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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 327

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:23:42 AM

Chapter 327: Chapter 327 - Rat Rabbit

Chapter 327 Rat Rabbit

When the baby was swept up by the Grand Yin Wind, he really couldn’t escape through the earth . White Frost formed on his body as Li Xuan rushed forward to grab his arm .

The baby’s body was ice-cold . His eyes were closed, motionless . Even his brows were covered in white frost as if he had been frozen .

“There’s no heartbeat; did he have to be frozen to death?” Li Xuan couldn’t help but stare at the baby when he didn’t feel his heartbeat .

Although he was a dimensional creature, he looked like a human baby . Furthermore, he had only been teasing the trio without truly harming them . Li Xuan wasn’t really planning on killing him .

“Don’t tell me he dies so easily?” Zhou Wen touched the baby’s neck . Indeed, there wasn’t a pulse .

“Are the two of you dumb? If he’s really a creature of the same class as Ginseng Babies, he’s a plant . How can there be a heartbeat?” Wang Lu rolled her eyes .

“Then take a look . Is this baby dead?” Li Xuan handed the baby to Wang Lu .

Wang Lu was about to reach out to grab the baby when he suddenly opened his eyes . Taking advantage of the loss in grip while handing him over, the baby forcefully struggled to escape before landing on the ground and disappearing .

When he appeared again, he was more than ten meters away . He stood on a rock and made funny faces at the three of them .

“This baby is very scheming…” Li Xuan was about to rush over but was stopped by Zhou

Wen .

“Forget it . Let him go . ” Zhou Wen really couldn’t bear to kill such a creature . It would be useless even if he caught him .

Li Xuan nodded and said with a smile, “At least Wang Lu and I benefited . You didn’t manage to obtain anything from this map . From the looks of it, our luck is indeed better . By the way, Wang Lu, what powers does a Ginseng Baby Companion Beast have when dropped?”

“I heard that Ginseng Baby Companion Beasts have very strong Primordial Energy regeneration abilities . They also have healing-type Primordial Energy Skills . It enhances one’s combat strength greatly, but they are just too rare . Changbai Mountain has more Ginseng Babies, but most of them are at the Legendary stage . Their abilities are relatively weaker . Epic Ginseng Babies are very rare . According to my grandfather, if one has an Epic Ginseng Baby Companion Beast, they can basically use Primordial Energy Skills indefinitely . ” Wang Lu looked at the distant baby and said, “However, there should be ginseng leaves on the head of a Ginseng baby and this one doesn’t have any . I don’t think he’s a Ginseng Baby, just some kind of plant-type dimensional creature . ”

“Since Ginseng Babies are of such great use, we really have to make a trip to Changbai Mountain in the future to obtain some,” Li Xuan said .

“How can it be that easy? The dimensional zones in Changbai Mountain have dimensional creatures that aren’t offensive, but there are even more terrifying dimensional creatures . Ignoring the Epic Ginseng Babies, just obtaining a Legendary Ginseng Baby isn’t an easy task . One might even lose their life . Quite a number of people risked their lives to enter Changbai Mountain to hunt for one . A Legendary Ginseng Baby Companion Egg can be sold at an astronomical price . ” Wang Lu clearly didn’t believe that entering Changbai Mountain was a good idea .

“Are there any better Companion Beasts that possess healing powers other than the Ginseng Baby?” Zhou Wen had always wanted a Companion Beast with healing abilities . They were extremely rare .

“Those with healing abilities are relatively rare to begin with, so a Ginseng Baby is already considered one of the better ones . Although there are others, it’s not that easy to obtain them . For example, Lucidum Horses are even rarer than Ginseng Babies . It’s even more difficult to hunt them . There are also some which naturally have the healing abilities . For example, some Angels from the West District and Alchemical Cauldrons in our East District . They are similarly difficult to obtain,” Wang Lu said after thinking for a moment .

The three of them spoke as they walked, intending to return to the city . When the baby saw that they were leaving, he tunneled through the ground to appear around them . Then, he made funny faces at them and clapped as if provoking them .

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However, Zhou Wen and company didn’t wish to kill him . They ignored him and continued walking ahead .

Seeing the trio ignore him, the baby was very disappointed . Like a child that had lost his beloved toy, his face was filled with disappointment as he stared blankly as Zhou Wen and company left .


As they were walking, they suddenly heard an explosion . They turned around and saw a hole in the ground where the baby was standing . A black-furred monster looking like a rat or rabbit that was about half a person’s height bit onto the baby’s arm as it dragged him into the hole .

Zhou Wen frowned slightly . He activated Ghost Steps and slashed out with Demonic Astral Wheel, cutting off the Rat Rabbit’s retreat into the cave .

The Rat Rabbit reacted quickly as it exerted strength in its legs and actually dodged the Demonic Astral Wheel . It dragged the baby and ran into the bushes .

Li Xuan also slashed with his Thundergod Sword, smiting a bolt of lightning that forced the Rat Rabbit to change its escape trajectory .

Wang Lu’s tiger also pounced forward to stop the Rat Rabbit .

The Rat Rabbit was abnormally fast . Zhou Wen used Ghost Steps to chase after it, but it managed to dodge him several times as though it also had a Primordial Energy Skill that enhanced its speed .

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However, after using it a few times, the Rat Rabbit’s Primordial Energy seemed to be unable to keep up with its expenditure . It was almost struck by the lightning from the Thundergod Sword . It let go of the baby and escaped into the forest .

“Look after him . I’ll be right back . ” Zhou Wen chased after the Rat Rabbit .

The Rat Rabbit was likely at the Epic stage, but its ability was a little special . It wasn’t a dimensional creature with relatively stronger offensive abilities, so there might be some special rewards capturing it .

Furthermore, this wasn’t a dimensional zone yet . Its appearance here made it a break-out creature, so it was best to eliminate it .

The Rat Rabbit ran very quickly, but its lacking Primordial Energy eventually gave Zhou Wen a chance to kill it when it ran into a mountain valley . When he saw a crystal inside its body and took it out, he realized that it was a skill crystal .

Zhou Wen picked up the Primordial Energy Skill Crystal and was about to leave when he saw a figure flash across the ground—the baby had appeared . His arm that had been bitten by the Rat Rabbit had healed . He was fine .

The baby looked at the dead Rat Rabbit and then at Zhou Wen . He seemed to hesitate before running in front of Zhou Wen and pulling at Zhou Wen’s trousers with his tiny hands .

“Be careful in the future . No one will save you next time . ” Although Zhou Wen wouldn’t be fooled by his adorable appearance, this fellow looked too much like a human child . He really couldn’t bring himself to killing him .

The baby didn’t let go as he tugged at Zhou Wen’s trousers . He made sounds like he was trying to say something as he pointed into the valley with his tiny finger .

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“Don’t tell me you want to trick me?” Zhou Wen naturally understood what the baby meant . He was trying to get him to walk into the valley .

“Yiyi…” It was unknown if the baby understood him, but he kept pulling Zhou Wen’s trousers and pointed at the valley while speaking

After some hesitation, Zhou Wen saw that the valley wasn’t a dimensional zone . Furthermore, the valley had just a one-way path, so there shouldn’t be too much danger . After some thought, he walked in, hoping to see what the baby was up to .

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