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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 330

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:23:41 AM

Chapter 330: Chapter 330 - Overlord Sword

Chapter 330 Overlord Sword

I can’t fail three consecutive times, right? Heavens, please bless me with success! Zhou Wen gritted his teeth as he clicked on the fusion . He saw the sparkling light on the two Companion Beasts slowly fuse together .

Amidst Zhou Wen’s uneasy feelings, all he heard was a chime . The phone emitted a light as a new Companion Beast appeared on screen .

I succeeded . Zhou Wen was delighted as he hurriedly checked the new pet .

The new pet looked somewhat different from the Overlord Snake and the Sword Fang Fish . The Overlord Snake was black, while the Sword Fang Fish was golden; the new pet was a dark gold color . It wasn’t as dark as black, nor was it as bright as gold . It looked quite pleasing to the eye .

Mutated Overlord Sword Snake… Epic stage… Zhou Wen saw its name and saw that it looked like a sea serpent . He didn’t waste his time looking carefully and directly checked its stats .

Now, what Zhou Wen was most concerned about was whether the Ever-Victorious skill was still around .

Mutated Overlord Sword Snake: Epic

Life Providence: Overlord of Swords

Life Soul: Sword Flash Snake

Strength: 40

Speed: 39

Constitution: 27

Primordial Energy: 36

Talent Skill: Ever-Victorious, Fangwheel Sword Flash

Companion Form: Sword

Zhou Wen was immediately overjoyed when he saw this . Although the Overlord Snake’s Death Wrap and the Devourer techniques couldn’t be inherited, the strongest Ever-Victorious had been inherited . Fangwheel Sword Flash was also a very potent skill, so with both present, they could be considered excellent-grade .

The other stats were all pretty good . The Life Providence of Overlord of Swords could raise the might of the user when using sword techniques, so it had a certain suppressive effect on typical sword-type Companion Beasts . It was a very good Life Providence .

Sword Flash Snake was basically the same as the Sword Fang Fish’s Sword Flash Fish Life Soul . When it used Fangwheel Sword Flash, the Life Soul would enhance the might of the sword flash, allowing more sword flashes to appear .

If there was anything about the Mutated Overlord Sword Snake that wasn’t perfect, it was its Constitution-27 points . Even before the fusion, the Sword Fang Fish’s Constitution wasn’t this low . It was quite a mystery why the RNG gave such a low Constitution .

With a poor Constitution, it meant that the Mutated Overlord Sword Snake would be easily injured . And when transformed into its sword form, it could easily be damaged or be cleaved apart .

The Overload Sword Snake in its sword form was a dark gold greatsword, and the sword’s edge radiated a cold glint . There was a black, snake-like pattern on the sword’s spine .

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If one looked carefully, they would realize that the sword had dark fish scale patterns that resembled a pattern that had been tempered and forged countless times . The entire sword was extremely domineering . It was five feet long and with Zhou Wen’s strength, he could only barely lift it . If he were to strike with it, he probably wouldn’t have any strength left after swinging it around .

He tried out the might of the Overlord Sword in-game and slashed out with his sword . The sword flash transformed into a circular blade that slashed forward . Ever-Victorious also augmented the sword flash, splitting a Chi into two .

What a powerful sword flash! Zhou Wen couldn’t help but be overjoyed . The might of the Overlord Sword was no weaker than Li Xuan’s Thundergod Sword . It might even be stronger .

Ever-Victorious was even more powerful than a sword flash augmented with lightning attributes . In a comparison between the two swords, Thundergod Sword might probably lose its accolade as the best offensive pet .

The only flaw of the Overlord Sword was that its Constitution was poor . It was alright slashing out a sword flash, but if the sword were to clash directly with the Thundergod Sword, it would likely crack open a notch . Repeats of this might snap it .

How can I raise Overlord Sword’s Constitution? Otherwise, it won’t live up to its name . Zhou Wen quickly came up with an idea .

If a Companion Beast were to fuse with a Companion Egg, it would mainly be the Companion Beast taking center stage while the Companion Eggs became supplements . The Overlord Snake’s basic appearance and abilities wouldn’t change much other than become stronger .

As long as he found a Companion Egg with a high Constitution that had a high compatibility with Overlord Sword Snake, he could increase its Constitution .

Of course, after experiencing the previous failure, Zhou Wen definitely wouldn’t risk it with the Overlord Sword Snake with anything less than 80% . It would be best if the compatibility was above 90% before he made an attempt .

However, after a few matches, he realized that the compatibility between the other pets and the Overlord Sword Snake wasn’t very high . The highest was less than 50% . Even the compatibility between the Overlord Snake and the Overlord Sword Snake was only 49% .

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Zhou Wen planned on making a trip to a shop selling Companion Eggs when he had the time . By matching them together, he might be able to find a Companion Egg with a higher compatibility score with the Overlord Sword Snake .

As for the remaining Companion Beasts, Zhou Wen looked at them and couldn’t bear to fuse them . He had no choice but to leave it at that . He took the Overlord Sword into the underground sea, hoping to see if the Overlord Sword’s sword flash could approach the white cocoon .

He once again came into the war wagon and looked at the white cocoon in the darkness . Zhou Wen pulled out his Overlord Sword and slashed at the white cocoon . Immediately, the sword flash of Overlord Sword spun like a circular blade as it headed for the white cocoon .

Intense ripples appeared in the air . It was as if a calm water surface had been torn apart as the sword flash approached the white cocoon at a discernible pace .

Zhou Wen was overjoyed when he saw this . He watched as the sword flash tore through the invisible force outside the white cocoon and hit it, tearing open a hole .

However, before he could make the next move, the black dragon rushed in and swallowed the blood-colored avatar . The game screen went black .

A sword flash with Ever-Victorious is really useful! Even Zhou Wen was surprised . After all, he couldn’t touch the white cocoon back when he used the Overlord Snake .

This made Zhou Wen see hope again . Now that he was able to rupture the white cocoon, the only thing he needed to consider was how to damage the white cocoon before the black dragons charged in . He also needed to obtain a drop of blood from the creature inside .

The Overlord Sword together with Transcendent Flying Immortal was already fast enough . Together with Ghost Steps’ Speed, it was difficult to find someone faster than Zhou Wen at the same level . However, he still wasn’t able to complete his goal before the black dragons charged in .

Zhou Wen had already done the math . He needed to slash at least three times before he could produce a gap that allowed the blood-colored avatar to charge in . After several attempts, he was swallowed by the black dragon that rushed in before he could finish the three strikes .

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From the looks of it, my Transcendent Flying Immortal still isn’t fast enough . Other than the three strikes, I still need one more strike to damage the creature inside the white cocoon to obtain its blood . My sword needs to be even faster . Zhou Wen planned on honing his Transcendent Flying Immortal to raise it to Rank 10 .

The thought of raising his sword’s speed reminded Zhou Wen of Feng Qiuyan . Hence, he called Feng Qiuyan and asked him if he had the time to be his sparring partner .

In terms of speed, Feng Qiuyan was definitely one of his fastest peers . Furthermore, with his Swift Saber Heavenly King Life Providence and talent, Zhou Wen really couldn’t figure out who could be faster than him among his schoolmates .

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