Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 310

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Chapter 310: Chapter 310 - Tyrant Behemoth

Chapter 310 Tyrant Behemoth

Zhou Wen couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief when he saw that Wang Lu had succeeded in bidding for the Tyrant Behemoth . This kind of Companion Beast that had a chance to advance to the Mythical stage was just too precious . There was nowhere in-game he could grind for them like ordinary pets which he would eventually obtain given time . To have something fall into his lap just like this, he doubted that there would be a second opportunity .

Moments later, a staff member sent the item over . After letting Wang Lu confirm that the item was right, Wang Lu directly paid the bill with her card and obtained the Tyrant Behemoth Companion Egg .

Wang Lu turned to face Zhou Wen with the Companion Egg in hand . He extended his hand to receive it, only to have Wang Lu retract her hand and hug the Companion Egg . She smiled at Zhou Wen and asked, “Since it’s a trade, where’s your Companion Egg?”

“The Companion Egg I chose hasn’t begun the auction,” Zhou Wen said .

“Then I’ll trade with you when you get it . ” Wang Lu hugged the Companion Egg and sat back on the sofa .

Zhou Wen wasn’t in a rush as he waited for the auction to continue . After a few more auction items, he finally saw the Four-Leaf Clover being auctioned .

There weren’t many people bidding for the Four-Leaf Clover since the card’s information stated that it was a Three-Leaf Clover without any combat strength . It was basically a supplementary item that made one clear-headed . The effects were not much different from medication oil, so few people had any interest in it . Only one person started it off with the opening bid, allowing Zhou Wen to buy it for 130,000 .

“Let’s swap the goods at the same time . ” Wang Lu held the Companion Egg with one hand and extended her other hand in front of Zhou Wen .

“Alright . ” Zhou Wen placed the Four-Leaf Clover Companion Egg in Wang Lu’s hand before taking the Tyrant Behemoth Companion Egg

I finally got it . Holding the Tyrant Behemoth Companion Egg, Zhou Wen felt extremely excited . This pet had the chance of advancing to the Mythical stage in the future .

Behemoths were a type of dimensional creature that was terrifying in Western mythology . Legend had it that it ate mountains on a daily basis, and due to its huge appetite, God, who had originally created a pair of Behemoths, was afraid that their descendants would end up devouring the entire world . Hence, He killed the female Behemoth, leaving behind only the male Behemoth .

It was ultimately a legend, but the attributes of Tyrant Behemoth made it clear that it was extraordinary

Tyrant Behemoth: Mortal (Evolvable)

Strength: 11

Speed: 11

Constitution: 11

Primordial Energy: 11

Talent Skill: Mountain Devouring

Companion Form: Boxing Glove

It was a classic four 11-pointer all-rounder . Like Banana Fairy, it only had one single skill . This disappointed Zhou Wen a little . The Companion Form was a boxing glove, something that he would figure out after hatching it .

The auction continued . In the end, Li Xuan managed to win the Epic Spirit Drawing Demoness for 3,200,000 . It was much more expensive than the market price, making him feel the pinch .

However, he still insisted on winning it . Once the auction ended, he rushed back impatiently, planning to think of a way to incubate Spirit Drawing Demoness .

“I know there’s a dessert shop nearby that has pretty good desserts . Want to try it before we head back to school?” Wang Lu asked Zhou Wen after leaving Xiyuan .

“I’ll pass . I don’t really eat sweet stuff . ” Zhou Wen was speaking the truth . Besides, he was in a rush to hatch the Tyrant Behemoth, so he wasn’t in the mood to eat .

Waving his hand as a farewell, Zhou Wen summoned his Mutated Lotus Flower Ant and rode it back to school .

“He’s really not gentlemanly at all . What a dimwit . Drive,” Wang Lu said angrily and ordered her driver to drive her to the dessert shop .

After the car left, an old man walked out of a nearby alley . He looked in the direction of the car with a complicated gaze .

Someone from the Wang family won that Companion Egg? It looks like something happened . That guy probably leaked the news… The old man felt that he was in a very dangerous situation . He had to leave immediately . Otherwise, it was possible that the Wang family would silence him .

After all, it was the Zhang family’s Mythical Companion Egg, and the Hero King’s family was not to be trifled with . In order to not provoke the Zhang family, the Wang family might have very well eliminated all those who knew about this .

Damn the Wang family . Count it my loss this time . The old man didn’t dare to stay any longer . He sneaked into the darkness and left . Highly nervous, he constantly observed his surroundings to prevent anyone from the Wang family from pursuing him .

After Zhou Wen returned to his dorm, he hatched the Tyrant Behemoth . After all, it was still at the Mortal stage . With the amount of Primordial Energy Zhou Wen currently had, it was rather easy to hatch it .

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Before long, a tattoo that looked like a bull’s head appeared on the back of Zhou Wen’s hand . It was completely black, resembling the silhouette of a bull’s head .

He summoned Tyrant Behemoth . He originally imagined that it would be massive like its namesake . After all, the Behemoth was the largest mythical creature, a terrifying existence that fed on mountains daily .

But the tyrant in front of him was only half the height of a human . It had a bull’s head and a thick curved horn on it . Its body resembled an ape and its claws were sharp . The tail on its back curled up and its fur was black and luscious like black silk . It did look like a minotaur-a miniature one .

When Tyrant Behemoth turned into a boxing glove, a black boxing glove immediately appeared on Zhou Wen’s right hand . Strangely, there were two horns at the front of the glove . If Zhou Wen wanted to punch someone, the horns would definitely be the first to make contact .

This fellow is still at the Mortal stage . No matter how strong he is, he can’t be that strong . I wonder how long it will take to evolve to the level of Banana Fairy, Zhou Wen thought .

Zhou Wen soon discovered that Tyrant Behemoth did indeed live up the legends about it eating mountains . Banana Fairy and Truth Listener, together with the other Companion Beasts that needed to be fed, didn’t eat as much combined . Not long after he fed it, the phone would notify him that Tyrant Behemoth was in a hungry state . Furthermore, it wasn’t picky . Be it Companion Eggs or Companion Beasts, it could swallow them whole . Thankfully, Zhou Wen now had the Epic poison bats that he could kill in mass numbers . After getting a few Epic poison bat Companion Eggs for it, the system’s notifications silenced .

It can eat so much at such a young age . If it really evolves to the Epic stage, will I be able to raise it? Zhou Wen was already beginning to worry .

Apart from the time he spent studying at Wang Mingyuan’s place, Zhou Wen kept grinding daily . What he wanted the most was Lucky Baby Tiger and the Poison Wyrm’s Dragon Transformation Art, followed by that dragon pearl .

“Zhou Wen, come to my office . ” Wang Fei sent him a text .

Zhou Wen thought that the Wang Fei had finally convinced her family to allow him to learn the Wang family’s movement techniques, but to his surprise, he learned that the school wanted him to be a student mentor . It had been arranged that he would take care of a student from Bright Prospects College . Zhou Wen would be responsible for his learning and day-to-day-living for the next three months at Sunset College .

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“Isn’t this the responsibility of a tutor?” Zhou Wen asked in puzzlement .

“Don’t forget that you’re a student at Sunset College . To the students of the other colleges, you have the right to be their mentor . That’s why you are called a student mentor . Do a good job, and don’t disgrace our Sunset College,” Wang Fei said to Zhou Wen with a solemn expression .

Zhou Wen wanted to decline, but Wang Fei told him that this was the school management’s decision . He couldn’t decline it unless he dropped out of school .

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