Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 302

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Chapter 302: Chapter 302 - Two Mutated Creatures

Chapter 302 Two Mutated Creatures

However, on second thought, Wang Fei felt that it was also a good opportunity to educate Zhou Wen . She wanted him to learn how to fight in a disadvantaged situation, and how to eventually win despite being outnumbered two to one .

Zhou Wen also saw the new wave . Based on the knowledge taught by Wang Fei, he recognized it as the Electric Eel and hurriedly got up to help .

However, he heard Wang Fei say loudly, “During actual combat in dimensional zones, we often encounter situations that can put us at a great disadvantage . This is especially so when we are attacked by a group of dimensional creatures . Learning how to deal with such a disadvantageous situation is very important when you explore dimensional zones in the future . Watch well . I’ll now demonstrate to you how positioning and kiting can be used to deal with two or more dimensional creatures . ”

Hearing what Wang Fei said, Zhou Wen sat down again . He didn’t game, but stared at the battle which Wang Fei was engaging in .

Child, let me, your tutor, blow you away with my performance . Wang Fei took a deep breath inwardly and tapped the water surface with her toe . Like a graceful fairy, she dodged the Sword Fang Fish’s sword flash and slashed at the Electric Eel that was rushing towards her .

The Electric Eel leaped up from the water and revealed itself to be a five-meter-long eel . Its body shimmered with silver light as though silver electric bolts were dancing on its scales .

Wang Fei’s heart skipped a beat when she saw this . Normal Electric Eels were blue in color, but this Electric Eel was silver . Furthermore, the electric bolts were also a strange silver color, not the common blue . It was obviously a mutated creature .

What’s going on? Wang Fei felt something amiss .

It wasn’t easy to find a mutated dimensional creature, but now there were two of them . It was way too odd . The key point was that Wang Fei had never encountered Mutated Electric Eels before . She didn’t know much about them either . She had no idea if she could simultaneously deal with two Epic mutated

creatures .


The silver lightning on the Mutated Electric Eel blasted out and clashed with Wang Fei’s sword flash . The sword flash instantly shattered as she saw silver bolts of lightning smite down from the sky .

Zhou Wen watched as Wang Fei engaged in a battle with the two mutated creatures . He watched as she moved like a fairy, constantly dodging and ducking above the water surface, every instant in a harrowing manner . He couldn’t help but marvel inwardly . As expected of a tutor . She’s indeed extraordinary . These kinds of movement techniques are already better than my Dragon Gate Fairy Skill . It looks like I still need to work harder .

Zhou Wen had never seen the Electric Eel before, nor did he know that it was a Mutated Electric Eel . He thought that Wang Fei was deliberately showing him her movement techniques and ingenious positioning .

Wang Fei was in a dilemma, unable to voice her suffering . The Mutated Electric Eel was much harder to deal with than she had imagined . The silver electric bolts were extraordinary and could spread across large areas in the water . Coupled with its incredible speed, she was unable to catch up to the Mutated Electric Eel .

She could not kill one, nor catch up to the other . Although Wang Fei was capable, she was unable to use her abilities to their fullest . All she could do was dodge the attacks of large swaths of lightning and sword flashes, without being given any chance of retaliation .

Having had the intention of retreating temporarily, she recalled the words she had said to Zhou Wen . It was too embarrassing to retreat now .

Wang Fei originally wanted to rely on her own abilities to find a way to kill two mutated creatures, but she soon realized that it was almost impossible .

The Mutated Sword Fang Fish’s sword flashes could be torn apart through repeated attacks, but the Mutated Electric Eel had an escape technique with dual water-electric traits . With the two combined, along with the environment of Pool City, it only took an instant to travel nearly a thousand meters . Wang Fei had no way to keep up with its speed .

She wanted to set up an array of sword flashes to stop the Electric Eel, but the Mutated Sword Fang Fish would rip apart whatever she set up . It couldn’t be turned into something effective .

Instead, the Mutated Electric Eel’s attack caused a lot of trouble for Wang Fei . Electric bolts flashed in the water, making it impossible for her to touch it . Lightning also struck down from the sky, making it difficult for her to dodge .

If she was on land, she could still summon a Companion Beast to help, but now, other than flying Companion Beasts, the other Companion Beasts would be electrocuted the moment they entered the water . It was useless to summon them .

For a moment, Wang Fei was in an extremely awkward situation . She was at a loss of whether to fight or retreat . This dilemma troubled her .

Although Zhou Wen didn’t quite understand Wang Fei’s complicated feelings, his talent in combat was still quite good . He quickly noticed that her situation wasn’t looking good .

It could no longer be described as a disadvantageous situation . If this continued, Wang Fei’s life would be in danger .

Without having second thoughts, he summoned the banana fan and timed it just as the Mutated Sword Fang Fish leaped out of the water before fanning it .

Wang Fei was just about to dodge when she saw the Mutated Sword Fang Fish charging at her with sword flashes that resembled glowing wheels when a strong gust of wind suddenly swept over .

The water’s surface stirred up a wave several meters high . If it wasn’t because all the water had been used, the waves might have been higher .

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The wind swept the water wave onto the Mutated Sword Fang Fish’s body, instantly sending it flying . It flew into the sky along with some of the water like a column that reached to the heavens .

What was even more amazing was that the water column had frozen into ice, freezing in midair . Even the Mutated Sword Fang Fish was frozen in the water column . It was a very strange sight .

Wang Fei was slightly taken aback as she turned to look in the direction where the cold wind came from . She saw Zhou Wen standing at the top with a green fan in his hand . When she looked over, Zhou Wen had just put the fan to his chest, looking somewhat refined .

Zhou Wen really has the ability to kill Epic creatures . Isn’t this the power of this fanning way too ridiculous? Even among Epic creatures, there aren’t many who can use such a level of attack . Wang Fei’s expression looked confused .

However, Wang Fei was one who had been through a lot . After being startled for a moment, she immediately snapped out of her daze and dodged the Mutated Electric Eel’s attack .

Without the Mutated Sword Fang Fish holding her back, Wang Fei felt much more relaxed dealing with the Mutated Electric Eel .

Zhou Wen didn’t offer any more help, but Wang Fei had already lost the mood to demonstrate to him . All she wanted was to quickly finish this Mutated Electric Eel .

It wasn’t that Zhou Wen didn’t want to help, but the usage of Grand Yin Wind had already expended all his Primordial Energy . He needed some rest to use it a second time .

However, even if it was used a second time, it would probably be useless . The Mutated Electric Eel’s dual water-electric escape technique was too fast . The Grand Yin Wind might not be able to catch up with it .

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Wang Fei vented all her frustration on the Mutated Electric Eel as she slashed out one sword flash after another, forming afterimages in the air . Soon, Zhou Wen discovered that the afterimages were not real afterimages, but remnant sword flashes in the air .

The sword flashes had failed to stay in place due to the Mutated Sword Fang Fish’s sword flashes destroying them, but now that there was no Mutated Sword Fang Fish left, the sword flashes formed a sword net in the air . When the Electric Eel slammed into it, it ended up being covered in blood .

Despite finishing off the Mutated Sword Fang Fish, Wang Fei just didn’t feel happy about it .

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