Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 300

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Chapter 300: Chapter 300 - Poison Wyrm

Chapter 300 Poison Wyrm

Zhou Wen took back the antelope and chick that he had entrusted with Wang Lu . It wasn’t good to trouble Wang Lu, and this debt had to be returned . It would be even more troublesome when the time came .

The chick had clearly gained a lot of weight from eating . Although it looked like it had grown up a little, Zhou Wen felt that it had merely gained weight, not because it had grown up .

The antelope was still as lifeless as ever . It slept lazily on the sofa all day . Apart from its interest in food, it didn’t move much .

After consulting Wang Mingyuan, Zhou Wen learned that the campus had a dimensional zone known as Poison Wyrm Pool, which had a type of Epic creature known as Poison Wyrm . The Poison Wyrm had an opportunity to drop a Primordial Energy Skill known as Dragon Transformation Art . It was a movement technique that allowed movement in water, greatly enhancing one’s Speed while in water .

Zhou Wen’s current goal was the Dragon Transformation Art, but the Poison Wyrm occasionally appeared in Poison Wyrm Pool . Once one was discovered, it would be finished by the military quickly . And the Poison Wyrm Pool dimensional zone was under the military’s jurisdiction . Students who wanted to enter had to request permission from the military .

Even if Zhou Wen had a phone that could download instance dungeons, he had to enter the dimensional zone and find the tiny palm symbol .

It was definitely possible to gain permission through An Sheng, but going through him was equivalent to using the An family . Zhou Wen didn’t want to do that .

Therefore, Zhou Wen called Li Xuan to see if he had any means to obtain an entry pass .

Li Xuan didn’t know much about such matters but said that he would ask around using his connections . If he could get it, he could give Zhou Wen a price to see if he found it acceptable .

Finally, Zhou Wen spent 30,000 for the pass . It was a one-time pass, and he couldn’t stay inside for more than 48 hours .

“Old Zhou, why are you going to the underground Pool City? Although there are many rare dimensional creatures there, they are all Epic creatures . It’ll be difficult to kill them now, and it’s unsafe . Typically only tutors will request permission to enter when they need some special Companion Beast,” Li Xuan said as he handed the entry pass to Zhou Wen .

“I wish to pay Poison Wyrm Pool a visit . I heard that there’s a Poison Wyrm there that drops an underwater movement technique . I’m very interested in that,” Zhou Wen said .

When Li Xuan heard that, he immediately waved his hands . “When you mentioned the entry pass, I investigated the situation inside . The Poison Wyrm you just mention isn’t something that Legendaries can kill . And even it can be done, you have no chance of that happening . Legend has it that snakes evolve into wyrms over a thousand years, and a wyrm evolves into a dragon after a thousand years . Although a Poison Wyrm hasn’t evolved into a dragon, they are top-notch existences at the Epic stage . Furthermore, they are covered in poison . Even the Poison Wyrm Pool’s water is lethally poisonous . The typical Epic can’t even enter the Poison Wyrm Pool, much less kill a Poison Wyrm . Let alone us!”

“I’m just going to take a look . If it works, so be it . It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t . I’ll just treat it as broadening my horizons . ” After sending Li Xuan off, Zhou Wen took his pass and headed to the underground Pool City .

When the soldiers guarding the underground Pool City saw that Zhou Wen was about to enter, they kindly reminded him, “Student, although there aren’t many dimensional creatures in Pool City, they are all at the Epic stage and have unique traits . Unless necessary, it’s best you don’t enter . ”

“Thank you for the warning . I’m heading in to take a look and won’t venture far . ” Zhou Wen thanked him .

After handing over the pass, Zhou Wen passed the checkpoint and arrived in front of the underground Pool City .

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Pool City was submerged by water everywhere, but it wasn’t deep . The deepest part measured about a meter . There were many plants growing in the water, especially reeds that looked like forests .

From afar, one could see an underground ancient city . The city walls were already mottled as if they had experienced the merciless destruction of time .

Zhou Wen heard that there were many water monsters in Pool City . Other than the Poison Wyrm, there were often other water-elemental dimensional creatures lurking in there . However, it was fine in the city’s periphery . The most powerful dimensional creatures were inside the city .

People had built a cement bridge in the periphery that connected all the way to the entrance of Pool City . Just as Zhou Wen stepped onto the bridge, he heard someone else enter . He was slightly taken aback when he turned to take a look .

The person who was walking towards him was his tutor, Wang Fei .

Although Wang Fei had introduced Zhou Wen to study under Wang Mingyuan, Zhou Wen was still her student under the school’s system .

Wang Fei was clearly surprised to see Zhou Wen . After settling the procedures, she walked to the bridge and asked Zhou Wen, “Why are you here? This place is too dangerous for students . ”

“Teacher Wang Mingyuan told me to visit this place as an observational practice . I’ll just be wandering the periphery and not entering,” Zhou Wen used Wang Mingyuan as an excuse, afraid that Wang Fei would speak further .

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“Since it’s an observational practice, come with me . After all, I’m your tutor . I can’t just let Uncle Mingyuan be the one always teaching you . Just take it as me giving you the lesson today,” Wang Fei said as she walked towards the city gates via the bridge .

I… I’m really just here to take a look at the gates… I don’t want to go in… Zhou Wen was depressed, but he couldn’t say it out loud . All he could do was follow behind Wang Fei .

As he walked, Zhou Wen sized up the city gate of Pool City, hoping to see if he could find the tiny palm symbol .

This time, Zhou Wen’s luck was pretty good . He immediately saw a tiny palm symbol on the plaque above the city gate . Engraved in the middle of the palm was an ancient Chinese character for “water . ”

Zhou Wen hurriedly took out his phone to take a picture of the tiny palm symbol above the city gate . Upon seeing this, Wang Fei said, “Why are you taking pictures of the city gate? It’s best to capture images later when we encounter dimensional creatures . It’s best if they are video . You can slowly study them when you’re back . Water-type dimensional creatures are subjects of study in the various universities in the League . It will be very helpful in future conquest battles at sea . ”

Zhou Wen also knew that the League had always wanted to conquer the seas . However, because the situation at sea was different from land, there weren’t many people who could really go out to sea . However, experts had predicted that the era would soon arrive .

Due to this prediction, the price of Companion Eggs associated with water had increased greatly . Some of them had increased by more than ten times, but it had already been twenty to thirty years since the prediction, and there were still no signs of the so-called era of seafaring . It was still dangerous for normal people to head out to sea . Even Epic humans didn’t dare do so easily .

After he downloaded Pool City’s instance dungeon, Zhou Wen felt a lot more relaxed . He wasn’t afraid of the Epic creatures, believing that it wasn’t a bad thing to follow Wang Fei in to take a look . He could gain an understanding of how water-type dimensional creatures fought . It might help him too .

After entering Pool City, they discovered that the streets here were more flooded . Most of the houses were half-filled with water . It was a waterlogged city .


The two of them had just Pool City when they saw a wave appear not far from them . Something in the water was rapidly approaching them .

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