Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 318

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Chapter 318: Chapter 318 - Movement Technique Enlightenment

Chapter 318 Movement Technique Enlightenment

The nine dragons had already returned to the sea and were swimming over from different directions, in an attempt to devour the blood-colored avatar below the war wagon .

Unfortunately, their bodies were chained together, restraining their every move . Otherwise, the blood-colored avatar would have long been devoured by them .

With the war wagon shielding him, Zhou Wen shuttled through the seaweed and coral bushes on it, dodging the attacks several times . Finally, he arrived at the back of the war wagon . With a flip, he tore towards the top of the war wagon and somersaulted over .

Zhou Wen remembered that the dragon pearl was placed nearer to the front . Seeing that the dragon pearl was now right in front of him-at a distance less than five meters away-he continued forward . The blood-colored avatar ended up being swallowed by a black dragon that rushed over from his side . The game screen immediately turned black .

Zhou Wen took it in his stride . In fact, he was delighted . He was now able to get close to the dragon pearl, proving that he had a chance of obtaining the dragon pearl . As long as he did everything better, he would definitely be able to obtain it .

However, he soon realized that he had counted his chickens . The black dragons were indeed true dragons . Although they were chained, inconveniencing their movement, they were still much faster than he was . Zhou Wen could somersault several times on the roof, but he ultimately failed to get close to the dragon pearl . He was always just short by a few meters .

Zhou Wen originally wanted to use the Demonic Astral Wheel to suck the dragon pearl over, but after a few attempts, all he managed to suck was seawater, seaweed, and coral . The dragon pearl remained motionless .

After some thought, Zhou Wen had no choice but to think of a way to dodge the black dragons’ attacks to obtain the dragon pearl . He was already very close to it, but he lacked the final necessary sprint .

Hence, Zhou Wen deliberately observed the movements of the black dragons underwater, as well as their actions and modus operandi, hoping to find a way to break through them .

However, after staring for quite some time, Zhou Wen suddenly realized that the movement techniques of the black dragons were truly marvelous underwater . There was some kind of truth in it, one that Zhou Wen felt he could reference from .

It was naturally impossible for an ordinary person to mimic the black dragons’ movement techniques, but Zhou Wen, who had mastered the Dragon Transformation Art, didn’t find it that difficult .

After further study, Zhou Wen realized that the nine black dragons looked identical, but in fact, they were slightly different . Their stances were somewhat different as well . Every black dragon had its unique water stances . These stances allowed Zhou Wen, who had mastered the Dragon Transformation Art, to mimic them a little and became more agile in the water . He was like a fish in water .

The more Zhou Wen studied it, the more he felt that the black dragons’ stance was marvelous . He listed down each of the nine black dragons’ stances and felt that he could combine them into a movement technique .

The more he studied the black dragons’ stances, the closer he got to the dragon pearl . There had been a few instances when Zhou Wen was only an arm’s length away from it .

Zhou Wen had a feeling that he would soon be able to obtain the dragon pearl .

He was already extremely familiar with the stances of the nine dragons . His movement technique had also taken in all the traits of nine dragons’ stances . It could be considered perfect .

However, Zhou Wen still felt that something was lacking . It was as though he hadn’t really gotten the essence . Once he figured out the final conundrum, he could use the movement technique he gleaned from the nine dragons’ stance to obtain the dragon pearl .

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What exactly is the difference? Zhou Wen planned on heading to Wang Mingyuan’s place to show him the movement technique he had figured out and get advice on what the movement technique lacked .

The number of times Wang Mingyuan descended into Dragon’s Well had increased in recent times, and the time he spent inside grew longer . When Zhou Wen arrived at the laboratory again, he didn’t see him . Jiang Yan was the only one there .

“Zhou Wen, do you remember that you still owe me a favor from when we killed the Mutated Fairy?” Jiang Yan said when he saw Zhou Wen walk over .

“I do . What help do you need?” Zhou Wen asked . He rarely saw Jiang Yan now, so he had no idea what he was doing .

“There’s something I need your help with . If you have the time, accompany me to Cixiang Kiln,” Jiang Yan said .

“Why are we going there? To see the Dragon Gate Twenty Pieces?” Zhou Wen asked in puzzlement .

Nineteen of the Dragon Gate Twenty Pieces were in Ancient Yang Cave . Only one was at Cixiang Kiln . Zhou Wen had previously gone to see it as well, but Jiang Yan was just going to look at the tablet text, there was no need for Zhou Wen to accompany him .

According to what Zhou Wen knew, Cixiang Kiln only had Legendary snake-type dimensional creatures . Although there were many of them, with Jiang Yan’s strength, it would not be difficult for him to avoid them .

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Jiang Yan said, “It’s to see the Dragon Gate Twenty Pieces . I’ve already been a few times, but every time I looked at it, I was disturbed by those snakes, losing all my mood and feelings . This time, accompany me and help watch over me . Don’t let those pesky snakes disturb me . ”

Zhou Wen looked at Jiang Yan with an odd expression . This fellow actually wanted someone to clear the area while he looked at the tablet text . He even used the favor Zhou Wen owed him . Zhou Wen really couldn’t understand what he was thinking .

However, since Jiang Yan had suggested it, Zhou Wen naturally wouldn’t reject it and accompanied him to Cixiang Kiln .

Cixiang Kiln had changed thanks to the dimensional zones . It was much bigger, and there were linked caves and stone caverns everywhere . Many snake-type dimensional creatures entered and exited here .

However, they were different from the Overlord Snakes in Snake Cavern . These snakes were poisonous snakes . If one was bitten by them, even Epic experts would be in trouble . Hence, not many people came here .

As there were so many venomous snakes, and they typically hid in stone grooves, it was impossible to kill them all even if one wanted . Jiang Yan ignored the venomous snakes and directly dodged their attacks, heading all the way to Dragon Gate Twenty Piece’s tablet text .

“I’ll be reading the text here . Help watch me . No matter what, don’t let them disturb me,” Jiang Yan said to Zhou Wen before standing there and focusing on the tablet text, completely ignoring everything behind him .

The venomous snakes in Cixiang Kiln were called “Dragon-Patterned Snake . ” However, they did not have any dragon patterns on their bodies . They only had some patterns similar to the tablet’s inscriptions . Together with the Dragon Gate Twenty Pieces’ tablet text here, this was how the snakes got their name .

The Dragon-Patterned Snake was very poisonous, and there were quite a number of them . Soon, several Dragon-Patterned Snakes swam towards them . Moreover, there were also quite a number of Dragon-Patterned Snakes that stuck their heads out of their nooks and crannies, ready to rush out at any moment .

Since I have nothing better to do, I’ll just practice my movement techniques . Zhou Wen didn’t use his Companion Beasts . He drew his Bamboo Blade and circled around the Dragon-Patterned Snakes with his movement technique while killing them .

He wasn’t afraid of the venom of the Dragon-Patterned Snakes, so it didn’t matter even if he was bitten . He himself had a decent Poison stat and with Doctor Darkness’s Fight Poison With Poison, the Dragon-Patterned Snakes posed no threat to him .

The speed of the Dragon-Patterned Snakes was very fast, especially when they jumped up for the strike . It was like a wyrm leaving its hole, fast and accurate .

However, compared to Zhou Wen’s new movement technique, they were naturally much weaker . It wasn’t difficult for Zhou Wen to dodge their attacks, but after watching them attack, he suddenly had a strange feeling . The snake’s stances seemed a little similar to his new movement technique .

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