Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 332

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Chapter 332: Chapter 332 - Sword Training

Chapter 332 Sword Training

Feng Qiuyan’s saber slashed faster and faster . The swift and forceful posture was as though Zhou Wen would have his head chopped off if he blinked .

Zhou Wen had switched his Primordial Energy Art to the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra . The Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra strengthened his Constitution, but it wasn’t as simple as that .

There were six types of the Perfection of Wisdom according to Buddhism . The first was True Determination Perfection of Wisdom, the second was Realm Perfection of Wisdom, the third was Linguistic Perfection of Wisdom, the fourth was Enlightenment Perfection of Wisdom, and the fifth was Attendant Perfection of Wisdom . The sixth was the Diamond Perfection of Wisdom that most people were more familiar with .

The Perfection of Wisdom was about wisdom, with the six types of Perfection of Wisdom being the wisdom of the Universe . The Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra was the ability to raise one’s physical body . It made one’s senses sharp enough to understand the underlying laws of the Universe .

When using the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra, Zhou Wen’s body and six senses were enhanced . His perception of the outside world also became very sharp .

He could sense the minute changes in Feng Qiuyan’s saber technique with each delivered strike . Although the saber technique looked simple, it contained an inexplicable technique . Zhou Wen was also able to sense the flaws of Feng Qiuyan’s saber techniques .

The greatsword was too heavy, and it suffered immense resistance as well . He wasn’t able to match Feng Qiuyan’s speed . All could Zhou Wen only use the flaws in Feng Qiuyan’s saber techniques to barely fend off his attacks .

However, it had to be said that Feng Qiuyan was indeed a martial arts prodigy . If Zhou Wen were to exploit any flaws he used once, Feng Qiuyan would immediately correct them, preventing him from exploiting them a second time .

Fast! Fast! Fast!

Feng Qiuyan’s saber was so fast that most couldn’t have a clear grasp of what was happening even without blinking . Tian Zhenzhen didn’t even blink as she watched from the side . However, all she could see were flickering saber flashes and shadows, preventing her from seeing its trajectory .

Ming Xiu could only barely keep up with Feng Qiuyan’s saber speed and his saber techniques .

Zhou Wen, who was directly facing Feng Qiuyan, felt this more acutely . He thought to himself, Feng Qiuyan is really incredible . If I were to fight him, I would have to use all my strength and defeat him with the first few strikes . The longer one delays, the less chance there is of defeating him . After a hundred strikes, I’m afraid he’d be truly invincible against all his peers of the same level . No one could stop such a swift saber . It’s no wonder his Life Providence is Swift Saber Heavenly King . He really has the potential to be a King of the Sabers .

Zhou Wen had reaped immense benefits from facing Feng Qiuyan’s saber techniques . The way Feng Qiuyan struck out and withdrew his saber was like a textbook example . It allowed Zhou Wen to realize what he needed to do to be the fastest .

If the greatsword in his hand wasn’t as heavy, he might have been able to keep up with Feng Qiuyan’s speed .

Of course, Zhou Wen didn’t have the talent of Swift Saber Heavenly King, so if he allowed the situation to continue, Feng Qiuyan would definitely be faster than him . It wasn’t wrong to say that he was invincible after a hundred saber strikes . Even Zhou Wen wasn’t willing to fight Feng Qiuyan after he delivered a hundred saber strikes .

However, Zhou Wen was now learning, so he naturally didn’t stop Feng Qiuyan from continuing his slashes . Only through such a swift saber could Zhou Wen more accurately sense how Feng Qiuyan managed to strike and withdraw with his saber .

Soon, Zhou Wen realized that Feng Qiuyan was indeed different from the typical person . The average person was quick at striking out but much slower at retracting .

However, Feng Qiuyan’s retracting was faster than his slashing, so this resulted in him being able to deliver three strikes in a time frame which most could only deliver two .

This technique was naturally learned by Zhou Wen . At the same time, he realized that Feng Qiuyan would shake his wrist habitually every time he struck .

Although this action had benefits in raising the saber’s speed, it also made his saber move an additional distance . This distance was already considered a flaw by Zhou Wen .

