Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 313

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Chapter 313: Chapter 313 - Ming Xiu’s Decision

Chapter 313 Ming Xiu’s Decision

Ming Xiu revealed a look of displeasure . When he heard Feng Qiuyan call Zhou Wen “Coach,” he thought that Feng Qiuyan was just a student trained by Zhou Wen . He felt that Zhou Wen was looking down on him asking him to spar with someone like that .

“Feng Qiuyan’s strength is no weaker than mine . As long as you can beat him, you can directly challenge Senior Haifeng . ” Zhou Wen hurriedly directed the problem back at Hui Haifeng .

When Ming Xiu heard that, his expression softened and he looked at Feng Qiuyan .

This spectacular scene finally unfolded as they exchanged looks and immediately went to the arena .

Ming Xiu originally imagined that he could easily defeat Feng Qiuyan, who wasn’t famous at all, but he failed to gain an advantage once the battle began .

Feng Qiuyan’s saber techniques already had the inklings of a master’s . He freely struck with verve, his spirit and courage becoming stronger as he fought . His saber landed like roiling heavenly rivers that prevented his opponent from catching his breath .

Ming Xiu could not help but become serious . He used his incredible Life Providence powers and fought with Feng Qiuyan with all his strength . But even so, it was only a draw . He found it difficult to clinch victory .

Ming Xiu’s shock was indescribable . His Life Providence was Peerless Twins-he learned everything much faster than others . He took days to master something that others might need a year for .

He just needed one look at concepts that eluded others to quickly understand them . Among his peers, he had never experienced the feeling of having an opponent .

He originally believed that Sunset College was only a little more famous, and their students were nothing much . It was impossible for them to be stronger than him .

However, he never expected that he wouldn’t be able to defeat Feng Qiuyan despite giving his all . And since Feng Qiuyan called Zhou Wen “Coach,” it was obvious he had been trained by Zhou Wen . Furthermore, Hui Haifeng claimed that Zhou Wen was the weakest among the four students of their tutor .

Sunset College is really filled with hidden talents! Ming Xiu, who had originally thought that it would be boring being an exchange student at Sunset College, suddenly changed the glint in his eyes .

The two of them had been fighting in the arena for more than an hour, but there was no victor . Both ended up exhausted with no energy left .

“Is that Zhou Wen really your coach?” Ming Xiu didn’t believe that a person who could fight him to a draw would be trained by someone their age .

“Yes,” Feng Qiuyan answered honestly .

“Then, is it like what he said? Your strength is about the same as his?” Ming Xiu asked again .

“I don’t know Coach’s strength, but it’s only because of his three pointers in the past two to three months that I have reached my current realm . Before this, I wouldn’t have been your match . I would have been defeated within ten moves . ”

Feng Qiuyan believed that he was telling the truth, but even he himself didn’t know that Zhou Wen hadn’t given him any serious pointers—he had figured everything out himself .

However, those words sounded completely different in Ming Xiu’s ears . It was unbelievable that a person who couldn’t even withstand ten of his attacks previously could now tie him with just three pointers from Zhou Wen .

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Feng Qiuyan looked like a rigid and focused person . He didn’t look like someone who would lie .

“There’s actually such a genius in this world . I had such a narrow view of the world before . It looks like I made the right choice to come to Sunset College . ” Ming Xiu suddenly laughed .

Life without an opponent and goal was too boring for him . Now with someone like Feng Qiuyan and Zhou Wen appearing, he felt as though he had come alive .

Tian Zhenzhen had arranged for the Bright Prospects students to gather at the canteen . She would occasionally glance at the canteen’s entrance, but she didn’t see that familiar figure .

“Zhenzhen, we’ve already asked around . Sunset College’s top student for this year’s comprehensive test is the president of the student council, Wei Ge, but he’s not the most famous one . It’s a freshman named Zhou Wen . He got into the top ten at the Mortal stage . Not long ago, he defeated John from Covenant College and helped the army defeat the Sky Spiders…” A Bright Prospects College student recounted Zhou Wen’s antics in Sunset College with great familiarity .

“Although Zhou Wen is very strong and much stronger than us, he’s definitely not Ming Xiu’s match,” Tian Zhenzhen said confidently .

“Of course . No matter how strong Zhou Wen is, he’s only a slightly stronger student . How can he be comparable to Ming Xiu? He’s our Bright Prospects’ god,” another Bright Prospects student said matter-of-factly .

The other students also agreed . Ming Xiu was too dominant in Bright Prospects College . He was a god in the hearts of all the students . Even the tutors believed that Ming Xiu could have a chance at being in the top ten of the entire League .

“Since Zhou Wen is so famous, let Ming Xiu challenge him first so that he can become famous in one battle . Let those arrogant fellows from Sunset College know what true geniuses are . ” Tian Zhen was brimming with confidence . She seemed to be able to foresee how all the students of Sunset College would be stunned when Ming Xiu defeated Zhou Wen .

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While they were chatting, Ming Xiu walked over .

“Ming Xiu, why are you so late?” Tian Zhenzhen hurriedly invited Ming Xiu to sit beside her .

“Something cropped up,” Ming Xiu said .

“Ming Xiu, we’ve already asked around . Now, Sunset College…” Before Tian Zhenzhen could finish her sentence, Ming Xiu interrupted her .

“Zhenzhen, before coming, my mom must have secretly given you quite a bit of money, right?” Ming Xiu looked at Tian Zhenzhen and asked .

“Auntie prepared it for you, just in case . It was in the event that you urgently required money,” Tian Zhen said, embarrassed .

“Give me 20,000,” said Ming Xiu . “What do you want the money for?” Tian Zhenzhen asked as she transferred the money, puzzled .

“I want to hire Zhou Wen to be my personal coach . I would like him to give me some pointers and cultivation guidance,” Ming Xiu said excitedly .

Having had a long chat with Feng Qiuyan, he increasingly found Zhou Wen unfathomable . It was truly worth it to be able to hire someone like Zhou Wen to teach him for twenty thousand .

Ming Xiu was a top genius who could learn anything quickly, but this also made him lose direction . He didn’t know what he should learn . It felt like he could learn anything and everything, but he had the nagging feeling that he wasn’t good at anything . This was a horrible feeling

Before today’s battle, Ming Xiu still felt that it was just loneliness derived from invincibility, but after his battle with Feng Qiuyan, he realized that he had yet to find his own path .

After Feng Qiuyan’s repeated recommendations, Ming Xiu decided to hire Zhou Wen to come up with a cultivation plan for him and to guide him out of his confusion . Feng Qiuyan had informed him that each class cost 20,000 .

Tian Zhenzhen was dumbfounded when she heard that . She stared at Ming Xiu in a daze . Her mouth was agape for a long time . She didn’t even realize that she had dropped the food she was eating .

They had just been discussing how Ming Xiu could defeat Zhou Wen and how he could become famous in Sunset College, but in the blink of an eye, the god in their eyes actually wanted to hire Zhou Wen as a coach . He even wanted him to guide him in his cultivation . Silence fell at the table with only Ming Xiu speaking in excitement .

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