Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 33

Published at 25th of February 2020 04:25:10 AM

Chapter 33

Li Xuan found it boring as he closed his eyes to circulate his Primordial Energy to begin cultivating his Invincible Connate Divine Art .

As for Zhou Wen, he controlled his blood-colored avatar and stormed towards the Silver-Winged Flying Ant .

Although he had the experience gleaned from killing the Skeleton General—a Legendary stage creature—he found his ability falling short when facing the Silver-Winged Flying Ant . He was killed after a few clashes .

This Silver-Winged Flying Ant seems more difficult to deal with than the Skeleton General . It’s faster and it has the ability of flight . It’s unrestricted due to the lack of the skeleton horse .  Zhou Wen frowned slightly . He originally thought that he had improved significantly over the recent period of time, but after a clash with the Silver-Winged Flying Ant, he realized how small the improvement was .

If I can incubate the Skeleton General’s Companion Egg, I should be able to kill the Silver-Winged Flying Ant using the Skeleton General’s strength to fight it . Unfortunately, as I don’t have the Invincible Connate Divine Art, it’s almost impossible for me to incubate a Legendary stage Companion Egg at the Mortal stage .  As Zhou Wen thought over the matter, he went back to his original thoughts of combining Inch Punch and Vigor Divine Fist .

However, he didn’t have the means to practice while in the car . Having reached a bottleneck in-game and unable to make any progress, he felt that it was pointless continuing for it was a waste of his blood .

Seeing Li Xuan enter a cultivation state and with the driver not taking a look back at the situation, Zhou Wen took out the Lost Immortal Sutra and planned on reading the contents within .

The Lost Immortal Sutra had the ability to perplex the mind . Even a terrifying expert like Jing Daoxian was unable to focus fully to finish reading the text .

However, Zhou Wen was different . As the former principal of Guide High School had mentioned, Zhou Wen could be absolutely focused on anything if he so wished . This was the main reason for his excellent studies and fast cultivation .

Now, with Zhou Wen’s mind completely settled, he read the Lost Immortal Sutra without any distractions . The power of the text that could perplex the human mind failed to distract Zhou Wen at all .

The focused Zhou Wen just wanted to finish reading the contents; his brain didn’t have any capacity for second thoughts . So even though the textual power of the Lost Immortal Sutra was extremely bewitching, the thoughts failed to distract him .

No one had ever been able to read Lost Immortal Sutra from cover to cover; yet, Zhou Wen managed to do so without any incidents occurring . Zhou Wen was completely engrossed as he finished reading it .

Humans had a plethora of emotions that could cause them to be enticed by various things . Even Buddha found it difficult to remain unmoved . So although it wasn’t the case that there wasn’t anyone who could finish reading the Lost Immortal Sutra, there was only a handful .

People like Zhou Wen, who could dedicate himself once they made up their mind to be truly focused, were an extremely small minority in the League . Even Epic stage bigwigs whose strength far exceeded Zhou Wen couldn’t achieve this focused state of mind .

Even the immortals of heaven would be lost to the enticement, giving Lost Immortal Sutra its name .

Zhou Wen managed to read it from cover to cover without being perplexed by the textual power . The Lost Immortal Sutra which had never been read by others finally appeared in Zhou Wen’s eyes in their entirety .

When Zhou Wen had finished reading the final word of Lost Immortal Sutra, he suddenly felt his body quake . Primordial Energy in his body began automatically flowing at some point in time .

In the past, Zhou Wen had cultivated years of Ascetic Meditation, so once his Primordial Energy did a circulation, it would circulate in the Ascetic Meditation’s trajectory . However, this time, the Primordial Energy’s trajectory followed a strange path that Zhou Wen had never seen before . It nearly coursed through his entire body in constant circulation .

Based on what Zhou Wen knew, any kind of Primordial Energy Art had a beginning and an end .

