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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 331

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:23:41 AM

Chapter 331: Chapter 331 - Who Is the Coach

Chapter 331 Who Is the Coach

“I’m free! Where do we meet?” Feng Qiuyan agreed readily .

“Let’s go to the training grounds,” Zhou Wen said .

“Ming Xiu is here as well . He wants to join . Can I bring him along?” Feng Qiuyan asked .

“It’s just practice . He can come if he wants to . ” Zhou Wen felt that it didn’t matter . After all, Transcendent Flying Immortal was no secret .

“Ten minutes . ” Feng Qiuyan hung up after saying that .

Ming Xiu really wanted to know how strong Zhou Wen was . Feng Qiuyan, who he had trained, was already so powerful, so Zhou Wen’s strength must definitely be stronger .

Just as the two left the house, they met Tian Zhenzhen, who had come to deliver some items to Ming Xiu . Upon hearing that they were going to train with Zhou Wen, Tian Zhenzhen requested to tag along .

Since Zhou Wen didn’t mind anyone watching, Feng Qiuyan didn’t reject her . The three of them headed for the training grounds .

As Tian Zhenzhen walked, she thought to herself, I don’t believe that a student can be stronger than Ming Xiu . I have to personally see if Zhou Wen is a cheat .

When the trio arrived at the training grounds, Zhou Wen was already waiting inside . He was practicing the simplest drawing of a sword and striking, unwilling to miss out on any possibility of raising his sword’s speed .

Is that Zhou Wen? He looks very ordinary . Although he’s rather good-looking and has a good figure, why does he look a little pale and seem to be very weak? Is such a person really as good as Ming Xiu says? Tian Zhenzhen was even more suspicious when she saw Zhou Wen .


It wasn’t her fault . Zhou Wen usually expended plenty of his blood . He had also previously suffered a serious injury, and recently, he had been grinding the underground sea and temple . He had died too many times, so his body’s ability to regenerate blood could hardly keep up with his expenditure .


Zhou Wen had been checking on the information recently . He wanted to see if there were any Companion Beasts that could enhance his liver and organs, or even Companion Beasts that could enhance his marrow .

Unfortunately, they were very rare . Zhou Wen hadn’t discovered any for the time being .

After the trio entered the training grounds . Ming Xiu and Tian Zhenzhen sat on a bench beside the grounds as Feng Qiuyan walked over and asked, “Coach, I’m here . How shall I help you in the sparring?”

“I want to raise my sword’s speed . You are an expert in this area . Give me some suggestions,” Zhou Wen said to Feng Qiuyan .

“Although I use sabers, striking out with a sword or saber is almost the same . A saber strike’s speed is different from a body’s speed . Typically, a saber’s speed is faster than body movement speed . Firstly, a saber is lighter, and a saber’s shape is easier to deal with piercing any air resistance . The human body is far lacking . It’s heavy and there’s more surface area; therefore, there are fewer things to consider when striking out with a saber . Other than unleashing one’s strength, technique is also very important . The correct saber-wielding posture and way to release your strength allow one to increase the speed of the saber . However, to greatly improve speed, one can only focus on the technique when striking . Just like using a gun . A bullet’s speed is all the same, but what’s key is the instant when the gun is drawn . Whoever draws first can pull the trigger faster; thus, determining the victor . Striking with a saber follows the same principle…” Feng Qiuyan explained certain key points to Zhou Wen .

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Zhou Wen tried the techniques and key points that Feng Qiuyan had explained to him and found them especially useful . Indeed, his strikes were much faster, but such speed still failed to meet his requirements .

The freed black dragons are just too powerful . I have limited time after I charge into the war wagon . Such a fast sword speed is still insufficient, Zhou Wen thought .

Tian Zhenzhen was watching from the sidelines with Ming Xiu . After watching for a while, she curled her lips and said, “Ming Xiu, how is this Zhou Wen impressive? He’s Feng Qiuyan’s personal coach, so why is he trying to get Feng Qiuyan to teach him? Who’s the coach here? Don’t tell me you’ve mixed things up?”

