Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 326

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Chapter 326: Chapter 326 - Baby

Chapter 326 Baby

A cute, chubby baby jumped out of the white smoke .

The baby’s fair and tender body was wearing a red piece of cloth that only covered his chest and belly, and there was a braid sticking upwards on his head .

“Who abandoned this child here?” Li Xuan couldn’t help but mutter when he saw how adorable the child was .

However, when he thought about it carefully, he felt that something was amiss . The child was only the size of a baby; yet, he could actually walk on his own . Furthermore, he was extremely agile . No baby was this amazing .

The baby stared at them with his big eyes, seemingly furious . He seemed to be warning them not to come any closer .

“Could this be…” Wang Lu’s expression changed slightly when she saw the baby .

“Wang Lu, do you know what this baby is?” Li Xuan hurriedly asked .

“I once entered a dimensional zone in Changbai Mountain to hunt dimensional creatures with my family’s elders . There, I saw a plant-type ginseng baby that resembled a human baby . He wore such clothes and he had a few ginseng leaves growing on his head . He does resemble this baby, but there are some differences,” Wang Lu said as she sized up the baby .

“Ginseng Baby? Isn’t that the ginseng spirit spoken in legends that is extremely nourishing?” Li Xuan’s eyes glowed as he stared at the baby .

The baby seemed to sense the evil intentions in Li Xuan’s eyes as he glared at Li Xuan and with a turn of its body, he vanished .

“Oh no, retreat quickly . ” Wang Lu’s expression changed slightly as she immediately retreated .

Although Zhou Wen and Li Xuan didn’t know what was happening, seeing Wang Lu’s seriousness they also retreated .

However, just as Li Xuan moved, he suddenly felt as though something had tripped him and he fell down with a plop .

The baby appeared not too far away and clapped in glee as he looked at Li Xuan . He looked extremely happy .

“Little imp, do you think I’m powerless against you? I don’t care if you are a Ginseng Baby or something else . I’ll teach you a good lesson . ” Li Xuan crawled to his feet and summoned the Thundergod Sword before cleaving at the baby .

The Thundergod Sword reached the baby in an instant, but he suddenly vanished . The lightning sword beam blasted a huge hole in the ground, but it failed to hit the baby .


Li Xuan felt his legs being tripped by something again and fell to the ground with a thud once more . When he turned his head, he saw the baby extend half his body from the ground and jump out . He clapped his hands and grinned at Li Xuan, his face filled with mockery .

Li Xuan had never experienced this before . He lunged forward to grab the baby, but no matter how fast he was, he couldn’t catch him . Instead, he kept tripping thanks to the baby . He was in a sorry state .

“Wang Lu, is this really a Ginseng Baby?” Zhou Wen asked as he sized up the baby in surprise .

“I don’t know, but he does resemble a Ginseng Baby . He’s proficient in escaping through the earth and can travel for thousands of miles underground . Even top Epic experts would find him difficult to catch if he escaped . ”

Wang Lu paused for a moment before continuing, “Back then, my grandfather used a puppet Companion Beast to lure the playful Ginseng Baby over . Then, he used his Intrinsic Lock to catch him by surprise and lock him up before successfully capturing him . ”

“We don’t have those things . Is there any way to catch him?” Zhou Wen knew that Ghost Steps would be useless catching up to him, after seeing the baby’s ability to escape through the earth .

“Perhaps, but I don’t know . ” Wang Lu shook her head helplessly . “Ginseng Babies have the nickname of Little Earth Immortal . As long as he’s on the ground, I’m afraid no one will be able to catch him . This baby might be a Ginseng Baby, but from his ability to escape through the earth, he’s in no way inferior to the one I’ve seen before . ”

When the two spoke, Li Xuan had already been teased into a rage, but he couldn’t touch the baby no matter what . He was like a clumsy bear as he was led by the nose by the baby .

Li Xuan slashed with the Thundergod Sword in his hand and even summoned several Companion Beasts . Even the Spirit Drawing Demoness that he had just obtained was summoned . Yet, he still couldn’t do anything about the baby .

The little child suddenly phased into existence like a tiny sprite that could continuously teleport . He was toying with Li Xuan and his Companion Beasts .

“Old Zhou, Wang Lu, aren’t you going to provide some help? Quickly grab this little fellow . I have to spank him . ” Li Xuan had been tripped several times again, making his face turn livid with anger .

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Zhou Wen felt that the baby’s escape technique was very interesting . Furthermore, he didn’t seem to have the intention to harm others . All he did was tease Li Xuan .

With a thought, Zhou Wen activated Ghost Steps as his figure seemed to teleport . He appeared behind the baby and reached out to grab the baby’s arm, but the baby vanished instantly .

Wang Lu guessed the location of the baby . She flashed over to grab him, but she failed .

The trio used all sorts of methods to grab hold of the baby but they ended up in circles . In the end, they fell to the ground, exhausted . They no longer had the strength to grab hold of the baby who kept clapping nearby as he mocked them .

Li Xuan couldn’t take it any further and chased after him once more . However, Zhou Wen and Wang Lu were truly exhausted and they sat on the ground without getting up . “What’s the level of that Ginseng Baby you encountered? Is his ability to escape through the earth that powerful?” Zhou Wen asked Wang Lu .

“I don’t know what level he is . ” Wang Lu shook her head and said, “Just as my grandfather captured the Ginseng Baby, a terrifying creature in Changbai Mountain suddenly appeared . It almost killed us . The Ginseng Baby was taken away by the creature . I never expected the map given by Earth Lord would be something like this . Even if we find it, we don’t have the ability to take him away . ”

Zhou Wen looked at the baby with a frown and didn’t say a word . He really didn’t have the ability to grab him unless he could make the baby’s body leave the ground, preventing him from burrowing through the earth .

Zhou Wen secretly held the banana fan in his hand and waited for an opportunity .

Li Xuan pounced here and there, but he didn’t even touch the baby’s clothes . Instead, he slashed out craters on the ground .

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After Li Xuan fell again, the baby clapped his tiny hands in delight as his chubby calves jumped up . He looked excited .

Right now . At the instant the baby’s feet left the ground, the banana fan Zhou Wen was holding stirred up a gust of cold wind, sending the baby flying

“Haha, let’s see where you can flee to now . ” Li Xuan was overjoyed as he pounced forward, hoping to grab the flying baby in midair .

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