Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 311

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Chapter 311: Chapter 311 - Challenge

Chapter 311 Challenge

Dropping out of school was naturally just a joke . No one would drop out of school because of this . Furthermore, the school gave corresponding rewards for the student mentors, allowing them to obtain special permits to certain special dimensional zones .

Instead of calling it mentoring, it was actually being a guide to allow the students of Bright Prospects College to quickly integrate into Sunset College’s curriculum and lifestyle .

After all, they were only here for three months, unlike Zhou Wen and company who could live here for four years and could take things slowly .

Bright Prospects students who were mentored on a one-on-one basis joined their mentors in the same class . Naturally, their homework missions were the same .

The only compulsory thing for student mentors was to team up with their mentees and guide them in completing their homework missions .

After Zhou Wen saw the responsibilities of a student mentor, he thought nothing much of it . After all, it was just taking another person along for his homework missions . It wasn’t anything difficult since he had to do the homework missions too .

When Zhou Wen saw his mentee, he learned that his name was Ming Xiu, a handsome youth around his age . He didn’t know why, but Ming Xiu looked rather lazy despite looking sunny and chipper, as though he wasn’t interested in anything .

The school had already allocated Ming Xiu and company their dorms, but Zhou Wen was needed to take them there and help them familiarize themselves with the situation on campus .

These weren’t too troublesome for Zhou Wen . Although the school was large, students usually only had a few places to go too . They would be able to familiarize themselves with the campus in half a day . Once that was finished, Zhou Wen was done with his responsibilities until homework missions were assigned . He just needed to take Ming Xiu along when that happened .

Although Zhou Wen was learning from Wang Mingyuan, his tutor was still Wang Fei in name, so Ming Xiu’s tutor was also Wang Fei .

“Ming Xiu, this is your dorm key . Shall I take you to the dormitory first?” After the school management had delivered their speeches, Zhou Wen planned on taking Ming Xiu to his dorm to settle him in .

“Thank you, just give me the key . We’re all adults . I can do such trivialities myself . There’s no need to trouble you,” Ming Xiu said politely .

“Sure, this is my phone number . Call me if you need anything . ” Zhou Wen handed over the dorm key and his phone number .

“Thanks . By the way, who was first in Sunset College’s comprehensive test this year?” Ming Xiu asked after taking the key and paper slip .

“I believe first place went to Senior Wei Ge . ” Zhou Wen had a good memory, but that was on matters he wanted to memorize . If he wasn’t interested, he often didn’t pay much attention . He really didn’t care who was first . He just knew that he was in the top ten .

“Wei Ge is the current president of the student council, right?” Ming Xiu nodded as if he had heard of this person before .

“Yes . ”

“Do you know where to find him?”

“I really don’t know . You can go to the student council’s activity room to take a look . Even if you can’t find Senior Wei Ge, you can still find the key members of the student council there . ” Zhou Wen then told him where the student council was located .

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“Thanks . ” After thanking Zhou Wen once again, Ming Xiu turned around and prepared to leave .

Zhou Wen didn’t stop him . Seeing how independent the Bright Prospects student was, he felt gratified . Besides, Ming Xiu was right . They were already adults and didn’t need others to watch over them . Many things could be figured out if one put in the effort . There was no need to have someone to seek advice from .

This was in line with Sunset College’s education policy . It was best not to restrict a student’s wishes and development . It only gave them guidance in particular directions and provided them with knowledge and the ability to learn . What they made out of that depended on the students themselves . Independence was what determined if a student could truly grow .

After Ming Xiu left, Zhou Wen turned around and returned to his dormitory . He hadn’t managed to obtain the Dragon Transformation Art . He planned to continue grinding before heading to Wang Mingyuan’s place for learning

Ming Xiu walked to a trash can and, without looking at Zhou Wen’s paper slip, he threw the folded piece of paper into the recycle bin .

Ming Xiu had no intention of coming to Sunset College to learn anything, nor did he need the companionship of a student mentor .

Wei Ge had been in a rather good mood recently . He was originally worried that Zhou Wen would become the second Hui Haifeng and might even compete with him to be the next student council president . However, after some observation, he realized that Zhou Wen was not much different from the other weirdos in school . His lack of interest in such matters relieved Wei Ge .

Zhou Wen seldom appeared and he didn’t participate in group activities . What was worse was that Zhou Wen often requested a leave of absence to leave campus .

Wei Ge automatically defined Zhou Wen as a rich and powerful scion . With Zhou Wen’s personality, he probably wouldn’t compete with him for the position of president of the student council .

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Wei Ge was studying a dimensional zone guide when he heard the door being pushed open . He looked up at the person who had entered and couldn’t help but frown .

His memory was very good, especially when it came to faces . However, he could not remember where he had seen this handsome boy before .

The exchange students from Bright Prospects College arrived today . This boy should be one of them, right? Wei Ge guessed Ming Xiu’s background and thought to himself, Why is the new exchange student here at the student council instead of in his dorm?

“Hello there, I’m the president of the student council, Wei Ge . Is there anything I can help you with?” Wei Ge said to Ming Xiu in a friendly manner, like he was a political figure greeting the poor in the countryside .

In Wei Ge’s heart, Bright Prospects College was a third-rate college . Therefore, their students weren’t much different from the poor and needy . Permitting their entry into Sunset College was a form of charity .

Ming Xiu looked at Wei Ge and said, “You are the president of the student council, Wei Ge?”

“That’s me . ” Wei Ge nodded with a smile . He looked extraordinary and secretly he felt smug . Even a Bright Prospect student knows of me . As expected, I’m already famous elsewhere .

“Can you spar with me in real combat? I want to know how strong the strongest student at Sunset College is . ” Ming Xiu directly explained his purpose for coming .

Wei Ge smiled and said to Ming Xiu, “Are you an exchange student from Bright Prospects College?”

Ming Xiu nodded slightly and continued, “You decide on the time and place . ”

Young kid from a third-rate school, eager to prove himself . What a pity that he’s overly ambitious . He wants to challenge me, the president of the student council, the moment he’s here . He’s still too young . Wei Ge was experienced in handling such matters . While maintaining his smile, he took out a coin and placed it on the table . Then, he said to Ming Xiu, “Well, there’s no need to go through all that trouble . See this coin? I’ll do something to it . If you can do the same, you’ll be the winner . ”

“Okay,” Ming Xiu agreed without hesitation .

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