Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 325

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Chapter 325: Chapter 325 - Digging Treasures

Chapter 325 Digging Treasures

The middle-aged man held a small wooden tablet and ran away happily . Another person ran over and bowed to the Earth Lord . Soon, he got a small wooden tablet with a map engraved on it .

“This Earth Lord sure is magical!” Li Xuan’s eyes widened when he saw this .

Wang Lu said with a smile, “Although Earth Lord doesn’t have a high status among immortals, he is quite capable . He knows everything about the land under his jurisdiction . He knows all the good things buried underground too . He also knows where there’s danger and the things not to be done . It can be said that he’s omniscient in a particular region . In ancient times, Earth Lord had a name-Kitchen God . That was a real god and he enjoyed a very high status . ”

The trio wasn’t in a rush . After everyone was done paying their respects, Li Xuan walked to the statue of Earth Lord and plopped to his knees before kowtowing .

Indeed, Li Xuan also received a small wooden token .

“Sir and madam, how about that? Are you regretting not being born in Luoyang?” Li Xuan flaunted the wooden tablet to the duo .

“Earth Lord is most merciful . If I beg him, he might give me a map too?” Wang Lu walked to the statue of Earth Lord and bowed to the statue before saying, “Earth Lord, how benevolent are thee . Please give me a map too . ”

“If begging works, what’s the point of having a household register? Besides, you aren’t being sincere . You didn’t even kowtow . All you did was bow . What’s the use of… Ah…” Li Xuan curled his lips . However, just as he finished speaking, he saw a small wooden tablet grow out of the ground . Instantly, his mouth dropped agape as he was at a loss for words .

Wang Lu happily took the wooden tablet and said to Zhou Wen, “Why don’t you try too? Perhaps Earth Lord might show his benevolence and give you a map too?”

Zhou Wen thought that it made sense . After all, Guide City, where he was born, wasn’t too far from Luoyang . Perhaps this Earth Lord had a greater area under his jurisdiction, so was Guide City also under his management?

He didn’t really suffer any losses bowing even if he wasn’t given a map .

Zhou Wen mimicked Wang Lu and stood in front of the Earth Lord statue . He pressed his palms together and bowed slightly at the statue .

“I can ignore Wang Lu’s good luck, but I just don’t believe that you can get a map like that,” Li Xuan said .

When Zhou Wen bowed, he suddenly heard the sound of rocks grinding . He saw the statue of the Earth Lord drift horizontally three feet away .

“What’s happening?” Li Xuan’s eyes widened as Wang Lu wore a look of surprise .

Zhou Wen didn’t know what was happening either, but when he saw a wooden plaque grow out of the ground, he reached out to pick it up .

“It looks like Earth Lord is quite a swell guy . He gave me a map too . ” Zhou Wen took the wooden tablet and said to Li Xuan with a smile, “It looks like your Luoyang’s registration isn’t of much use . ”

“Absurd . ” Li Xuan looked at the Earth Lord statue that had moved three feet to the side, feeling extremely alarmed and puzzled .

Regardless of how one looked at it, it appeared as though the Earth Lord statue didn’t dare receive Zhou Wen’s bow . That was why it had moved away .

Wang Lu also sized up the Earth Lord statue and Zhou Wen in puzzlement .

The three of them walked out of the temple and were about to head to the main temple hall when they saw a group of soldiers enter the Town God’s Temple . The soldiers informed them that the area had been sealed by the military and ordered them to leave in an orderly fashion .

The trio had no choice but to leave Town God’s Temple . Li Xuan looked at the wooden token in his hand and saw that the map on it was very vague . It had the general terrain of rivers and mountains . Then, there was a red dot which labeled the treasure location .

If it wasn’t for a Luoyang native who was well-versed with the Luoyang terrain, it wouldn’t be easy finding the location on the map .

“You definitely won’t be able to tell where the map is pointing to . I’ll help you take a look,” Li Xuan said to Zhou Wen and Wang Lu .

Zhou Wen and Wang Lu handed their wooden tablets to him . Li Xuan was quite an expert in identifying the local terrain . He quickly helped them find the location . Furthermore, he marked it on the phone’s map app, making it convenient for them to seek out the treasure .

“Are we going to dig for treasures together or do we do it individually?” Li Xuan asked .

“Let’s go together . These places all require us to exit the city . It’ll be safer for us to be together,” Zhou Wen said .

“Alright . Mine is the nearest, so let’s dig mine first,” Li Xuan said as he summoned his Companion Beast mount .

Zhou Wen only had the White Shadow of Poison to ride on, but it was a little odd seeing it in broad daylight . Li Xuan’s ox-type mount was rather large so there was room for Zhou Wen .

Wang Lu summoned her tiger, sat on it, and followed behind .

The three of them passed through the city and attracted the envy of many ordinary citizens .

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After leaving the city, Li Xuan dug for quite a while in a small forest in the suburbs . Li Xuan dug a hole that was four to five meters deep and finally found something .

It was a ceramic container that looked rather ancient . “Could there be gold hidden inside by the ancients?” Li Xuan said in excitement as he held the jar .

“It’s possible . Who knows, there might even be jewelry . Quick, open it and take a look . ” Zhou Wen was somewhat curious as he urged Li Xuan to open it .

Li Xuan didn’t hesitate to open the jar . He saw that it was filled with copper coins that were in a badly rusted state . He took out one and pinched it, instantly shattering it from the decay .

“How did this happen?” Li Xuan was extremely depressed .

“Don’t ruin it . Those copper coins are likely to be antiques, right?” Zhou Wen said .

“Antiques might be valuable in a peaceful era, but in this era, who would spend money to buy antiques? With money, one would buy dimensional crystals and Companion Eggs . Besides, these copper coins are way too inferior in quality . They are almost deformed,” Li Xuan said .

However, he had gained something after all . Li Xuan still kept the jar in his bag . It wasn’t big and fitted his backpack perfectly .

Following that, they dug for Wang Lu’s treasure . Her treasure wasn’t too far from Li Xuan’s treasure . So with Li Xuan as an experienced local guiding them, they quickly arrived at the location .

It was by a small stream . Wang Lu flipped through the area a few times and when she flipped open a cobblestone, she immediately discovered a gem the size of a longan . It was crystal clear, like a cat’s eye .

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“How beautiful . ” Wang Lu was very fond of it . She washed it in the stream and played with it in her hand .

Zhou Wen’s map pointed to a forest beside the mountainous area . The trio traveled more than five kilometers before they reached the spot . Due to the dimensional zones nearby, the trio walked very carefully and deliberately circled and made a detour to avoid a dimensional zone .

“This is it,” Li Xuan said as he looked at the map and pointed to a bush .

Zhou Wen saw that there were only some weeds and nothing else . He planned on digging to see what he could dig out .

To their surprise, just as Zhou Wen approached, white smoke suddenly spewed out from the bush . It frightened the trio and they couldn’t help but retreat as they cautiously stared at the spot where the white smoke was emitting

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