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For example, Ascetic Meditation’s beginning point was in the dantian’s sea of energy . When the Primordial Energy flowed out of it, it would follow his meridians and ultimately return to the sea of energy after completing one circulation . The sea of energy was the reservoir of Primordial Energy .

Most Primordial Energy Arts were the same . Certain special Primordial Energy Arts would forge an extremely special sea of energy in particular regions, or multiple ones . However, they were ultimately meant as a reservoir for Primordial Energy .

Now, Zhou Wen’s physical situation was a little odd . The Primordial Energy in his body kept flowing repeatedly without stopping . There wasn’t anywhere he could store his Primordial Energy or for it to stop . It was like a perpetually moving train on a circular track .

Zhou Wen was somewhat alarmed as he attempted to circulate Ascetic Meditation to redirect the out-of-control Primordial Energy back to a proper trajectory . However, he quickly realized that the Ascetic Meditation he had been cultivating for years was helpless . The Primordial Energy didn’t listen to his instructions .

He didn’t panic as a result . He carefully sensed the trajectory of his Primordial Energy circulation and quickly discovered that the trajectory followed the Lost Immortal Sutra’s circulation trajectory .

Eh, I actually still remember the Lost Immortal Sutra? Zhou Wen was somewhat taken aback when he thought of the Lost Immortal Sutra . After all, he had been thinking about other things, but at this moment, he still remembered it clearly . He could recall each and every word of the entire Lost Immortal Sutra . There weren’t any signs of forgetting them as he had previously .

If the narrow-minded Jing Daoxian were to know that Zhou Wen hadn’t died from reading the Lost Immortal Sutra in its entirety, to the point of gaining a basic mastery of it, he would probably throw up blood in anger .

Unable to stop his Primordial Energy from circulating, Zhou Wen could only take the risk to cultivate in the Lost Immortal Sutra . Once he tried, he felt his Primordial Energy immediately course in delight, answering to the call of the Lost Immortal Sutra .

He originally intended to read the Lost Immortal Sutra’s content once, but to his surprise, he actually ended up mastering it after he had finished reading . He had no idea if it was a boon or bane for him .

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Zhou Wen entered a cultivation state without realizing that the thirteen violet metal sheets had gradually turned to dust and vanished when he began cultivating the Lost Immortal Sutra .

After cultivating it, he found several points of interest . It really didn’t have a concept of a sea of energy . His Primordial Energy would constantly circulate around his body unceasingly, like the blood that coursed through his veins .

Zhou Wen’s circulation of the Lost Immortal Sutra allowed him to control the speed of the Primordial Energy flow, but he wasn’t able to completely stop it .

Even if he didn’t circulate the Lost Immortal Sutra, his Primordial Energy would continue circulating slowly, following the Lost Immortal Sutra’s pathways .

With the circulation of the Lost Immortal Sutra, Zhou Wen felt his entire body abruptly become light . It felt as though his body had its shackles unlocked, giving him an indescribable sense of freedom and comfort .

But other than that, there was nothing special . He hadn’t advanced to the Legendary stage and it was still slowly circulating .

Zhou Wen realized that he didn’t need to deliberately cultivate in the Lost Immortal Sutra . When he opened his eyes to move about, he found that the Primordial Energy would continue to circulate automatically . His actions didn’t influence it at all .

I have to cultivate even if I don’t wish to .  Zhou Wen sighed secretly .

Without needing to deliberately cultivate Lost Immortal Sutra and with nothing else to do, Zhou Wen picked up the mysterious phone and used the hidden needle in his ring to stab his finger, dripping a drop of blood onto the phone’s screen .

This time, Zhou Wen wasn’t in a rush to enter the game dungeons . He first took a look at his stats in-game .

Zhou Wen

Age: 16 years

Lifeform level: Mortal

Strength: 10

Speed: 10

Constitution: 10

Primordial Energy: 10

Primordial Energy Art: Lost Immortal Sutra

Primordial Energy Skill: Vigor Divine Fist, Skeleton Palm

Companion Beast: Mutated Vigor Ant (Mortal)