Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 297

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Chapter 297: Chapter 297 - Rescued

Chapter 297 Rescued

Just as Zhou Wen’s legs bent, he suddenly felt a violent rage erupt from his body like a volcano . Following that, a terrifying power erupted, instantly making Zhou Wen’s legs straighten .

Upon hearing Zhou Wen’s words, Lord Alcohol was about to say something in a mocking tone when his expression abruptly changed . All his strength erupted as he slammed his palms forward .


Zhou Wen’s body flew into the air and he remained suspended in midair . His hair stood up as his entire body emitted a demonic and tyrannical halo . When the halo blasted out, Lord Alcohol used both his hands to defend, but his powerful strength from the Longevity Tree was instantly destroyed . His body flew away like a runaway kite .

Seeing Lord Alcohol collapse to the ground and struggling to get up, Zhou Wen wore a look of disbelief . He almost couldn’t believe his eyes .

Holy sh*t, the Sigh of the King doesn’t need my body as a medium for activation? Zhou Wen finally reacted . The eruption of the Sigh of the King’s power didn’t pass through his body, but directly blasted out .

When Zhou Wen first used the Sigh of the King, he felt as though he was holding a heavy saber and needed to swing it with all his strength . However, when the Sigh of the King erupted this time, it was as though he was using a revolver . Pulling the trigger was enough to release the might . He didn’t need to use his own strength or have his body withstand that formidable force .

“Impossible… Such strength… already doesn’t belong to the Epic stage…” Lord Alcohol struggled to stand up as he glared at Zhou Wen intently as though he was looking at a monster .

However, his current situation wasn’t much better than Zhou Wen’s . He was staggering as he walked, and he didn’t have the ability to fight anymore .

Zhou Wen was severely injured, and with the damage to his body caused by the Sigh of the King, he couldn’t even stand up .

Fortunately, I have Banana Fairy . Zhou Wen ordered Banana Fairy to attack Lord Alcohol, and she immediately flew towards him .

Lord Alcohol’s expression changed slightly as he forcefully gathered his strength and charged towards the Longevity Tree . He wanted to climb up the tree and pluck another Longevity Fruit .

However, just as he touched the Longevity Tree, he saw tree roots that were like poisonous dragons rising from the tree and wrapping around his body . The tip of the tree’s roots stabbed into his body, sucking him dry in an instant .

“Save…” Lord Alcohol widened his eyes in horror as he extended his hand with great difficulty . He wanted to cry for help, but just as he said the first syllable, he was pulled down into the ground by the roots and disappeared .

Zhou Wen felt a chill run down his back, and he was even more certain that the Longevity Tree wasn’t a benevolent entity .

After a while, Zhou Wen saw a white flower bloom on the tree . The flower bloomed quickly and wilted equally quickly . It formed a fruit that resembled a baby that sat cross-legged . It emitted a refreshing and charming fragrance .

Zhou Wen stared at the fruit in a daze . For some reason, he felt disgusted and nauseous .

As the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra kept healing Zhou Wen’s injured body, he summoned an ordinary Golden Warrior and made the Golden Warrior carry him to Lu Yunxian and Lu Ning to check on their injuries . Although they had suffered quite serious injuries, they weren’t dead . They were just unconscious .

However, they didn’t have the ability to heal themselves . With such severe injuries, it would be very difficult for them to survive if they were not treated quickly—they could die at any moment .

Doctor Darkness’s injuries are also very serious . Furthermore, even if he isn’t injured, that fellow can only use Fight Poison With Poison . He doesn’t know how to rescue people with medical skills . Zhou Wen couldn’t think of a way to rescue them .

Just as he sighed, he heard rustling sounds coming from the direction of the tree . Zhou Wen immediately cursed under his breath, knowing that something wasn’t right . He turned his head and saw tree roots drilling out like strange snakes . They began sweeping towards him .

Zhou Wen hurriedly summoned the Demonized General and the Saber Shield Knight, letting each of them carry Lu Yunxian and Lu Ning to run to the front of the temple .

Zhou Wen himself sat on the White Shadow of Poison’s back and allowed it to fly him out .

However, before they could run out, the tree roots had climbed up to the exit of the temple at the back . They were like interweaving spider webs that sealed the exit .

I’m doomed… I wonder if kneeling down is of any use now? Zhou Wen knew that the situation was bad . Seeing the roots sweep over, he could only grit his teeth and rush towards the fault .

There was a patch of dark red below the fault . There were Blood Threadworms everywhere, but Zhou Wen didn’t have a choice . He jumped down, along with Lu Yunxian and Lu Ning .

Reaching the fault, the tree root became apprehensive and stopped chasing after them .

After Zhou Wen and company landed, he had to rely on his Companion Beasts to kill the hordes of Blood Threadworms . However, there were too many of them . The three of them weren’t combat-ready as two of them were still unconscious . A few Blood Threadworms had already crawled onto Lu Yunxian’s and Lu Ning’s bodies .

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Clang! Clang! Clang!

Just as Zhou Wen started to feel helpless, he heard a familiar sound .

The strange vehicle… It came all the way here… Zhou Wen was delighted as he hurriedly controlled his Companion Beasts to fight the Blood Threadworms . As long as he lasted until the strange vehicle arrived, the three of them would be saved .

Sure enough, it didn’t take long before the strange vehicle drove out of a cave . Zhou Wen looked at it and was surprised to find that there was another person on it .

“Young Master Wen, why are you here? Didn’t I ask Lu Yunxian to look after you and forbid you from entering the ancient battlefield?” The person on the vehicle surprisingly was An Sheng .

“Let’s not talk about this for now . Get Lu Yunxian and Lu Ning into the vehicle first . They’re about to die . ” Zhou Wen wasn’t in the mood to answer An Sheng’s question .

An Sheng jumped out of the strange vehicle and Zhou Wen saw that his clothes were neat and his hair wasn’t messy at all . It was obviously not as tragic as Lu Ning imagined .

An Sheng carried Lu Yunxian and Lu Ning into the vehicle while Zhou Wen jumped in . He sat in the vehicle, panting .

“Didn’t I tell you not to enter? Why are you here?” An Sheng said as he looked at Zhou Wen with a reproachful look .

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“Do you think I wanted to come? If it wasn’t because of that darn stone artifact I needed to pass to you, I wouldn’t have come to such a wretched place . ” Zhou Wen recounted the situation .

After An Sheng heard that, he said in surprise, “The stone artifact is actually on you . Well done . Give it to me . Without it, I won’t be able to open the ancient divine temple to save Madam . ”

“Well… The stone artifact is with me, but there’s just this tiny problem,” Zhou Wen said with a light cough .

“Don’t tell me you lost the stone artifact?” An Sheng asked Zhou Wen .

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