Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 314

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Chapter 314: Chapter 314 - Talent at Playing Cards

Chapter 314 Talent at Playing Cards

“Ming Xiu, do you have a fever?” Tian Zhenzhen touched Ming Xiu’s head and asked curiously .

Ming Xiu pushed Tian Zhenzhen’s hand away . “Of course not . ”

“Then why do you want to hire Zhou Wen to be your coach? Shouldn’t you defeat him, thus becoming famous in Sunset College?” Tian Zhenzhen said .

“I’ve already fought with a student he trained,” said Ming Xiu .

“Shouldn’t your opponent be him? Why would you be fighting with his student? What happened in the end?” Tian Zhenzhen asked three questions in a row .

“It was a draw . I couldn’t beat him even when I used all my strength . That person’s saber technique is too powerful,” said Ming Xiu excitedly .

Tian Zhenzhen and the students from Bright Prospects College were alarmed . Ming Xiu was such a strong person, yet, he only managed a draw with Zhou Wen’s student . It was hard to believe how powerful Zhou Wen was .

Ming Xiu continued, “That student only attended three of Zhou Wen’s private classes . According to him, he wouldn’t have been strong enough to take ten strikes from me about three months ago . ”

“What?” Tian Zhenzhen and the rest felt that their brains were lacking .

The person could fight Ming Xiu to a draw with just three private classes . To them, this sounded like a fairytale .

“Ming Xiu, is what you said true?” Tian Zhen was in disbelief .

“It can’t be wrong . A person like Feng Qiuyan wouldn’t lie . Furthermore, Zhou Wen is only ranked last amongst his tutor’s four students . He’s the weakest . ”

“Is this the famous Sunset College? What kind of monsters are they!?” Tian Zhenzhen and company were dumbfounded .

To them, the invincible Ming Xiu didn’t seem that outstanding in Sunset College .

However, Ming Xiu was very excited . “I thought that it would be a boring trip, but I didn’t expect it to be the right choice . Sunset College lives up to its name . There are so many powerful students here . This feeling is great . ”

In Wang Mingyuan’s laboratory, only Zhou Wen and Zhong Ziya were around . The two of them were playing cards facing each other, and there were several paper slips pasted on Zhou Wen’s face .

Zhou Wen had originally come to ask Wang Mingyuan some cultivation questions, but Wang Mingyuan had yet to return from Dragon’s Well . Zhong Ziya had suggested playing cards since they had nothing to do .

Zhou Wen refused at first since gaming was better than playing cards .

However, Zhong Ziya said that if Zhou Wen could defeat him at cards, he would give Zhou Wen an Epic movement technique crystal .

Although Zhou Wen wasn’t good at playing cards, he believed that card games between two people depended on 30% skill, 70% luck . Even if his skills weren’t good, he could win as long as his luck was good .

However, he never expected that Zhong Ziya would want to play Reverse with him . As soon as he made one mistake, he lost . The three pieces of paper on Zhou Wen’s face were punishment for him throwing out the wrong card .

Zhou Wen had seen his three seniors play Reverse before, so he had an idea how to play it . However, watching was one thing, but playing it was a whole different matter . It was very easy to throw the wrong cards in this game .

Zhong Ziya threw out cards in the normal order while Zhou Wen threw out cards in the reverse order . For example, if Zhou Wen threw a 7, Zhong Ziya needed to throw an 8 or higher . However, Zhou Wen couldn’t throw a 9 . Instead, he had to throw a card smaller than 8 to be lower than Zhong Ziya’s 8 .

Such a form of playing was very special . It was Zhou Wen’s first time playing it, and he had to play the cards in reverse . Zhong Ziya spoke to him while playing, making Zhou Wen throw out cards in the normal manner . That was how he lost all three matches . It had nothing to do with his bad cards .

As Zhong Ziya threw his cards, he smiled and said, “Junior, Reverse isn’t that easy to play . When Jiang Yan taught me and Hui Haifeng, both of us had lots of paper slips on our faces . Just count it as tuition money . ”

“I already know what to do . Again,” Zhou Wen said .

“You can play however many rounds you want,” Zhong Ziya said with a grin .

It was not easy to change habitual thinking . Having lived for more than ten years and playing cards in the normal manner, to have someone play it in reverse order made it easy for one to throw the wrong cards .

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When he started, Zhong Ziya had also spent quite a bit of time adapting to this kind of reverse thinking process . It definitely wouldn’t be easy for Zhou Wen to get used to it immediately .

Furthermore, Zhong Ziya deliberately spoke to Zhou Wen, diverting his attention in the conversation . That made it easier for Zhou Wen to make mistakes .

Back when Zhong Ziya started playing Reverse, he didn’t dare speak to Jiang Yan . He made mistakes the moment he was distracted .

Only after a long period of time was he able to play cards and chat with Jiang Yan and the company . Hui Haifeng’s situation was similar to his . The only person who could play Reverse and chat with them without any mistakes was Wang Mingyuan .

Zhong Ziya didn’t know if Wang Mingyuan had played Reverse before or if there was another reason . In short, he had never seen Wang Mingyuan make a mistake while playing Reverse .

Zhong Ziya had never seen Jiang Yan, who had suggested Reverse, make a mistake either . However, since Jiang Yan was the one who suggested it, he reckoned that she must have been experienced, so it wasn’t strange .

Zhong Ziya originally thought that Zhou Wen would definitely need some time to get used to it, or that he wouldn’t speak to him . He would focus on playing cards and slowly think to avoid mistakes .

However, Zhou Wen didn’t do that . He continued chatting as he played . The speed at which he threw the cards was also normal—he didn’t deliberately slow down to think . From the fourth round, Zhou Wen stopped making any mistakes . Although he still lost in the end, it was because his cards weren’t good as well as the lack of skill required in comparing thrown cards .

How did he get used to it so quickly? Zhong Ziya found it unbelievable and continued playing a few more rounds with Zhou Wen . He soon realized that Zhou Wen had really gotten accustomed . No matter how much he talked to Zhou Wen or how distracting his topics were, he couldn’t make Zhou Wen commit mistakes .

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This guy’s talent in this aspect might be better than me and Hui Haifeng . Zhong Ziya was slightly surprised .

Seeing how Zhou Wen was no longer making mistakes and how his technique was improving, Zhong Ziya was really afraid that he might fail at this simple task . Hence, he said with a laugh to get himself out of it, “I’m not playing anymore . How boring . ”

“Let’s play another two rounds . I won’t take your crystal if you lose . ” Zhou Wen had just gotten the hang of it and found it interesting, so he naturally wouldn’t let Zhong Ziya off .

Zhong Ziya had no choice but to agree to two more rounds .

By the time Wang Mingyuan came out of Dragon’s Well, Zhong Ziya and Zhou Wen had a lot of paper slips on their faces . This surprised Wang Mingyuan slightly .

From what he knew, it was probably Zhou Wen’s first time playing Reverse . Yet, he was able to play it well with Zhong Ziya-it seemed like he was quite talented in this area .

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