, even if Zhou Wen wanted to eat it, Lord Alcohol wasn’t blind . How could he give him such a chance?

“I can only give it a try . ” Zhou Wen tightened his grip on the Bamboo Blade, and with Demonic Astral Wheel, he slashed at Lord Alcohol once again .

Lord Alcohol’s fingers pressed on the Demonic Astral Wheel . The spinning blade arc was stopped by his fingers and with a loud bang, it dissipated into light wisps .

Banana Fairy blew a gust of Grand Yin Wind, and almost simultaneously, Zhou Wen used Ghost Steps and seemingly teleported to the Longevity Tree .


Lord Alcohol suddenly vanished, avoiding the Grand Yin Wind as well as sending a palm strike down at Zhou Wen . He was actually able to keep up with the speed of Ghost Steps .

Zhou Wen used the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill and Godfiend Life Providence’s powers to reduce the force, but it remained too powerful . He slammed into the mountain wall and cracked it, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood .

What a waste . This amount of blood is enough for me to play several rounds of games . Zhou Wen knew he had no choice but to risk his life . He gripped his Bamboo Blade tightly and activated the Sigh of the King .

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The saber beam streaked across the void like lightning . Saber flashes intercrossed on Lord Alcohol’s body, and augmented by the mighty power of the Sigh of the King, Zhou Wen pushed the Transcendent Flying Immortal to its limits .

However, all he heard was the sound of metal clashing . Lord Alcohol blocked all his Transcendent Flying Immortal attacks with his finger acting as a sword .

Zhou Wen failed to injure Lord Alcohol despite delivering Transcendent Flying Immortal . He gritted his teeth and made a second attempt with Transcendent Flying Immortal, but halfway through, he was struck in the chest by a sword beam which sent him flying backward .

After crashing to the ground, Zhou Wen struggled to sit up . The wound on his chest continued to bleed . If it wasn’t for the fact that he had dodged two centimeters at the critical moment, the sword beam would have pierced through his heart .

“You’re really not bad . Back when Jing Daoxian was your age, he wasn’t as powerful as you . However, the better you are, the more reason there is for you to die,” Lord Alcohol said as he raised his palm again, as though he was about to execute Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen gritted his teeth and took out something from the chaos space . It was the small metal box with Wang Mingyuan’s note on it . Although he had no idea if it would be effective against a terrifying existence like Lord Alcohol, he had to try given the circumstances .

Teacher, please bless me! Seeing that Lord Alcohol was about to reach him, Zhou Wen took out the slip of paper and opened it . He aimed the words “kneel and beg for mercy” at Lord Alcohol .

Lord Alcohol’s body swayed for a moment as his knees bent slightly . However, before Zhou Wen could rejoice, Lord Alcohol straightened his legs again . He didn’t kneel down .

It’s over . Even Teacher’s item doesn’t work . Zhou Wen’s heart chilled . He knew that he was doomed this time .

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“Just those few words can suppress the power of a peak Epic . Who wrote this? Zhang Daotian? No, his words aren’t like that . Besides him, who else in the League possesses such power?” Lord Alcohol looked at the words and couldn’t help but sneer . “Regardless of who you are, you aren’t qualified to use those words on me . Lord Alcohol is forever a lord . ”

As he spoke, he struck his palm out, sending Zhou Wen and the paper flying .


Zhou Wen slammed into the stone wall once again, creating a huge pit . Many of the bones in his body fractured, and his organs were burning with pain . Now, he and Lord Alcohol had swapped spots .

The piece of white paper didn’t tear as it floated to Zhou Wen’s side .

From the looks of it, there’s really no hope this time . Zhou Wen looked at the words on the piece of paper, but he realized that there were another few more words on the piece of paper .

These words were much smaller than the original words, but no matter how small they were, it was impossible that he had only seen them now . It was as if they had appeared out of thin air . Besides the small font, they were still in Wang Mingyuan’s handwriting . The writing style wasn’t something others could mimic .

“My dear disciple… Kneel and beg for mercy…” Zhou Wen read the first three words together with the original words and his expression changed .

Teacher, are you kidding me? What’s the point of me kneeling down and begging for mercy now? People like Lord Alcohol won’t let me off just because I beg for mercy, right? Zhou Wen thought this, but he felt that the reason for Wang Mingyuan’s suggestion went deeper . It was impossible for him to make him do something for no reason .

Seeing that Lord Alcohol was approaching again, Zhou Wen gritted his teeth and prepared to try out Wang Mingyuan’s method to see if it would help him survive .

Zhou Wen forced himself to stand up and as he prepared to genuflect, said, “Spare me…”

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