Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 317

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Chapter 317: Chapter 317 - Metal War Wagon

Chapter 317 Metal War Wagon

When Ming Xiu was young, a break-out creature had attacked their residence . His father fought with his sword, risking his life to kill the creature and protected the young Ming Xiu .

In the young Ming Xiu’s heart, his father was the greatest person in the world-his sword technique was also the strongest one in the world . He yearned to learn his father’s sword technique when he grew up and become someone like his father .

However, when he finally grew up, many people told him that his father’s sword technique was too ordinary, and there was no value in learning it . There was no chance for him to reach the pinnacle mastering it and it wasn’t on par with a genius like him . They advised him to learn more powerful sword techniques .

Ming Xiu refused to believe the naysayers, so he continued learning his father’s sword technique . However, the truth was just as those people had said . His father’s sword technique was just something he considered very strong when he was young, but in reality, it was far inferior to the sword techniques that everyone knew . Ming Xiu was able to master his father’s sword technique easily, and he found that it really wasn’t that strong .

Although Ming Xiu knew that his father’s sword technique wasn’t strong, he had always had a soft spot for it . Even though it was far inferior to those of the world’s best sword techniques, Ming Xiu still couldn’t forget it . However, he subconsciously didn’t use it . Deep in his heart, there was an indescribable emotion regarding this matter .

Today, Feng Qiuyan’s words had awakened the deepest feelings Ming Xiu had . He felt as though his brain had been struck by lightning .

That’s right, why did I give up? So what if my father’s sword technique is ordinary? In my heart, that is the strongest sword technique in the world . If it’s not strong enough, and the world doesn’t agree with that, I’ll try my best until it becomes the most powerful sword technique in the world, so that everyone will acknowledge it as the strongest sword technique… Ming Xiu’s heart burned with passion .

“Feng Qiuyan, you’re awesome . Thank you, I now understand . ” Ming Xiu hugged Feng Qiuyan tightly, almost as though he wanted to carry him to the heavens .

Feng Qiuyan said calmly, “Coach is the one that’s amazing . I’m only telling you what Coach wants you to understand in words . I don’t know if that’s right or not . In fact, you should figure it out yourself . ”

“That’s right . Coach is really amazing . He saw through my problems at a glance . He used such a method to remind me, but I actually failed to comprehend it . I’m really silly . I used to believe that I was a genius, but now I know that I’m a pig when compared to Coach . ” Having resolved the knot in his heart and feeling happy, Ming Xiu found beauty in everything and realized that Zhou Wen was just awesome .

If Zhou Wen were to hear their conversation, he might be able to stuff a duck egg into his agape mouth . Then, he would give Feng Qiuyan a thumbs up and say, “You’re the one who’s freaking awesome!”

Zhou Wen naturally didn’t know of these matters . He was in his dorm grinding the Poison Wyrm Pool .

He had already lost count of how many times he grinded at Poison Wyrm Pool . Zhou Wen heard a chime when he slew the Poison Wyrm again . However, he was already numb to the sound . The Poison Wyrm often dropped Primordial Energy Skill Crystals, but they were always the Poison Dragon Fingers 1, 2, and 4 .

However, when he looked at the crystal this time, he realized that there was something different about it . In the past, the Poison Wyrm inside the Poison Wyrm Crystal was black in color, but the one that dropped was red . It looked like the Poison Wyrm had been skinned, making it look extremely strange .

Zhou Wen hurriedly controlled the blood-colored avatar to pick it up before absorbing it .

A numbing and itchy force flowed out of the phone and rushed into Zhou Wen’s body . It made him feel extremely itchy under his skin as though he was about to shed it .

Of course, this was just an illusion . Zhou Wen didn’t shed his skin . After the feeling completely vanished, another notification popped up in the game .

‘Absorbed Poison Dragon Crystal . Attained Epic Primordial Energy Skill: Dragon Transformation Art (Rank 7) . ’

Although he wasn’t the strongest Rank 9, Rank 7 was already rather high . In fact, as long as he could have it drop, Zhou Wen would be rather satisfied . This thing had a very rare drop rate .

Finally, I have the Dragon Transformation Art . Zhou Wen was overjoyed as he took in the information that surged into his brain, digesting all it .

Since there was water everywhere in Pool City, Zhou Wen immediately sensed the difference after trying it in the water .

In the past, he used to feel that water was water . This meant needing to overcome the powerful resistance when moving in it, but now, Zhou Wen felt different when he entered the water . It was as though the water was propelling his body . When he swam underwater, he moved much easier and faster .

The Dragon Transformation Art is really good stuff! Zhou Wen realized that instead of calling it a movement technique, it was a skill that allows one to sense the water’s flow characteristics . It allowed Zhou Wen to use the water’s strength rather than resist it all the time .

With the Dragon Transformation Art, this was only the beginning . After obtaining it, Zhou Wen’s speed in the water became much faster . However, he still needed to practice using the various movement techniques underwater for combat . Thanks to the Dragon Transformation Art, Zhou Wen’s movement technique underwent modifications . He was no longer severely restricted in underwater battles .

After familiarizing himself with the benefits brought by the Dragon Transformation Art, Zhou Wen eagerly headed to the underground sea . He wanted to see if he could break through the black dragons’ protection and obtain the dragon pearl .

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When he reached the underground sea again, Zhou Wen acted according to his usual method . He first lured the nine dragons over from the air before using the White Shadow of Poison as bait to attract their attention . As for himself, he instantly charged into the sea with Ghost Steps .

The moment his body entered the sea, Zhou Wen felt a little different from before . It was as though the surrounding seawater was flowing merrily around him .

A light stroke was enough to send his body traveling a long distance . He swam faster than a fish as though he was a humanoid wyrm .

In fact, the Dragon Transformation Art was not a movement technique, but a transformation technique before a wyrm transformed into a dragon . And since wyrms were aquatic beasts, they became kings of the water after transforming into a dragon . Thus, the Dragon Transformation Art allowed one to sense the water element and receive its help . It could greatly increase one’s speed underwater . It was not wrong to call it a water-elemental movement technique .

Zhou Wen was delighted as he swam in the direction of the metal war wagon at a speed many times faster than before, and he soon arrived in front of it .

At that moment, a dragon finally rushed over and opened its mouth to swallow Zhou Wen . It sucked a large amount of seawater into its mouth, forming a huge maelstrom .

If this were in the past, Zhou Wen would have been sucked in without any way to put up a fight . However, this time, Zhou Wen followed the vortex’s forces and circled around it before rushing out of the vortex to head for the war wagon below .

The metal war wagon was already close to him . This was the first time Zhou Wen had got so close to the metallic war wagon, having previously died so many times .

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However, he was beneath the metal war wagon, the dragon pearl was on the roof of the war wagon . Zhou Wen had clung close to the war wagon’s bottom to avoid the black dragons’ line of sight . He swam towards the rear of the war wagon, planning on climbing onto the roof from behind .

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