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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 329

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:23:42 AM

Chapter 329: Chapter 329 - Failed Fusion

Chapter 329 Failed Fusion

“It depends on how painful it is,” Zhou Wen said after some thought .

“Worse than death . ” Wang Mingyuan said tersely .

Zhou Wen was momentarily at a loss for an answer . This was because the words “worse than death” were too vague . He didn’t know what kind of concept it was because he hadn’t experienced such pain .

Zhou Wen felt that physical pain could sometimes be endured for a moment, but a psychological blow might very well result in a pain worse than physical pain .

Seemingly sensing that he had been too vague, Wang Mingyuan thought for a while and said, “Let’s use a more common analogy . If there’s a woman you love very much, and she’s raped in front of you, but you don’t have the ability to save her . You have two choices . One is to fight to the death . Even though you know you can’t save her, you insist on dying to protect her . You will have a clear conscience . The second option is to collude with those people and think of ways to preserve her life . After that, you try to rescue her out of her misery before killing those people to avenge her . If it were you, what would you choose?”

“This is really a difficult question . Reason tells me that I should choose the second option, but I’m ultimately only one person . I’m afraid I wouldn’t have the mental fortitude to complete the second choice . Therefore, I believe that if I were to encounter something like this, I would choose the first option,” Zhou Wen said after seriously considering it .

“Is that so?” Wang Mingyuan’s tone was odd as though it was both a question and answer . It was unknown if he was asking Zhou Wen or himself .

“Teacher, what is the answer to this question?” Zhou Wen knew that some problems weren’t limited to the question itself . If he was smart enough, he could think of other answers .

Wang Mingyuan smiled and said, “There’s no answer . I’ve asked Jiang Yan and the others this question too . Haifeng’s answer is identical to yours . Ziya said he would kill that woman first and Jiang Yan chose the second option . ”

“Then what’s your answer, Teacher?” Zhou Wen asked curiously .

“I don’t have an answer . ” Wang Mingyuan changed the topic . “How’s the situation at the Zhuolu battlefield? Have they found your former principal?”

“Not yet . An Sheng called me a few times, but he didn’t say anything . However, I can tell that it isn’t going well . Perhaps many sacrifices have been made . ” Zhou Wen fell silent after saying that .

An Sheng seldom contacted him recently, but Zhou Wen knew that the An family definitely wouldn’t give up . They would definitely get someone to open the doors of the two palaces . When the time came, they would definitely suffer losses . After all, the An family didn’t have Mythical experts . What they could do wouldn’t be much better than Zhou Wen’s .

“I recently learned some divination arts . Although I’m not very proficient in them, they seem to be effective to some extent . I did read your former principal’s fortune, and the results are that there’s a silver lining . He should be fine for the time being,” Wang Mingyuan said .

Zhou Wen didn’t know if Wang Mingyuan was comforting him or if he really had learned divination, but he felt better after hearing that .

After hanging up, Zhou Wen continued grinding . However, he didn’t make much progress . Be it the white cocoon in the war wagon or the two palaces in the temple, he was at an impasse .

Zhou Wen’s strength had seemingly reached a bottleneck . No matter how many Primordial Energy Skills he learned or cultivated any other Primordial Energy Arts, they weren’t of much use .

He felt that he couldn’t continue grinding aimlessly . Therefore, he planned on organizing his thoughts .

Zhou Wen: Legendary

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Life Providence: Sigh of the King

Strength: 21

Speed: 21

Constitution: 20

Primordial Energy: 21

Primordial Energy Skill: Demonic Astral Wheel, Nine Dragons Art, Dragon Gate Flying Immortal Skill, Ghost Steps, Transcendent Flying Immortal, Ashen Palm, etc .

Companion Beast: Truth Listener, Banana Fairy, Tyrant Behemoth, Mutated Stone Chi, Mutated Sword Fang Fish, Mutated Lotus Flower Ant, Silver-Winged Sky Spider Youngling, Ghost Bride, White Shadow of Poison, Mutated Overlord Snake, Doctor Darkness, Mutated Demonized General, Saber Shield Knight, etc .

In terms of Primordial Energy Skills, they were mainly focused on Speed and movement techniques . There wasn’t much of a problem in this area . With sufficiently fast Speed, one was better at attacking and escaping than the average person .

Among Companion Beasts, there were only a few that were frequently used . The Mutated Lotus Flower Ant was clearly unable to keep up with the current battles .

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However, the real deciding factor was still the Mythical Banana Fairy . Truth Listener had yet to finish its incubation, so it was unknown what changes it would undergo in the future .

Typical Companion Beasts have all kinds of problems . It’s not that their stats are bad, but that their Life Providences are bad or their Primordial Energy Skills are lacking . In short, they have all kinds of flaws . Just like Overlord Spear, Ever-Victorious is indeed a good skill, but the Mutated Overlord Snake’s level is too low . Its stats are only considered average . Even with Ever-Victorious’s skill, it’s difficult to use it to the fullest . After some thought, Zhou Wen still had a route to take . That was to use his phone’s pet fusion capabilities to fuse the pets so as to get the Life Providences, Primordial Energy Skills, and stats he wanted on one pet .

First, it’s the Ever-Victorious skill . I have to think of a way to raise the Overlord Snake’s level or fuse this skill with other pets . Zhou Wen matched the Mutated Overlord Snake with his other pets and looked at their compatibility score .

Mutated Overlord Snake and other pets had a relatively low compatibility score . It didn’t exceed 30% at best . It only had a slightly higher compatibility score with the Mutated Sword Fang Fish .

He didn’t have any better options, and keeping them didn’t seem to be of much use . Zhou Wen hesitated for a moment but couldn’t bear to risk it .

It was still a low chance of success that didn’t exceed 50%—just too low . If he failed, Zhou Wen didn’t wish to grind the Mutated Overlord Snake again . It would be a waste of time, something about the thought of grinding it made him retch .

The success rate of Doctor Darkness and other Companion Beasts’ fusion chance was even lower . Basically, there wasn’t one that exceeded a compatibility score of 10% . It was about the same for Ghost Bride .

The Mutated Demonized General and Saber Shield Knight had a compatibility score of nearly 50% . Zhou Wen gritted his teeth and chose to fuse them . The two weren’t very useful now, and if they couldn’t progress further, keeping them wouldn’t be of much

use .

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With the sound of the explosion, there was nothing on the phone . The Mutated Demonized General and the Saber Shield Knight vanished as the words “Fusion failed” appeared .

Zhou Wen was instantly depressed . The Mutated Demonized General could still be grinded, but it wouldn’t be easy to obtain the Saber Shield Knight .

Unwilling to give up just like that, Zhou Wen fused the Mutated Lotus Flower Ant and a Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus, hoping to increase its stats a little .

The compatibility score was nearly 70% . Zhou Wen originally believed that it would definitely succeed, but to his surprise, with a bang, they vanished once again .

That actually failed? Zhou Wen was extremely depressed . He wasn’t willing to give up, so he decided to place the Mutated Overlord Snake and Mutated Sword Fang Fish together and risk it again .

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