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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 305

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:23:49 AM

Chapter 305: Chapter 305 - Poison Wyrm Crystal

Chapter 305 Poison Wyrm Crystal

Zhou Wen didn’t accept the payment, but he still agreed to participate in the auction with Li Xuan . The venue of the Companion Egg auction happened to be at the Xiyuan Crystal Shop .

Qin Xiyuan’s shop? When Zhou Wen recalled the store, he immediately thought of the mysterious numbers and the locked Companion Beast .

He thought that he could get the answer after saving the former principal, but to his dismay, he failed to find the former principal in the ruins .

The An family had sent many experts into the temple to search . An Sheng would occasionally inform him of the progress . The latest update from An Sheng was that there seemed to be a problem with the temple .

According to the analysis of an expert in ancient architecture, following the layout of the temple, they should have only arrived at the outer sanctum of the temple and there should be an inner sanctum further in . The former principal was probably trapped inside the inner sanctum .

However, they had yet to find a way to enter the inner sanctum . The research was still ongoing

Zhou Wen also wanted to enter the temple in-game . Unfortunately, he couldn’t pass the underground sea, so he couldn’t reach the temple .

I should focus on advancing to the Epic stage first . Zhou Wen couldn’t find any bird eggs in-game-not even chicken eggs . He had no choice but to think of other solutions .

In the patch of reeds outside Pool City, there were some low-level avian dimensional creatures . Zhou Wen grabbed a few of them and hung them above the Poison Wyrm Pool’s stone railing and drained their blood .

This actually worked . It didn’t take long before bubbles popped out of the Poison Wyrm Pool . The few avian dimensional creatures trembled in extreme fear .


The surface of the water suddenly exploded . A dimensional creature that looked a little like a snake or dragon extended half of its body from the toxic pool . It opened its mouth and sucked at the bleeding birds, sucking them into its mouth .

It didn’t appear like a snake since it had claws, but it was not a dragon since it lacked horns . It looked very strange .

Zhou Wen wasn’t in the mood to appreciate its appearance . He made Banana Fairy blow a gust of cold, raging Grand Yin Wind at the Poison Wyrm, sweeping it up along with large amounts of poison water before it was frozen in midair .


Frozen in a block of ice, the Poison Wyrm landed on the square . Any ordinary Epic creature would have been frozen to death, but the Poison Wyrm didn’t die . Thankfully, the freeze remained in effect as it lay motionless when it fell to the ground .

Zhou Wen held the Overlord Spear and thrust out several times, stabbing the Poison Wyrm to death .

It’s not as powerful as the rumors say! Zhou Wen felt that those strategies were a little exaggerated . Killing a Poison Wyrm was quite easy .

However, it had eluded him that few people in the world possessed the Mythical Banana Fairy . Without her, how could he have so easily killed a Poison Wyrm?


The Poison Wyrm’s body exploded as a crystal dropped . Zhou Wen took a look and saw that it was a crystal with a Poison Wyrm’s figure inside . It was obviously a skill crystal .

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My luck is in here . Zhou Wen was overjoyed as he hurriedly got the blood-colored avatar to pick up the crystal .

‘Poison Wyrm Crystal: Requires 21 Strength and 14 Poison stats to absorb . ’

The system gave him a notification, and it was something that Zhou Wen’s stats matched perfectly . He even had a slightly higher Poison stat; hence, he directly chose to absorb it .

The Poison Wyrm crystal transformed into wisps of black gas and fused into the blood-colored avatar’s body . At the same time, Zhou Wen felt a numbing pain aura circulate in his body as he cried out in pain .

After a while, the feeling gradually disappeared as a new Primordial Energy circulation formed in his body .

‘Absorbed Poison Wyrm Crystal . Attained Epic Primordial Energy Skill: Poison Dragon Finger . ’

It’s not the Dragon Transformation Art? Zhou Wen felt depressed . It wasn’t what he needed . He hadn’t heard of the Poison Dragon Finger before, and on second look, he realized it was just Rank 1 .

Zhou Wen tested the Poison Dragon Finger and when he used it, his left middle finger turned black . Other than that, there didn’t seem to be any other changes .

There weren’t any strong finger beams or explosive powers . It looked ordinary and unremarkable . It was unbelievable that it was an Epic Primordial Energy Skill .

Isn’t this too weak? Do I even have to touch my opponent with my finger? It’s already an Epic Primordial Energy Skill, yet it’s still so low-end? Zhou Wen pointed at the stone column and discovered that not only was it ordinary, nothing about its effects stood out . The augmentation in Strength was very lacking, making it not much stronger than the Mortal-stage Golden Finger . It really didn’t live up to its status as an Epic skill .

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Since the Poison Dragon Finger has the word “poison,” it likely clinches victory using poison, right? I’ll try testing it on a living creature later . Zhou Wen had no choice but to console himself and leave the Underground Pool City dungeon before switching to the Zhuolu battlefield .

Not long after, he encountered a Chi . This time, Zhou Wen specifically used the Poison Dragon Finger to deal with it . However, when he tapped at the Chi, it wasn’t damaged at all . He only left a black dot the size of a fingertip on its body .

Zhou Wen originally hoped for the black dot to show its special effects such as directly rotting it and poisoning the Chi to death, so he kept staring at the Chi’s black dot .

However, not long after, the black dot disappeared . With it disappearing without a trace, the Chi remained brimming with energy as though it was completely fine .

I actually believed this nonsense! Zhou Wen was rendered completely speechless . To call this Primordial Energy Skill an Epic was an insult to the word “Epic . ”

Without a solution, Zhou Wen first tried his luck at the baby tiger and once again tried the underground sea . After successfully killing himself, he headed for the underground Pool City to grind the Poison Wyrm . He refused to stop until he obtained the Dragon Transformation Art .

Now experienced, it was easier for him to lure the Poison Wyrm out and kill it . There were no absolutely invincible dimensional creatures in this world . Even a Companion Beast like Banana Fairy with a Mythical foundation could be resolved as long as he knew her characteristics .

The principle of mutual promotion and restraint was very useful in battles between Companion Beasts and dimensional creatures .

It was unknown if Zhou Wen’s luck had really changed for the better recently . After killing the Poison Wyrm once again, he had another Primordial Energy Skill Crystal drop . It left him in disbelief .

May the heavens bless me . It should be the Dragon Transformation Art this time, right? Zhou Wen hurriedly got the blood-colored avatar to pick up the Poison Wyrm Crystal .

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The absorption conditions were the same as before-Strength and Poison stat requirements . After the blood-colored avatar absorbed the Poison Wyrm Crystal, the system gave another notification .

‘Absorbed Poison Wyrm Crystal . Attained Poison Dragon Finger 2 . ’

D*mn, there’s a sequel? Zhou Wen felt like he was about to explode . He actually had two weak Primordial Energy Skills drop in consecutive fashion . He didn’t know if he was lucky or unlucky .

At this point, Zhou Wen didn’t have a solution . He killed the baby tiger with nothing to speak of, before diving into the underground sea to steal the Dragon Pearl . After succeeding in dying, he returned to kill the Poison Wyrm .


A crisp sound rang out as another Primordial Energy Skill Crystal dropped .

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