“Perhaps there’s a deeper meaning to Zhou Wen’s actions?” Ming Xiu said uncertainly .

Although from the looks of it, Zhou Wen was indeed seeking advice from Feng Qiuyan, Ming Xiu had a deep impression of Zhou Wen’s potency . Therefore, he didn’t think as much as Tian Zhenzhen, believing that Zhou Wen had plans .


“It’s obvious . Zhou Wen is learning from Feng Qiuyan . What kind of deeper meaning can there be?” Tian Zhenzhen increasingly felt that Ming Xiu had been brainwashed by Zhou Wen .

“Watch and see . Zhou Wen likes to do the unexpected . Perhaps this is also a teaching method,” Ming Xiu said after some thought .

Zhou Wen had already grasped the method Feng Qiuyan was talking about . All he needed was time to practice . However, even if he reached true mastery, the improvement in his speed would still be insufficient .

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“Use your swift saber to attack me,” Zhou Wen said to Feng Qiuyan after some thought . He wanted to observe Feng Qiuyan’s saber techniques in actual combat to see if there was anything he could use as a reference to raise his sword’s speed .

Feng Qiuyan didn’t waste any time . He picked up a practice wooden saber from the rack, but he glanced at the practice greatsword in Zhou Wen’s hand and said, “Coach, if you want to be swift with the sword, this type of greatsword isn’t suitable . It’s best if you use a thinner and lighter one . ”

It wasn’t like Zhou Wen didn’t want to change it, but only the Overlord Sword could break through the white cocoon . As for the Overlord Sword, it was a greatsword, and its weight was heavier than the practice sword in his hand . Therefore he had to use the greatsword to practice . It would be useless to master it using the thin sword .

If it weren’t for the fact that the Overlord Sword was too heavy, Zhou Wen wouldn’t have needed training . Just the technique and speed of Transcendent Flying Immortal were fast enough .

“I know . I just want to use the greatsword to practice my swift sword,” Zhou Wen said .

When Tian Zhenzhen heard that, she became more convinced that Zhou Wen wasn’t a proper coach . No one would use a greatsword to hone their speed . Anyone who practiced swords knew that such a heavy weapon wasn’t suited for ordinary sword techniques at all, much less fast ones . Even someone who didn’t know how to wield a sword would definitely know that such a heavy weapon couldn’t allow one to take the path of the quick sword .

Feng Qiuyan only nodded as he drew his saber and slashed at Zhou Wen .

It was unknown how Feng Qiuyan had been training recently, but Zhou Wen realized that his saber techniques had become even faster and stronger . Furthermore, they weren’t as impetuous as before . He already had the aura of a saber expert .

Zhou Wen raised his greatsword to block Feng Qiuyan’s saber, finding each strike of Feng Qiuyan’s saber becoming faster than the last, but it was unusually stable . It was like a flowing river that flowed without end .

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After Zhou Wen blocked the first strike, he realized that he couldn’t find a chance to strike back . Under the relentless inundation of the saber techniques, all he could do was retreat and block .

What impressive saber techniques . This fellow’s improvement is just too fast . Zhou Wen couldn’t help but be surprised at Feng Qiuyan’s rate of improvement . He seemed to exude a completely different feeling every time he met him .

“Feng Qiuyan’s saber techniques are really impressive . Although I can learn the same saber techniques and reach a certain mastery as well . However, no matter how I use them, I can’t give off the feeling that he does . It’s like there’s always something lacking,” Ming Xiu said in thought .

“Feng Qiuyan is indeed very strong, but Zhou Wen isn’t able to counterattack from Feng Qiuyan’s strikes . How is he as strong as you say?” Tian Zhenzhen was almost certain that Ming Xiu had been hoodwinked . Zhou Wen wasn’t as strong as the rumors said .

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