Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 312

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Chapter 312: Chapter 312 - Disciple Accepts the Challenge

Chapter 312 Disciple Accepts the Challenge

Wei Ge reached out his palm and casually pressed down on the coin on the table . Then, he removed his hand and smiled at Ming Xiu . “Saw that?”

Ming Xiu’s gaze landed on the coin and saw a needle-like hole in the middle of the coin . He reached out and picked up the coin . The coin had been pierced, but the table below wasn’t damaged at all .

“Condensing forces into a needle?” Ming Xiu said as he placed the coin on the table .

“You have quite a keen eye . You can give it a try as well . ” Wei Ge was very pleased with himself . His ability to condense forces in his palm into a needle was something he was most proud of . Furthermore, he could control this technique easily and freely . It was impossible for the average person even if they worked hard for more than a decade . It had nothing to do with one’s strength because it was a manifestation of one’s control of their strength .

Otherwise, no matter how powerful one’s force was, even if it could smash a coin, it wouldn’t just leave a hole the size of a needle .

With this technique, Wei Ge had made many challengers retreat without a fight . He was already used to it .

Ming Xiu didn’t say anything . He only reached out his palm and pressed it on the coin . Then, he removed his palm and said to Wei Ge, “Now can you spar with me in real combat?”

Wei Ge looked at the coin and was shocked . He saw a hole on the coin that was smaller than the hole he had left behind .

Picking up the coin and seeing that there was no damage to the table, Wei Ge thought to himself, It’s surprising that a third-rate school like Bright Prospects College would have such an expert at strength control . This guy looks like a handful . It’s necessary I beat him, but there’s no benefit to it . But if I were to lose, wouldn’t my reputation be ruined?

With this thought in mind, Wei Ge suddenly had an idea . He smiled at Ming Xiu and asked, “How should I address you?”

“Ming Xiu,” Ming Xiu answered .

“Ming Xiu, you obviously can challenge me, but I have to clarify one matter first . Are you trying to challenge me, the president of the student council, or the number one expert of our Sunset College?” Wei Ge asked .

“Is there a difference?” Ming Xiu asked .

“Of course there is . Although I’m the president of the student council, the publicly recognized number one expert in our school is someone else . If you want to challenge the number one expert, I’m afraid you have gotten the wrong person,” Wei Ge said .

“Who’s the strongest?” Ming Xiu asked .

“Our school’s number one expert is Hui Haifeng who’s known as the Invincible Fist . ” Wei Ge directly sold Hui Haifeng out . After all, he and Hui Haifeng were rivals . Getting Ming Xiu to cause trouble for Hui Haifeng was the best option .

“Where can I find him?” When Ming Xiu heard the impressive title of Invincible Fist, he didn’t think that Wei Ge was lying . If he wasn’t that strong, he wouldn’t dare mention “invincible” in his title .

Furthermore, as the president of Sunset College’s student council, it was unlikely Wei Ge would spout nonsense .

Wei Ge wasn’t spouting nonsense . Hui Haifeng had such a nickname, but it was just one used in jest . Wei Ge used to hate Hui Haifeng’s nickname, but it was a perfect opportunity to use it now .

“Wait a minute . ” Wei Ge made a phone call and quickly found Hui Haifeng’s whereabouts . He then said to Ming Xiu with a smile, “He should be in Dragon Gate Grotto . It’s not difficult to find the area . Just ask around on campus or use your phone’s navigation . ”

“Thank you . ” Ming Xiu turned around and left .

After Ming Xiu left, Wei Ge looked at the coin again . The needle hole was not only small but also very round . It was much more intricate than Wei Ge’s .

This guy is quite impressive . If I fought him, I might not be able to win . How did a third-rate school like Bright Prospects College produce such a freak? Wei Ge was puzzled . A student like him should have been able to enter a prestigious school .

However, thinking about how he had brought huge trouble to Hui Haifeng, Wei Ge felt happy again . If Ming Xiu really defeated Hui Haifeng, it would be amusing .

Zhou Wen went to Wang Mingyuan’s place to study . Just as he arrived at Dragon Gate Grotto, he saw Ming Xiu standing at the intersection, looking down at his phone as though he was hesitating on which path to take .

“Stop looking . The GPS is useless here in Dragon Gate Grotto . Where do you want to go?” Zhou Wen walked to him and asked .

Seeing that it was Zhou Wen, Ming Xiu asked, “I’m looking for Hui Haifeng . I heard he’s in Old Dragon Cave, right?”

“Why are you looking for Hui Haifeng?” Zhou Wen asked curiously .

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“Wei Ge said he’s the number one expert in Sunset College, so I wanted to see how strong the number one expert of Sunset College is,” said Ming Xiu .

Zhou Wen was somewhat speechless when he heard that . He had sent Ming Xiu to Wei Ge, and Wei Ge ended up sending him to Hui Haifeng .

“You know Hui Haifeng?” Ming Xiu sized up Zhou Wen and asked .

“We’re under the same tutor, so we’re considered fellow disciples,” Zhou Wen said as he considered how he could resolve the trouble that was Ming Xiu .

“Zhou Wen, what are you doing here?” Hui Haifeng asked as he walked out of Dragon Gate Grotto before Zhou Wen could think of a solution .

“This is Ming Xiu from Bright Prospects College . He wants to challenge you . ” Zhou Wen had no choice but to introduce Ming Xiu to Hui Haifeng .

“Ming Xiu, why do you want to challenge me?” Hui Haifeng didn’t panic at all as he asked with a smile .

“Someone said that you are the number one expert at Sunset College . I want to know how strong Sunset College’s number one expert is,” said Ming Xiu .

“That’s right . That person has a keen eye, but Ming Xiu, if anyone can challenge me as you do, as the number one expert of Sunset College, wouldn’t I be busy all day? Just accepting challenges would tire me to death . ” Hui Haifeng then changed gears and pointed at Zhou Wen . “Let’s do this . He’s my junior and ranked the lowest among our tutor’s four disciples . He’s also the weakest . Try defeating him first before I consider accepting your challenge . ”

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Zhou Wen nearly spat out the water he had just drunk . Hui Haifeng was too shameless .

Ming Xiu looked at Zhou Wen and gestured for him to launch an attack . “I’ll be troubling you . ”

Zhou Wen was a little depressed . He didn’t have the time to fight with Ming Xiu . He still had a few questions to ask Wang Mingyuan .

Just as Zhou Wen was thinking, Feng Qiuyan saw him and ran over, immediately asking, “Coach, I’ve already figured out what you taught me the last time . When is the next lesson?”

Zhou Wen pointed at Ming Xiu and said, “Ahem . Feng Qiuyan, let me introduce you . This is Bright Prospects College’s Ming Xiu, an exchange student who’s just come to our school . He’s very strong . You can spar with him . It’s a way to test you on your recent improvement in strength . ”

“Alright . ” Feng Qiuyan agreed immediately, his eyes filled with fighting spirit .

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