Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 309

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Chapter 309: Chapter 309 - Four-Leaf Clover

Chapter 309 Four-Leaf Clover

Four-Leaf Clover: Legendary

Life Providence: Lucky Grass .

Strength: 0

Speed: 0

Constitution: 3

Primordial Energy: 20

Talent Skill: Exorcism

Companion Form: Hair Clip .

This was the information that Zhou Wen saw, and the name on the card was a Three-Leaf Clover . It was said to be a plant-type companion pet that could soothe one’s mind .

However, according to the information Zhou Wen saw on his phone, it was a Four-Leaf Clover . Its attributes were extremely weakvirtually trash among those at the Legendary stage-and Exorcism was a common skill in the West District . Furthermore, it was a passive skill, so it wasn’t of much use .

The Four-Leaf Clover looked ordinary, with nothing noteworthy . However, its Lucky Grass Life Providence astonished Zhou Wen .

Lucky Grass Life Providence: Luck +3

It was a simple and direct introduction . Zhou Wen had seen this back when Wang Lu’s Lucky Baby Tiger hadn’t hatched . However, the Lucky Baby Tiger added 5 Luck, 2 points higher than Lucky Grass .

This was understandable . After all, the baby tiger was at the Epic stage while this Four-Leaf Clover was only at the Legendary stage .

Wang Lu’s luck is amazing . This is the one . Zhou Wen decided to bid for the Four-Leaf Clover Companion Egg . Having a Luck stat was just too rare . Many people wanted it, and Zhou Wen was no exception . However, recognizing it as Wang Lu’s luck, he believed Wang Lu deserved getting the Four-Leaf Clover since he was getting a Tyrant Behemoth . He couldn’t have his cake and eat it .

Furthermore, Zhou Wen felt that wearing a hair clip didn’t suit him .

There were many people who knew Li Xuan, so Li Xuan had to entertain them . Zhou Wen didn’t like such socializing events, so he went to the fourth level to see the locked Companion Beast .

However, Zhou Wen soon discovered that other than the independent elevator he had taken before, there weren’t any other ways to take him to basement four . And the elevator he had taken previously was closed, with no way to open it .

Zhou Wen was puzzled . With so many tycoons from Luoyang and the surrounding cities here, as well as wealthy foreigners especially coming to participate in the auction, shouldn’t the shop open up basement four and sell the pets inside? Instead, it had been sealed . Qin Xiyuan’s actions puzzled him .

After he made an inquiry, an attendant told him that basement four required the boss to escort someone down . Even they couldn’t take Zhou Wen down there .

Zhou Wen had no choice but to give up the thought . After he visited the other floors of the store, he realized that the Xiyuan Crystal Shop was indeed a well-established shop in Luoyang . It had plenty of crystals and Companion Eggs . It had also launched several new products, testimony that the Xiyuan Crystal Shop had a very broad supply chain .

When the auction was about to begin, Li Xuan took Zhou Wen to a private room on the second floor . Wang Lu was already waiting inside .

“It’s all thanks to Wang Lu this time . Otherwise, young people like us wouldn’t be able to touch a private room at all . ” Li Xuan grinned and sat on the sofa .

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Wang Lu smiled and said, “This room isn’t prepared for me either . It’s only because they are taking my family’s elders into account . I’m just a representative . ”

The three of them chatted for a while before the auction began . The first auction was for Legendary Companion Eggs . They were considered desserts before the main courses . The final Epic-stage Companion Eggs were the main course .

Legendary Companion Beasts were sold with a starting bid of 100,000 . Their quality was much lower than the batch Zhou Wen obtained last time . However, those who could participate in the auction didn’t care about the chump change . All they did was buy something they liked . Every item had a bid, but most of them weren’t high . The highest closed at 230,000 .

Only then did Zhou Wen realize that serial numbers were sold in reverse order . The larger the number, the earlier they were auctioned . The thirteenth item was the Minotaur numbered 107, and it also had a starting bid of 100,000 .

Wang Lu very calmly pressed the button to raise the bid to 110,000 .

The room was sealed and isolated, equipped with one-way mirrors, so it was unlike the people in the hall below . They needed to use a bidding device instead of raising their hands; otherwise, the auctioneer wouldn’t be aware of bids from the private rooms .

There were two people interested in the Minotaur . Soon, the bid raised to 160,000 . Then, Wang Lu raised it to 170,000 .

The two bidders on the first floor had already given up . Wang Lu originally thought that she could be the winning bidder, but someone else suddenly increased the bid to 200,000 .

200,000 for a Minotaur was an astronomical price . It appeared that the other party was determined to win the Minotaur .

“Looks like someone wants to compete with you . You don’t have any enemies in Luoyang, right?” Li Xuan said with a smile .

Wang Lu shook her head and raised the price to 210,000 .

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“Isn’t it tiring adding 10,000 each time? Just raise it to 300,000 and see if he wants to carry on bidding,” Li Xuan said like the rich man he was .

“Money still needs to be conserved . Every bit counts,” Wang Lu said with a smile .

At that moment in another room, an old man who was smoking frowned . He originally believed that it wouldn’t be a problem winning the Companion Egg with 200,000, he never expected someone to engage in a bidding war with him .

Could it be that the news was leaked? Or did that guy leave a backup plan? The old man pondered for a moment . He felt that both cases were possible, but it didn’t seem like it .

Unable to figure out the reason instantaneously and seeing how no one was bidding, with the auctioneer already calling 210,000 once, the old man decided to bid . The money spent was trivial as long as he could get it .

He didn’t wish to attract too much attention, so he planned to add 10,000 to test the other party’s reaction .

However, when his finger pressed on the bidding device, there was no reaction . It seemed to have broken .

The old man was stunned . He quickly reached out his fingers and pressed it several times, but there was no reaction at all . It was as if it had really broken . Sweat seeped out from his forehead and he pressed continuously, but there was no reaction .

“Calling thrice… 210,000, sold!” The Minotaur was sold for 210,000 . The auctioneer was satisfied with the number and had called out very quickly . The old man in the room fumed with anger . He had considered everything, making all the necessary arrangements, only to fail because of a damaged bidding device . He could not help but be enraged .

He called the staff over and launched a tirade . However, when the staff checked the bidding device, they found that all the buttons were working normally . There were no problems at all during the subsequent attempts .

“Sir, were you too excited just now? Could it be a mishandling of the controls?” the staff member asked in an extremely polite manner .

The old man hated that he couldn’t immediately turn the staff in front of him into smoke, but this was Luoyang . If he did that, he would definitely be targeted, and this wouldn’t solve any problems .

“Who won 107?” the old man could only suppress his anger and ask .

“Sir, I’m sorry . Unless the client is willing to make it public, we need to keep our clients’ information confidential,” the staff member said as he bowed slightly .

The old man held back his anger and let the staff leave . His expression darkened .

He did not know if it was a coincidence or if he had already been targeted . If someone had targeted him, he would be in danger .

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