Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 306

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Chapter 306: Chapter 306 - Stone Armor

Chapter 306 Stone Armor

‘Absorbed Poison Wyrm Crystal . Attained Poison Dragon Finger 4 . ’

Zhou Wen felt a little uncomfortable when he saw the game notification pop out . The Poison Wyrm was simply exasperating; it just kept dropping Poison Dragon Finger .

What the hell is this? Zhou Wen had no choice but to treat the Poison Dragon Finger seriously .

To have the Poison Dragon Finger Primordial Energy skill drop three times in a row, Zhou Wen didn’t think it was a mere coincidence . After studying the skill carefully, he realized that the Poison Dragon Finger’s 1, 2, 4 weren’t the same . They were three separate skills .

Zhou Wen believed that the first unlabeled Poison Dragon Finger was 1 . When he used it, the middle finger on his left hand turned black, Using 2 and 4 turned his index finger and ring finger black .

Could it be that there are five types of Poison Dragon Finger that correspond to each of the five fingers? However, the effects of the Poison Dragon Fingers are so weak . Even if they’re used at the same time, it wouldn’t be of much use, right? Zhou Wen was rather intrigued . He wanted to know the might of the Poison Dragon Finger when he gathered all five .

After all, the Poison Dragon Finger in its present state didn’t live up to being an Epic skill . Zhou Wen now felt that the Poison Dragon Finger wasn’t that simple .

He checked the Poison Wyrm’s information on the school’s database mainly to see what it could drop . There was little information on such matters . Only the tutor who had previously written the method to lure the Poison Wyrm had mentioned that Poison Dragon Finger would drop . However, he claimed that it was very weak and weaker than the typical Legendary skill . It wasn’t worth practicing

Zhou Wen didn’t manage to find any information on the Dragon Transformation Art, so he could only continue grinding . However, after killing the Poison Wyrm three times, he only had a Strength Crystal drop . No other skill dropped, much less a Companion Egg

It’s so difficult to have the Dragon Transformation Art drop . I wonder who’s managed to have it drop in the past . Zhou Wen had no choice but to patiently grind the instance dungeons .

The bat cave dropped the most items, but few of them were useful . The best was naturally the White Shadow of Poison Companion Egg . Unfortunately, Zhou Wen only had one drop . The ones he subsequently killed didn’t produce any Companion Eggs .

Next were the Primordial Energy Skill Crystals, followed by the Poison Crystals .

In addition, the bat cave had another special use-help Zhou Wen hatch Epic Companion Eggs .

Due to Zhou Wen’s lack of Primordial Energy, he wasn’t able to hatch Epic Companion Eggs . But thanks to the large number of bats, killing them all dropped at least seven Primordial Energy Crystals each time he cleared the bat cave . These were valued between 21 and 36 .

With the help of these high-valued Primordial Energy Crystals and the Primordial Energy recovery of his Dao body, Zhou Wen could barely hatch an Epic Companion Egg .

Zhou Wen had used this method to hatch the Mutated Stone Chi . Now, the Mutated Stone Chi had transformed into a grayish-white stone armor that the blood-colored avatar wore .

The armor was unique . It was a full-body armor . The grayish-white stone covered the blood-colored avatar from head to toe . It was different from the crudeness that Zhou Wen imagined . The Mutated Stone Chi in its armor form was exquisite and refined . It was on par with exquisitely forged steel armor . It even had quite an artistic feel to it .

After the blood-colored avatar put on the stone armor, it looked like a stone statue . However, its face was covered with a ferocious beast helm . It looked extremely ferocious and ruthless .

On the back of the armor, there was a black dragon pattern . The dragon appeared more abstract, preventing anyone from seeing its full appearance . However, the dragon’s domineering aura seemed to leap out of the armor as though it would come to life at any moment .


After testing the defense of the Stone Chi’s armor, it wasn’t only strong, the armor had powerful self-healing abilities . It could instantly repair itself if it was not completely destroyed . The poisonous rays from ordinary Epic poisonous bats were unable to scuff the armor . Even the White Shadow of Poison’s poisonous rays and poisonous claws only left a few marks that weren’t too deep . They failed to penetrate the armor .

This is good stuff . Zhou Wen thought that, with such good armor, he might be able to withstand the black dragon’s attack, but once he entered the underground sea, the stone armor and the blood-colored avatar were swallowed whole . It didn’t mean anything to the black dragon . The only thing was that it was a little hard to chew .

It wasn’t of much use to deal with those terrifying true dragons, but the armor was an excellent-grade defensive object at the Epic stage . Zhou Wen liked it a lot .

When the Mutated Stone Chi fought alone in battle, it was rather powerful . It had the strength similar to the Mutated Stone Chi which Zhou Wen had killed . It was an excellent-grade pet that was good both in the offensive and defensive .

After hatching the Mutated Stone Chi, Zhou Wen took out the Mutated Sword Fang Companion Egg and hatched it using the same method .

Mutated Sword Fang Fish: Epic

Life Providence: Fish of Sword Comprehension

Life Soul: Sword Flash Fish

Strength: 39

Speed: 37

Constitution: 38

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Primordial Energy: 35

Talent Skill: Fangwheel Sword Flash

Companion Form: Sword

Although it only had one skill, the Mutated Sword Fang Fish’s stats were excellent . It was all-rounded, with none of its stats lower than 35 . It could be considered a pretty good excellent-grade Epic Companion Beast .

The only regret was that the Mutated Sword Fang Fish was an aquatic-type creature . It could only move freely in the water, so its mobility on land suffered greatly . It was basically useless .

However, that didn’t matter . Usually, Zhou Wen could just use it as a sword in a place without water . The sword formed by the Sword Fang Fish, along with its sword flashes, was much more convenient than the Overlord Spear . It was even mightier, it just lacked the Ever-Victorious trait .

He brought the Mutated Sword Fang Fish to the underground sea and wanted to use its speed to snatch the Dragon Pearl, but it was still swallowed by the black dragon . It failed to put up any resistance .

From the looks of it, I can’t just rely on pets . I still have to increase my strength as soon as possible . Zhou Wen gritted his teeth and continued grinding the Poison Wyrm, hoping to have the Dragon Transformation Art drop .

When it was time to meet Li Xuan, Zhou Wen applied for leave and attended the auction with Li Xuan .

Zhou Wen was rather familiar with the Xiyuan Crystal Shop, but when he got there with Li Xuan today, there were more people here than the previous few times .

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The people were mostly middle-aged . There were young people, but not many . Apart from Li Xuan, Zhou Wen didn’t see any familiar faces . Wang Lu didn’t seem to be there either .

“Brother, aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend?” Just as the duo arrived at the venue, they saw a young man walk over .

Although Zhou Wen didn’t recognize the young man, he could guess that he was Li Xuan’s second brother, the man who had tried to kill him several times .

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