Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 315

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Chapter 315: Chapter 315 - I Like Your Teaching Method

Chapter 315 I Like Your Teaching Method

“Drop, my baby tiger . ” Zhou Wen had killed the tigers in Binyang Cave countless times in-game, but he was once again disappointed . There was still no Companion Egg .

Is it really that hard to get pets that add Luck? Zhou Wen was somewhat speechless . He remembered that Wang Lu had gotten a Lucky Baby Tiger the first time she came . Why was it so difficult for him?

He headed to Poison Wyrm Pool once again . Thankfully, it gave him a pleasant surprise as a Primordial Energy Skill Crystal dropped .

After Zhou Wen absorbed it, the system notified him that he had learned Poison Dragon Finger 5 . Now, Zhou Wen had four types of Poison Dragon Finger-he was only lacking Poison Dragon Finger 3 .

Actually, a few Poison Dragon Finger Crystals had dropped previously, but they were repeated . There were more than 1s, 4s, and 2s . 3s and 5s seemed especially rare, but he had finally managed to have a 5 drop today . Yet, there was still no sign of a 3 .

He didn’t have Dragon Transformation Art drop either . The drop rate was similarly low . Out of options, Zhou Wen could only grind slowly . After all, he had plenty of opportunities . It just took time .

“Ding dong!” Just as Zhou Wen was about to go to the underground sea to commit suicide, the doorbell suddenly rang . He opened the door and saw Ming Xiu .

“Why are you here? What’s the matter?” Zhou Wen looked at Ming Xiu, puzzled . This fellow was rather independent . Even if something happened, he probably wouldn’t look for his student mentor .

“Zhou Wen, I want you to be my personal coach . One private lesson costs 20,000, right? Give me your account details and I’ll transfer it to you now,” Ming Xiu said bluntly .

He had previously thrown away Zhou Wen’s phone number and had no choice but to look for him himself . After asking around for a while, he finally found out where Zhou Wen lived .

“Don’t listen to Feng Qiuyan’s nonsense . I’m just a student like you . How can I be qualified to be your personal coach?” Zhou Wen immediately guessed what Feng Qiuyan had said when he heard the two keywords .

“Because I’m a Bright Prospects student?” Mingxiu misunderstood and thought that Zhou Wen didn’t want to be his personal coach because he wasn’t a student at Sunset College .

“No, that’s not it . I really don’t have the qualifications to teach you . ” Zhou Wen shook his head and explained .

Ming Xiu lowered his head and pondered for a moment . Just as Zhou Wen imagined that he was about to come to his senses, Ming Xiu looked up and said to Zhou Wen, “I remember you should be my student mentor, right? It’s also your responsibility to tutor me, right?”

“This…” Zhou Wen was momentarily at a loss for words .

“What’s your phone number? Add me as a friend . It’ll be easier to contact you in the future,” Ming Xiu asked Zhou Wen as he took out his phone .

“Let me make it clear . I really don’t have anything to teach you . There’s no need for the money . Let’s study together . ” Zhou Wen helplessly took out his phone and added Ming Xiu .

“You don’t have to be so humble . I heard about what you’ve done from Feng Qiuyan . Your way of teaching is really unique and leaves a deep impression . I hope you can use that method to teach me . ” After Ming Xiu added Zhou Wen as a friend, he immediately transferred 20,000 to him .

What did Feng Qiuyan say to him? Zhou Wen’s forehead was covered in a cold sweat . Who knew what kind of inane teaching method he had? It was not something Zhou Wen knew anyway .

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“You can do whatever you like . ? I don’t have time today . Tomorrow is the day Ms . Wang will assign homework missions . Let’s complete the mission together when it’s out . ” Zhou Wen didn’t explain, nor did he bother to explain .

“Teaching through actual practice . You’re just like Feng Qiuyan said . ” Ming Xiu nodded in satisfaction and ignored Zhou Wen’s reaction before turning to leave .

Zhou Wen gaped at Ming Xiu’s departing figure . After a long while, he muttered to himself, “Is he nuts?”

When he went back in, he saw an unread message on the phone . It was a message from An Sheng . They had made a new discovery in the ruins and found the inner sanctum’s entrance . However, the inner sanctum’s situation was terrible . A few groups of people had died with unknown causes . Not a single person had walked out alive to date .

An Sheng and the rest were thinking of various ways to study the secrets of the inner sanctum, hoping to find Old Mister Ouyang as soon as possible . He would inform Zhou Wen if there was any news .

Zhou Wen sent a text to An Sheng, but he didn’t receive any reply . He didn’t know if An Sheng had entered an area without a signal or if he was too busy to reply .

I have to quickly think of a way to pass the underground sea and reach the temple . It’s better using the blood-colored avatar to explore the inner sanctum than letting those warriors sacrifice themselves for nothing . Zhou Wen was afraid that the former principal had already died in the inner sanctum . If that happened, whatever he did now would be meaningless .

The next morning, Zhou Wen received a message from the class group . It was the homework mission assigned by Wang Fei .

It’s just killing a Golden Warrior? Zhou Wen heaved a sigh of relief when he saw how simple the homework mission was .

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He needed plenty of time to grind . He didn’t have the time or effort to spend time doing research on other matters . It was best if he could complete his homework mission easily .

“Coach, when are you going to do the homework missions?” Zhou Wen was just about to wash when he received a message from Ming Xiu .

The homework mission needed to be completed in ten days . Zhou Wen originally planned on going in a few days . But it would only be more troublesome if Ming Xiu messaged him daily .

Therefore, Zhou Wen thought about it and decided to do his homework mission today to prevent Ming Xiu from looking for him again .

They arranged to meet at the Myriad Buddha Cave, and when he arrived, he realized that Ming Xiu was already waiting for him there .

“Coach, what do you plan on teaching me today?” Ming Xiu asked .

“I’ve told you that I have nothing I can teach you . Today, we are just going to do the homework missions-kill a Golden Warrior,” Zhou Wen said as he walked . Kill a Golden Warrior? Mingxiu revealed a pensive expression as if he was thinking about something

Golden Warriors had very high defense and their drop rates were low . Therefore, few people came here . As for the other students who received the mission to kill a Golden Warrior, they were most likely still studying the materials pertaining to the Golden Warrior and would come in a day or two .

Therefore, when Zhou Wen and Ming Xiu entered the Myriad Buddha Cave, there was no one else there .

“Are you confident in killing the Golden Warrior?” Zhou Wen turned to ask Ming Xiu .

“Yes, I’ve already read up on the Golden Warrior . It’s not difficult for me,” answered Ming Xiu .

“Then you go first . I’ll do the recording for you,” Zhou Wen said to Ming Xiu .

Recording a video to hand it in to Wang Fei was the way of providing evidence that they had completed the homework mission . It couldn’t be anything else, but when Ming Xiu heard it, there was a whole other meaning .

He wants to create a targeted cultivation plan only after understanding my abilities and traits? Ming Xiu decided to showcase his strength to let Zhou Wen understand his current situation .

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