Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 323

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Chapter 323: Chapter 323 - Sacrificial Items

Chapter 323 Sacrificial Items

“Ah Sheng, no matter how I think about it, the problem lies with the statue . Get someone to examine it in detail again, but be careful . I have a nagging feeling that the stone statue’s appearance in a place like that is a little too bizarre . It might take the life of people . ” Zhou Wen couldn’t explain his discovery in-game, so he could only tactfully tell An Sheng .

“Okay, I’ll send someone to check the stone statue again . ” An Sheng answered seriously .

After hanging up, Zhou Wen entered the game again and continued attempting to attack the stone statue in-game . This time, Zhou Wen learned his lesson and distanced himself from the stone statue before sending a gust of Great Yin Wind over .

The Grand Yin Wind hit the stone statue, causing it to actually open its mouth and swallow the Grand Yin Wind . The terrifying Grand Yin Wind entered what seemed like a bottomless pit . And that was it .

Even the Grand Yin Wind is useless? Zhou Wen frowned slightly . He knew that to deal with the suspected Aoyin statue, he couldn’t use force . He needed to think of a way .

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I remember the ghost stories Grandpa told me when I was young . In ancient times, humans believed in ghosts and gods . Often, they held rituals to offer sacrifice to the ghosts and gods . Some ignorant and evil people would even use living people as a sacrifice . With that Aoyin statue placed there, could it be that it needs to be offered sacrificial items? Although Zhou Wen found the idea a little ridiculous, he didn’t have any other solutions and could only give it a try .

Zhou Wen didn’t have the ability to use living humans as a sacrifice . Even if he was capable of doing it, he wouldn’t . Therefore, after some thought, he decided to capture two poison bats and take them to the Aoyin statue and offer them as a sacrifice to the Aoyin .

However, there was no reaction from the stone statue when Zhou Wen delivered the two poison bats to the stone statue’s mouth .

Do I really need to use living people? Zhou Wen thought for a moment and smashed the head of the poison bats before delivering it to the stone statue again .

This time, the stone statue had a reaction . It opened its mouth and sucked, swallowing the two poison bats that had their heads opened

up .

After swallowing the poison bats, Zhou Wen felt that the two forks were somewhat different . However, he couldn’t put a finger on the differences as he hurriedly ran towards the left tunnel .

After stepping into the tunnel, he realized that it was still a square stone passageway . It didn’t turn oval, nor did the sharp crystals appear . He couldn’t help but feel delighted as he rushed deep into the tunnel .

The tunnel wasn’t long, spanning about a hundred meters . Soon, Zhou Wen reached the end and found that there was a stone door . Pushing it open, he found a palace inside .

Before he could carefully observe the palace, a terrifying dimensional creature lunged forward . Zhou Wen was only able to see its shadow before the blood-colored avatar was smacked to death .

The monster resembled a tiger or wolf with two tails . It was a monster that emitted black flames all over its body . With his Ghost Steps’ speed, he wasn’t able to dodge the monster’s attack . Even if it wasn’t at the Mythical stage, it was probably close to one .

Zhou Wen didn’t give up . He went to the stone statue again and sacrificed the two poison bats before using the right fork . Indeed, the right tunnel had become safe as well . There weren’t any strange text monsters .

At the end of the right tunnel was another palace . The moment Zhou Wen opened the door, he saw a strange snake standing erect like a dragon as it spewed out black smoke at the blood-colored avatar .

Zhou Wen hurriedly summoned his remaining Purple Air Bell and sucked all the black smoke in . Then, he shook the bell, sending the black smoke back at the strange snake .

Like a tide of black smoke, it instantly drowned the monster snake’s massive body . The snake opened its mouth and inhaled, and the black smoke was sucked back in . His actions failed to damage it .

Then, Zhou Wen saw the black gas rise from the strange snake as though an ancient demon god was enveloping it .

Zhou Wen cursed under his breath as he turned around to escape . The snake’s eyes turned into a mirror that reflected the blood-colored avatar’s figure .

Not long after the blood-colored avatar ran out, it collapsed to the ground and died . The game screen went black again . Zhou Wen didn’t even know how it had died .

Don’t tell me the creatures in the two palaces are at the Mythical stage? Zhou Wen was secretly alarmed . Just as he was about to probe further, he heard his phone ring .

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Zhou Wen immediately picked up the call when he saw that it was An Sheng .

“Young Master Wen, as you expected, the stone statue is problematic,” An Sheng said directly .

“What did you discover?” Zhou Wen asked .

“During the inspection, the stone statue was completely normal and we didn’t discover any problems with it . Later, an expert attempted to put a mechanical arm into its mouth to investigate, but it was swallowed . After that, there was a brief change in the two tunnels . Our men were able to enter the tunnel without disappearing . However, it wasn’t for long . In less than an hour, the passageway returned to normal,” An Sheng said calmly .

However, Zhou Wen could tell that plenty of sacrifices had been made . “From the looks of it, the stone statue needs sacrifices . Why don’t we try using dimensional creatures as sacrifices? If it’s really Aoyin, it might be interested in the brains of dimensional creatures,” Zhou Wen said .

“I’ll get someone to try it now . ” An Sheng paused before saying, “At the end of the two tunnels, there are doors to a palace . But I didn’t get them to open the palace . Young Master Wen, any thoughts on this?”

“Since the Aoyin guarding the tunnels is already so terrifying, a powerful dimensional creature will definitely guard the palace’s interior . It might even be a Mythical creature . I think it’s best to be careful . Don’t open the door hastily . ” Zhou Wen could only provide warnings . He couldn’t possibly say that he had entered the palace in-game and that there was a terrifying existence suspected to be a Mythical creature inside, right?

“I share the same thoughts too . If there really are Mythical creatures inside, it’s not something we can deal with . We can only seek the Overseer’s help . ” An Sheng thought for a moment before saying, “Young Master Wen, it’s all thanks to you that we can make progress so quickly . Unfortunately, you’re still too young . In a few years, if you can advance to the Epic stage, I might have a chance to fight alongside you . ”

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“I have no intention of joining the military . After I graduate, I plan on opening a crystal shop for a living,” Zhou Wen said .

“You aren’t that kind of person . ” An Sheng didn’t wait for Zhou Wen to say anything before saying, “I’ll hang up now and report our progress to the Overseer . ”

“Ah Sheng, if you aren’t confident, make sure not to enter the palace at the end of the tunnels . I have a feeling that there will be terrifying dimensional creatures inside,” Zhou Wen exhorted again .

“Don’t worry,” Ah Sheng said before hanging up . It was unknown if he would listen to Zhou Wen .

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