Using this flaw, Zhou Wen dealt a blow with the hilt of his sword and struck Feng Qiuyan’s wrist . Indeed, Feng Qiuyan failed to defend against it . His attack instantly slowed down as he ducked Zhou Wen’s strike .

However, Feng Qiuyan’s attack had no intention of stopping . His saber stance didn’t stop as he slashed forward once more, but his wrist movement had already vanished .

At that moment, Feng Qiuyan’s saber techniques were nearly inconceivably fast Even though he was only using a rubber saber, its slashes emitted a cold, sinister aura, as though they would dice up Zhou Wen .

Even Ming Xiu and Tian Zhenzhen, who were sitting by the side, felt a chill in their hearts . It was as though the saber beams could slash at their necks at any moment .

This Feng Qiuyan is really incredible . He probably doesn’t pale in comparison to Ming Xiu . Although Tian Zhenzhen had always felt that Ming Xiu was invincible among peers of the same level, she had no choice but to rank him equal to Ming Xiu after seeing Feng Qiuyan’s powerful saber moves . She didn’t dare underestimate him in the slightest .

However, when she saw Zhou Wen, who had been suppressed by Feng Qiuyan’s saber techniques, she was even more certain that Ming Xiu had definitely been duped .

Although this Zhou Wen’s strength isn’t bad and he’s able to withstand Feng Qiuyan’s swift saber for so long, it’s impossible for such strength to be enough to be Feng Qiuyan’s personal coach . I’ll have to talk to Ming Xiu about it later, Tian Zhenzhen thought to herself .

Ming Xiu had experienced Feng Qiuyan’s swift saber moves many times . Since he had started the exchange, he had sparred with Feng Qiuyan daily, so he was extremely familiar with his saber speed . However, today, Feng Qiuyan seemed exceptionally strong . Ming Xiu felt that if he was Feng Qiuyan’s opponent, the outcome would have been decided long ago . It was impossible for him to continue allowing Feng Qiuyan to slash out; otherwise, he would definitely lose .

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However, Zhou Wen clearly didn’t have any intention of winning . He continued letting Feng Qiuyan’s swift saber accelerate even faster .

What does Coach want? Ming Xiu was puzzled as he frowned in thought .

In the blink of an eye, Zhou Wen had managed to simplify his striking and withdrawal to the extreme . However, he still felt that he couldn’t match Feng Qiuyan’s saber speed .

The saber was so fast that it was almost invisible . Even Feng Qiuyan himself was beginning to lose control of such speed . Veins protruded from his fingers as his hand, which held the saber, trembled . It was as though the saber might lose control at any moment .

“Feng Qiuyan, be careful . I’m about to strike . ” Zhou Wen was unable to withstand the pressure . He suddenly shouted and dragged the greatsword in his hand as he slashed upwards . He had used Transcendent Flying Immortal .

Transcendent Flying Immortal had been simplified and improved by Zhou Wen . Although he couldn’t reach the level of Feng Qiuyan’s saber retraction being faster than his saber striking, he was able to reach near parity . All sorts of tiny actions were simplified to the extreme . Nothing was superfluous or redundant .

Compared to the past, Zhou Wen’s Transcendent Flying Immortal was more domineering and direct . It lacked some lithe and grace, but it was incomparably domineering

Tian Zhenzhen originally imagined that Zhou Wen was about to be cleaved down by that unbelievable fast saber, but to her surprise, Zhou Wen’s aura changed . Instantly, he resembled a powerful demon that had descended into the world . He became one with the sword and streaked across the sky at lightning speed . Sword shadows intersected with Feng Qiuyan at the center, forming an arc with the sounds of swords and sabers clashing . It was impossible to tell how many times their weapons clashed .

Despite Feng Qiuyan’s swift saber, he couldn’t keep up with the domineering swordplay . After the sword shadows that filled the sky dissipated, Zhou Wen and Feng Qiuyan stood facing each other .

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The saber in Feng Qiuyan’s hand hung to the ground as Zhou Wen’s greatsword rested on his neck .

This person… is too terrifying… Tian Zhenzhen was alarmed . She felt that Zhou Wen’s strike was the most domineering and grandest sword technique she had ever seen in her entire life .

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