Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 316

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Chapter 316: Chapter 316 - Your Destiny

Chapter 316 Your Destiny

Zhou Wen watched Ming Xiu battling the Golden Warrior as his eyes constantly twitched .

Ming Xiu was indeed impressive . In terms of combat skills, he wasn’t inferior to Zhou Wen . Furthermore, he was skilled and proficient in all sorts of techniques .

However, no matter how strong he was, what was the point in thrashing up a Golden Warrior? Ming Xiu had already spent more than an hour battling with it .

He could have easily killed a Golden Warrior, but he would always ruthlessly strike only to land it gently . It was unknown how many times the Golden Warrior had been hit by him . It was terribly beaten, but still short of being beaten to death .

Even Zhou Wen couldn’t stand it any longer . Although it was a dimensional creature, he didn’t have to torture it in such a way . If you want to kill, kill it . Otherwise, just leave . What’s the point of torturing it for more than an hour? Are you a sadist?

Zhou Wen didn’t have an imagination like Ming Xiu’s . He believed that Ming Xiu was flaunting his skills and abilities .

Ming Xiu, on the other hand, was very excited . He displayed all the things he knew . However, Ming Xiu was simply too talented . The breadth of what he knew was just extensive . He showcased them one by one until he broke out into a sweat in exhaustion .

However, Ming Xiu felt that it was necessary . Otherwise, Zhou Wen wouldn’t understand his situation well . How then was he to tailor a cultivation plan for him?

If this were in the past, Zhou Wen would be able to locate Ming Xiu without even looking thanks to Truth Listener . If not for the need to record him, Zhou Wen would have been gaming

Now that Truth Listener was still incubating, Zhou Wen wasn’t able to record Ming Xiu accurately if his eyes remained peeled to the screen . Therefore, he could only patiently do the recording . However, he was already feeling a little impatient waiting . This was basically wasting his time .

He waited until Ming Xiu finally felt that he was done with his demonstration and killed the Golden Warrior . Even Zhou Wen felt aggrieved for it .

“It’s your turn to record,” Zhou Wen said to Ming Xiu, who was wiping his sweat .

“Alright . ” Ming Xiu nodded and pointed the phone at Zhou Wen before following behind him .

Zhou Wen was feeling anxious from all the waiting . He rushed forward the moment he saw a Golden Warrior . He took out his Bamboo Blade and diced up the Golden Warrior before glancing at Ming Xiu unhappily . He then turned around and walked out .

I can finally return to gaming, Zhou Wen thought to himself .

Ming Xiu looked thoughtful when he saw Zhou Wen slice up the Golden Warrior .

It’s a clean and straightforward saber technique, but there’s nothing special to it . It’s just that the saber is so sharp . Hold on, it’s definitely not that simple . Feng Qiuyan said that Zhou Wen loves to integrate what he wants to say in his actions . He must have been hinting at something when he looked at me with such a strange look in his eyes . There must be some secret hidden within the saber move . It’s just that I haven’t understood it yet, Ming Xiu thought .

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“Let’s end it for the day . I’ll contact you again when the next homework mission is available,” Zhou Wen said to Ming Xiu as he left Myriad Buddha Cave .

Hearing these words, Ming Xiu was even more certain of the secret behind Zhou Wen’s saber move . Otherwise, there was no way Zhou Wen wouldn’t tailor a plan for him and allowed him to leave after he paid the 20,000 .

“Coach, don’t worry . I’ll definitely gain some insights before the next homework mission,” Ming Xiu said to Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen couldn’t be bothered to waste his time with him and let Ming Xiu return by himself . Instead, he went to Wang Mingyuan’s lab to listen to his especially interesting lectures . Wang Mingyuan always talked about random things that appeared useless, as though he was telling a story or a joke . However, when one encountered a particular situation, one would suddenly discover that one of those stories seemed applicable to the situation they were in . It made Zhou Wen feel that he could treat the situation from a third party’s perspective, and not be limited by his biases .

Therefore, Zhou Wen was very willing to listen to Wang Mingyuan’s random lectures . However, Wang Mingyuan didn’t have much time . Occasionally, he would give the four of them lessons, but most of the time, he would assign them homework missions .

Zhou Wen’s main job was still to pull the chain that had sunk into Dragon’s Well . Although Zhou Wen’s strength had improved significantly, it remained tedious pulling the chain . The coldness coming from the chain was just too overwhelming . It indirectly proved the White Dragon’s terror .

After Ming Xiu returned to his dorm, he kept thinking about what Zhou Wen wanted to tell him, but no matter how he thought about it, he couldn’t figure out what special meaning the ordinary saber strike had . This left Ming Xiu vexed .

After some thought, Ming Xiu began to suspect that Zhou Wen was just fooling him .

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The time came for him to meet Feng Qiuyan for sparring, as they previously arranged . Afterward, Ming Xiu shared his doubts with Feng Qiuyan .

Feng Qiuyan frowned in thought when he heard that . Then, he said with a confirmatory tone, “Coach’s saber move definitely has a deeper meaning . It’s only because you’re lost to your biases that you didn’t understand . ”

“You understand what that strike means?” Ming Xiu’s eyes lit up as he asked Feng Qiuyan .

“Of course, the more I think about it, the more I feel that Coach’s strike is brilliant and exciting . Only a person like Coach can come up with such a brilliant idea to remind you,” Feng Qiuyan said to Ming Xiu in all seriousness, almost slapping his thigh in amazement at his coach . “Tell me, what exactly does he want to tell me with that strike?” Ming Xiu clearly didn’t have as good an imagination as Feng Qiuyan, nor could he figure out any deeper meaning to the strike .

Feng Qiuyan looked at Ming Xiu and asked, “What do you think your biggest problem is right now?”

Ming Xiu thought for a moment and said, “I’ve learned too many things that I’m not sure what I’m truly good at . I’m puzzled about my future path . ”

“That’s it . ” Feng Qiuyan nodded and said, “You are currently in a state of confusion over your future path . You feel that you are capable of everything and can do anything . However, you fail to really master anything . Therefore, Coach used the most ordinary saber strike to tell you that the most ordinary and direct attack that can hit a vital spot is most suitable for you . ”

“What is the most ordinary and direct attack?” Ming Xiu was still confused .

“Buddhists talk about the myriad interpretations in the world . A person’s life and energy are limited after all . It’s already a great blessing to be able to study one thing fully during one’s entire life . Coach’s strike is telling you not to be blinded by appearance . Use your own heart to feel what you need and don’t care about what others think . Even if it’s an ordinary path, that’s your choice, a path that will allow you to reach greatness . You just need to keep advancing forward without end . ”

The more Feng Qiuyan spoke, the more agitated he became . “Ask yourself . You must have some most ordinary and most direct thought . Let’s use women as an example . No matter how many women stand together, no matter how your heart feels, your eyes will automatically look at the one you think is the prettiest . It’s the same with practicing martial arts . No matter how much you know, there must be one thing that you will be willing to learn first . That is your true intention . That’s your destiny . ”

My true intention… My destiny… The first thing that I’m willing to learn… Ming Xiu felt his mind explode as he thought of what had happened when he was young . It was a past that he could never forget .

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