Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 324

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Chapter 324: Chapter 324 - Map

Chapter 324 Map

Zhou Wen had been trying to figure out the dimensional creatures inside the two palaces, but they were too powerful . The blood-colored avatar could last for a very short period of time without gleaning much information .

However, Zhou Wen wasn’t discouraged . He persisted and studied their abilities and habits . This wasn’t only for saving the former principal; Zhou Wen also thought about the possibility of using their blood to enhance his final stat to 21 points if he could injure the Mythical creatures .

Therefore, he didn’t hold any hope of killing them . All he wanted was to obtain one or two drops of blood .

Of course, this was only Zhou Wen’s idea . He did not know if it could work .

He still had no way of touching the white cocoon in the war wagon . That power that caused an infinite gap between them, left Zhou Wen helpless .

“Old Zhou, I heard that another new dimensional zone has been discovered in Luoyang City . The college plans on getting students to explore it,” Li Xuan ran over and said to Zhou Wen excitedly .

“Shouldn’t the military be exploring a new dimensional zone first? Why would they let students explore it?” Zhou Wen asked in puzzlement .

Li Xuan said with a smile, “The newly discovered dimensional zone is a Town God’s Temple . Many of the ancient districts in the East District have such dimensional zones . They are basically all the same and not dangerous . It might be very beneficial . ”

When Zhou Wen heard Li Xuan say that it was a Town God’s Temple, he immediately understood why the college was sending students to explore it .

In ancient times, a Town God’s Temple was a place of worship that revered the guardian of a city . It was a place that ensured the city’s safety . After the dimensional storms, various ancient city districts had Town God’s Temple zones .

Typical temple zones had no wild dimensional creatures, so they didn’t bring harm to anyone who entered the Town God’s Temple . However, inside one, there would usually be some special dimensional creatures that were worshiped .

These dimensional creatures had immortal bodies . Humans could challenge them at places that they were enshrined . If they defeated them, they might receive benefits from the Town God’s Temple .

“Has Luoyang’s Town God’s Temple only just been discovered?” Zhou Wen asked in puzzlement .

For an ancient city like Luoyang, it was almost a certainty that a Town God’s Temple existed . Logically speaking, it should have been discovered long ago .

“The big Town God’s Temple has long been explored . It enshrined four guardians . Legend has it that they are the ancient heroes-Han Xin, Pang Juan, Zhou Yu, and Luo Cheng’s embodiment . It’s currently under military control, so ordinary people won’t have a chance of entering . The newly discovered temple is the Town God’s Temple of the former county city . It’s not that famous, and rather small . Recently, it was discovered that it has become a dimensional zone . ”

Li Xuan paused for a moment before saying, “How about we visit it before that it’s brought under military control?”

Zhou Wen hadn’t made much progress in his endeavors, so he felt that it wasn’t a bad idea to take a look . Perhaps, he could download a Town God’s Temple dungeon from there .

Li Xuan and Zhou Wen had just stepped out of the door when they met Wang Lu . Upon hearing about the new development, Wang Lu was also interested and quickly joined them .

The school posted an announcement indicating that there would be a truck that would take interested students to the newly discovered Town God’s Temple . It wasn’t mandatory if one wasn’t interested .

The three of them got into the truck and saw that there were more than ten students in it . This was just one of the trucks, a few had already set off . It looked like there were quite a number of students heading there .

The truck drove all the way to West Luoyang . Just as it was about to leave the city, they finally saw the legendary Town God’s Temple . It was much smaller than Zhou Wen imagined . From a distance, it was nothing more than a small ancient building . It had two side halls and a main temple . At the top was a signboard with the words “Town God’s Temple” written .

There were plenty of students outside Town God’s Temple . There were also some independent hunters and residents who were also there to join in the buzz . From the fact that even ordinary passersby dared enter the temple, it was testimony that the Town God’s Temple posed no danger .

After the trio entered the temple, Li Xuan looked around and said in puzzlement, “That’s strange . Why aren’t there any guardians inside this Town God’s Temple?”

Wang Lu also nodded and said, “This Town God’s Temple is really too young . Usually, they will honor a famous general in history as a guardian, but there’s none here . Only the main temple honors a generic city god . I wonder what this god’s name is . ”

“If there’s no guardian, what’s the point of coming here?” Li Xuan said gloomily .

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He had originally wanted to test out his skills to see if he could defeat the incarnation of a famous general in history, but who knew that there was no consecrated target here .

A student who had just come out of the side hall heard Li Xuan say that and added, “Although there are no consecrated generals here, the side hall enshrines the Earth Lord . It might be beneficial for you to enter and pray to him . ”

“What benefits?” Li Xuan asked in interest .

Earth temples were usually built independently . Yet, this Town God’s Temple also consecrated the Earth Lord . It was quite obvious that it wasn’t very orthodox .

The scale of Earth temples that enshrined the Earth Lord was usually smaller . Even though he was an immortal who was in charge of land, he was considered a deity of a lower rank in the Daoist pantheon .

In Journey to the West, Sun Wukong would stomp on the ground whenever he wanted, pulling out the Earth Lord by his beard . Even demons would bully the Earth Lord, evidence of how low his status was . The student said, “If you catch the Earth Lord’s fancy, he will give you a map . Dig in the spot indicated by the map and perhaps, you might be able to find treasure . ”

“That’s nice!” Li Xuan was excited . He looked like he was planning on going in big and getting several treasure maps to dig out treasures .

However, the student said, “However, Earth Lord is a local god . You have to be a local and bow to him to obtain a map . In addition, it’s only possible for you to obtain the map when paying respects to him for the first time . Zhou Wen and Wang Lu, you aren’t locals, right?”

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Li Xuan was delighted when he heard that . He said to Zhou Wen and Wang Lu with a smile, “See that? There are benefits to being a Luoyang local . I am registered as a resident of Luoyang . Tough luck for the both of you . ”

To his surprise, the student said to Li Xuan, “Li Xuan, don’t count your chickens before they hatch . Although Luoyang locals obtain a map after bowing to Earth Lord, he likes to pull pranks . There might not be a treasure as indicated on the map . One student obtained a map that led to dog feces . ”

“Don’t worry . I, Li Xuan, am blessed . How can I dig up dog feces? Even if I don’t get a huge treasure, I can still dig out antiques . ” Li Xuan was filled with confidence .

The three of them entered the Earth temple and saw that it enshrined a rich-looking old man with white hair and beard .

Just then, an ordinary citizen was kneeling in front of Earth Lord . The middle-aged man kowtowed and something magical happened . After the middle-aged man raised his head, there was a small wooden sign that had a simple map drawn on it .

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