Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 307

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Chapter 307: Chapter 307 - Tyrant Behemoth

Chapter 307 Tyrant Behemoth

When one wore clothing in the form of a western suit and white shirt, it made them feel formal . However, the young man wearing such attire in front of them looked natural and desultory, as if wearing those clothes was nothing but natural . He exuded a unique, indescribable charm .

Zhou Wen sized him up . He was a man in his twenties, with looks that made one jealous . His every move was filled with charm, enough to move any woman’s heart .

Seeing that Li Xuan was merely looking at him coldly without any intention of introducing him, the man smiled and offered Zhou Wen his hand . “Hello, my name is Li Xiubai . My close friends call me Mobai . Since you are my brother’s friend, call me Mobai as well . ”

“Zhou Wen, Li Xuan’s friend . ” Zhou Wen extended his hand and shook it before answering tersely . Those few words directly told Li Xiubai that he was on the same side as Li Xuan, and there was no way he would be friends with him .

Li Xiubai didn’t mind . He smiled and said, “Brother’s friend is naturally my friend . If we have a chance to get to know each other in the future, you’ll start to understand me . Don’t rush to conclusions . I have friends over there, so pardon me . ”

Seeing Li Xiubai leave, Li Xuan pursed his lips and said, “He always looks like a gentleman when he’s in front of others, but he uses all possible means behind their backs . ”

Zhou Wen glanced at Li Xiubai and felt that Li Xuan’s second brother was rather terrifying . He had plotted to kill Li Xuan, but he was still able to show his good brother image in front of others without his expressions betraying him . If it wasn’t because Zhou Wen knew the situation well, he would probably have believed that Li Xuan had a good relationship with his brother .

“Li Xiubai is really scary . It’s no wonder you can’t beat him,” Zhou Wen said to Li Xuan .

“What do you mean I can’t beat him? I just didn’t want to compete with him in the past, but things are different now . He can forget about taking advantage of me in the future,” Li Xuan said with a pout .

Zhou Wen shook his head slightly . Li Xuan’s words had already exposed his weakness . Despite how Li Xiubai had treated him, all Li Xuan wanted was to prevent his brother from taking advantage of him .

Such a harmless personality might be Li Xuan’s weakness, but it was precisely because of this personality that Zhou Wen was willing to get close to him and become friends .

There were many Companion Eggs placed in the glass cabinets on display in the exhibition hall . They were all to be auctioned, so anyone could take a careful look at them to better inform their decision on the bidding in the evening .

However, it was difficult to tell if Companion Eggs were good or bad . Furthermore, with the tempered glass shield in the way, it blocked the aura of the Companion Eggs, making it even harder to make informed decisions .

“Have you shortlisted your targets?” Zhou Wen asked Li Xuan .

“Yes, I’d like to bid for No . 47 Holy Sword Angel . What do you think of it?” Li Xuan brought Zhou Wen to the glass cabinet with the number 47 and pointed at a Companion Egg inside .

As Zhou Wen used his phone to take a picture of the Companion Egg, he asked, “What are the characteristics of Holy Sword Angel?”

Li Xuan described the details of Holy Sword Angel to Zhou Wen before asking, “How’s two million? I plan on paying two million to buy this one during the auction . What do you think?”

“I don’t think this one is too good . You should consider something else,” Zhou Wen said after some thought .

He saw that the Holy Sword Angel’s attributes were only average . Although they weren’t bad, they weren’t considered good . Its skills were also incomplete, so it was far from an excellent-grade Companion Beast .

“Then which one do you think is good? I want the kind that looks good . Can you help me choose one from those?” Li Xuan pointed at the few Companion Eggs in the catalog .

The few Companion Eggs in the catalog hatched angels, fairies, and demonesses . Furthermore, the prices were ridiculously high . Yet, their abilities were only average . It was unknown why Li Xuan was buying them .

However, since Li Xuan wanted one, Zhou Wen decided to help him take a look . There were indeed a few which had relatively good attributes, especially an Epic Companion Egg named Spirit Drawing Demoness . The four basic stats exceeded the limits listed on the catalog’s range, and it had all four skills . It could be said to be an excellent-grade Companion Egg .

Zhou Wen secretly told Li Xuan that he should spend all his funds bidding for the Spirit Drawing Demoness .

Li Xuan trusted Zhou Wen greatly . Since Zhou Wen told him to buy the Spirit Drawing Demoness, he didn’t look at the other Companion Eggs .

“Zhou Wen, we agreed that you could pick one for yourself . It’ll be your payment for your help,” Li Xuan said to Zhou Wen .

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“Cut that out . Since what needs to be done has been done, I’ll look around . Go around by yourself and take a look . ” Zhou Wen wanted to go to the fourth level and look at the locked Companion Beast . He felt that it likely had something to do with the passcode that the former principal had given him .

“What’s your problem? Just choose one . You can walk around after picking one . ” Li Xuan forcefully pulled Zhou Wen back . As he walked, he said, “How’s this Nightmare Succubus? Her figure is hot . ”

Zhou Wen had no idea what Li Xuan was thinking . He remembered that the Invincible Connate Divine Art Li Xuan cultivated prevented him from losing his virginity . Losing his virginity would only make him lose his cultivation . What was the point looking at these all day? Wasn’t he afraid of losing his cultivation?

Since Li Xuan insisted on giving him one, Zhou Wen decided to choose a relatively cheaper one and be done with it . After flipping through the catalog, he realized that the cheapest cost at least 100,000 . Furthermore, it was some boring Legendary Companion Egg, for example, goblins or swamp monsters .

These kinds of Legendary Companion Eggs, that could only be considered ordinary in the West District, sold for more than 100,000, alluding to the saying that what is rare is dear . After all, the East District didn’t have any of these Companion Beasts .

He walked around and occasionally used his phone to take a look . As others were using phones to take photos, Zhou Wen’s actions weren’t too out of place .

As Zhou Wen was looking, he suddenly froze . He looked at the display cabinet beside him . Inside it was a Companion Egg with the name “Minotaur” written on the card . However, the phone’s information was different .

Zhou Wen took a closer look at the information on the card . It wrote that it was a Legendary Minotaur which dropped from a dimensional zone called the Underground Maze in West District . It was good at using axes, having pretty good Constitution and Strength .

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However, the information Zhou Wen saw on the phone was completely different from the card . This Companion Egg with the Minotaur label was listed as Tyrant Behemoth on the phone . Furthermore, it was only at the Mortal stage . However, behind those words the phrase “Evolvable . ”

That can’t be? Could this be a Mythical Companion Beast that’s comparable to Banana Fairy? That shouldn’t be possible . Those who are in the Companion Egg business are experts, especially at such a large auction . They must have been appraised by many experts . Why would they make a mistake between a Minotaur and a Tyrant Behemoth? Zhou Wen found it unbelievable, but the phone’s information was clear . This was a Tyrant Behemoth Companion Egg .

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