Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 322

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Chapter 322: Chapter 322 - Stone Statue

Chapter 322 Stone Statue

The originally squarish tunnel suddenly changed . At this moment, the tunnel became oval-shaped, and the tunnel curved . There were also many glowing horn crystals on the stone wall that resembled rows of sharp teeth .

When he turned his head, he realized that the T-junction and the stone statue were nowhere to be seen . Behind him was the same oval-shaped tunnel embedded with many sharp crystals with no end in sight .

Ghost Bride floated over from somewhere unknown to Zhou Wen, but the other Companion Beasts had vanished .

Just as Zhou Wen was feeling puzzled, he suddenly felt the tunnel shake violently . Instead of calling it shaking, the entire tunnel was shrinking . The inner walls of the tunnel even spun . The sharp crystals became a terrifying weapon akin to a grinder due to the spinning

As the tunnel constricted, the space that the blood-colored avatar could stand on decreased . Zhou Wen hurriedly summoned the Overlord Spear, hoping to tear open a huge hole into the shrinking tunnel .

However, when the Overlord Spear thrust out, it sunk all the way into the handle . It failed to tear open the stone wall to another space . It was unknown how thick the stone wall was .

The spinning stone wall made Zhou Wen lose his grip of the Overlord Spear, and it was instantly swept away .

Thrown into the air, Zhou Wen summoned the banana fan . He kept fanning the Grand Yin Wind at the tunnel, but it wasn’t of much use . The strong winds blew through the tunnel for an unknown distance without touching anything

The tunnel eventually tightened so much that it closed completely into itself . The blood-colored avatar was also strangulated and the game screen went black .

Zhou Wen’s expression turned nasty . If the former principal and company had entered the tunnel and encountered the same situation, the chance of them surviving was nearly zero .

Ghost Bride wasn’t ground to death by that strange tunnel because she’s a ghost, but she loses contact with me after entering . It’s useless to survive inside . Zhou Wen thought for a moment and opened the Zhuolu instance dungeon again . He wanted to see what happened if he took the right fork .

If the right tunnel was the same as the left one, he could basically give up hope of rescuing the former principal .

When Zhou Wen reached the tunnel once again, he decisively chose the right fork .

When he stepped into the tunnel, he couldn’t help but shudder again . An extremely ominous feeling rose in his heart once more .

The tunnel on the right was somewhat different from the left fork . This was still a squarish stone tunnel, but there were no sharp crystals .

However, Zhou Wen discovered many strange texts on the stone walls . Some of the text looked similar to hieroglyphics, but not quite the same . All in all, Zhou Wen didn’t recognize the words .

He turned around and realized that the crossroads from where he entered had also disappeared .

Zhou Wen felt a little more at ease . Although he found it ominous, there wasn’t any lethal danger . If the former principal and company had chosen the right tunnel, they could still be alive .

Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar to walk forward . For some reason, he had a nagging feeling that there were many pairs of eyes watching him, but he found none of them when he observed his surroundings .

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As he walked, he felt something amiss . The feeling of being spied on grew stronger .

Is it those words? Zhou Wen frowned slightly as he stared at the strange text on the stone walls . If there was anything in the tunnel, it had to be those strange texts .

Zhou Wen summoned the Overlord Spear and stabbed at one of the words on the stone wall . Overlord Spear’s Ever-Victorious showed its effects as it directly stabbed into the stone wall, impaling a text .


Zhou Wen felt a tearing pain in his left ear as blood spewed out from the blood-colored avatar’s ear .

In the next second, Zhou Wen saw all the strange text transform into small monsters with tails . Their bodies were oval and text was engraved on them . However, inside the text were eyes . They bared their sharp teeth and flapped their wings like a bat, biting at the blood-colored avatar .

Zhou Wen brandished his Overlord Spear to attack the monsters, but every time his spear stabbed a monster, he suffered a rupture in his organs . After killing a few monsters, the blood-colored avatar’s body could no longer take the damage .

Summoning the banana fan, he used the Great Yin Wind at the group of tiny monsters . It immediately blew them away and their bodies froze in pieces .

Almost at the same time, the blood-colored avatar’s body turned into ice before shattering on the ground . The game screen also turned black .

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What strange things are they? Attacking them ends up rebounding onto me? Zhou Wen naturally noticed the strangeness of the monsters, but even though he could figure it out, he couldn’t think of a way to resolve the problem .

No matter which path I take, it seems to lead to death . The former principal and the others are probably in grave danger . Zhou Wen sighed inwardly . Based on the present situation, grim possibilities plagued the former principal’s fate .

Zhou Wen tried a few more times, but even if he didn’t provoke the monsters formed from words, they would still pounce on him and bite him . Even if he wore the Stone Chi’s armor, he wouldn’t be able to withstand the teeth of the monsters . It was as though they could bite through anything .

Both tunnels eat people… It’s impossible to pass through them… Zhou Wen thought to himself as an idea suddenly flashed in his mind . Wait… Eating people…

He thought of the stone statue at the T-junction—the one that only had a mouth and no other facial features . It made one feel extremely uncomfortable looking at it .

Since the outcome of entering either tunnel meant being eaten, this seemed connected to the statue to a certain extent .

When Zhou Wen came in front of the stone statue again, he didn’t enter the two tunnels . Instead, he carefully observed the stone statue, hoping that he could tell what was amiss

However, he couldn’t tell what was so strange about the stone statue . Desperate, he immediately pulled out his Overlord Spear and aimed it at the stone statue’s head .

But in the next second, Zhou Wen saw an extremely terrifying scene . The stone statue opened its mouth and swallowed the blood-colored avatar and spear together . The game’s screen instantly turned dark .

The problem does lie with the stone statue . Zhou Wen didn’t enter the game again but gave An Sheng a call .

The phone rang a few times until it finally got through . An Sheng’s voice sounded . “Young Master Wen, is there something wrong?”

“Ah Sheng, have you checked the stone statue in the inner sanctum?” Zhou Wen asked .

“It has been inspected in detail, but we didn’t find any trap mechanisms,” An Sheng said .

“In whose likeness is the stone statue carved in? Did you figure that out?” Zhou Wen asked again .

“We hired some experts to study and verify it . They believe that it’s highly likely to be Aoyin -a monster in mythical legends . Its body looks a little like a person’s, but it has immense strength and it enjoys eating brains…” An Sheng explained the conclusion from the experts’ analysis in detail .

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