Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 32

Published at 25th of February 2020 04:25:14 AM

Chapter 32

Qiao Siyuan nodded gently . “That’s right . He’s the one . ”

“Minister, do you think that youth is in cahoots with Jing Daoxian?” the blonde, green-eyed lady asked Qiao Siyuan .

Qiao Siyuan focused on the laid-out map on the table before saying, “No . He’s likely an ordinary high-schooler . However, since he met Jing Daoxian in that period of time, perhaps we might be able to understand why Jing Daoxian had spent abnormal amounts of time in that area through him . Think of a way to find that high-schooler . ”

Everyone exchanged looks . They hadn’t especially taken note of the youth that passed them by . Furthermore, it was in the evening and the youth hadn’t worn anything that made himself stand out . To seek him out without a clue left them somewhat at a loss .

“I’ll sketch up the youth for you . To appear in that vicinity at that time while wearing home clothes means that he lives nearby . Check the nearby cameras to see if they managed to capture him . Bring him back as quickly as possible,” Qiao Siyuan said .

With the Lost Immortal Sutra in hand, Zhou Wen originally had the intention of leaving it somewhere far from home . However, the moment he left his doorstep, he saw a car parked along the street . Li Xuan was inside the car, waving at him .

“Is there something wrong?” Zhou Wen walked over and asked .

“Get in the car first . ” Li Xuan opened the door and moved inside, gesturing for him to get in .

Zhou Wen thought for a moment and got in .

Li Xuan closed the door and rolled up the window . Then, he unlocked his phone and handed it to Zhou Wen . “Take a look at this . ”

Zhou Wen gave him a suspicious glance and discovered that there was a picture shown on the screen—a document .

As the text was too tiny, Zhou Wen had no choice but to swipe across the phone’s screen to zoom in . Only then did he see what the document was about .

It appeared to be a draft, indicating that a new dimensional zone had been found in the vicinity of Ancient Inlet . Furthermore, Companion Beasts in the form of organs had been discovered inside . The report then provided some data and analysis .

“Why are you showing me this?” Zhou Wen asked Li Xuan with a perplexed look .

Li Xuan answered in excitement, “Ancient Inlet is inside Sunset College . This newly discovered dimensional zone will be Sunset College’s in the future . ”

“So what?” Zhou Wen still didn’t get Li Xuan’s excitement .

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“So what? It means that students of Sunset College will have the opportunity of entering this newly discovered dimensional zone in the future . They will have a chance of obtaining organ-type Companion Beasts . ”

Seeing Zhou Wen’s unfazed expression, Li Xuan continued, “Companion Beasts in the form of organs are extremely rare . You might not have heard of them, but I can very responsibly tell you that those things are a lot more precious than the typical Companion Beast . Let me put it this way . If your heart were to be wrecked by someone or if you were on your deathbed with a heart disease, having a Companion Beast in the shape of a heart means it could fuse with your heart and replace your original heart . It would enhance your heart’s functionality…”

“It does sound useful . ” Zhou Wen finally had a chance to speak after listening for a period of time .

“It’s far from useful . Let me ask you . Do you know how many elderly people in the League die a year from heart diseases? And how many people die from tumors in their organs? Organ-type Companion Beasts can be sold for astronomical prices . Besides, even if you don’t sell it and keep it for yourself, it will be equivalent to having an additional life when you adventure in dimensional zones…”

Li Xuan droned on before ending with one statement . “The benefits of that dimensional zone producing organ-type Companion Beasts is something only members of Sunset College can enjoy . Don’t hesitate any further . Follow me to Sunset College . Delay any further and it will be too late . If this piece of news is officially announced, all the top students across the country will swarm to apply at Sunset College . That special admissions quota won’t be enough . ”

“Alright . I’ll head back and do the registration . ” Zhou Wen didn’t hesitate and agreed to it .

Although he didn’t wish to have ties with the An family, he also didn’t wish for the An family to affect his normal life . Since applying to Sunset College brought about so many benefits, there was no reason for him to give it up, much less give it up because of the An family .

“Fill in the application on the Internet before handing me your identification card . Leave the rest to me,” Li Xuan hurriedly said .

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In fact, after Zhou Wen had his college entrance examination results, all he needed to do was apply at Sunset College’s official website and await admission .

With Zhou Wen’s results, it wasn’t a problem for him to be admitted under ordinary circumstances . However, things were no longer the same . Once the discovery of organ-type Companion Beasts had been announced, competition for the limited number of spots would become intense . Zhou Wen might not be admitted as a result .

Li Xuan took Zhou Wen’s identification card and planned on using some of his connections to get him admitted to Sunset College .

Zhou Wen didn’t speak further . After registering on the website with his phone, he gave his identification card to Li Xuan .

“That should be it . I’ll be heading back to Luoyang . If there’s nothing else for you here, pack up and head with me to Luoyang . I’ll take you around to familiarize you with Luoyang and Sunset College’s campus,” Li Xuan said as he put away the identification card .

“Alright . Wait a moment . ” Zhou Wen got out of the car and headed home to pack up .

“Wait? I’ll help you with the packing . ” Li Xuan got out of the car and followed Zhou Wen home .

Zhou Wen didn’t have much to pack to begin with . After packing up some of his daily necessities and clothes, he left Guide City with Li Xuan .

Guide City wasn’t too far from Luoyang . Before the dimensional storms happened, it took about three to four hours by car .

However, many areas these days had turned into dimensional zones . Circling around them doubled the journey time at the very least, so it took them more than ten hours to get there .

Li Xuan had wanted to have a good chat with Zhou Wen, but to his dismay, Zhou Wen began gaming the moment he got into the car . His eyes stayed peeled to the screen, leaving Li Xuan somewhat depressed .

Is this guy for real? Does he have such skills despite being so obsessed with gaming? Li Xuan was very experienced when it came to acting—especially when it came to playing the pig to prey on tigers .

But regardless of how he looked at it, Zhou Wen didn’t seem to be acting . He truly looked obsessed with gaming .

Li Xuan sat there watching Zhou Wen game for quite a while before becoming extremely bored . Wasn’t it just the constant grinding of some monster ants? Such repetitive and boring games had lost favor decades ago .

“Zhou Wen, is that game so fun?” Bored after watching for a while, Li Xuan asked .

“It’s fun,” Zhou Wen said without looking away from the screen .

As he was afraid that Li Xuan had noticed something, he didn’t enter the Ancient Imperial City . Instead, he kept grinding at the Ant Nest .

After obtaining the mysterious phone, Zhou Wen had already looked up most of the dimensional zones on Earth . Although there were a few dimensional zones that resembled the Ant Nest, they were different from the one in-game . Vigor Ants didn’t exist either .