Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 333

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Chapter 333: Chapter 333 - People of Different Realms

Chapter 333 People of Different Realms

Zhou Wen was delighted by the improvement in Transcendent Flying Immortal . He wanted to thank Feng Qiuyan for sparring with him; otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to make such progress in such a short period of time .

However, before Zhou Wen could say a word, Feng Qiuyan said, “Coach, thank you for your guidance . I’ve learned something . ”

“What did you learn?” Zhou Wen was somewhat confused, unsure what Feng Qiuyan meant .

Feng Qiuyan said solemnly, “Coach, you specifically came to point out the flaws in my saber techniques . You truly care about me, and I will definitely not disappoint you . I will definitely be accomplished in the future . Coach, don’t worry . ”

Who the hell has expectations for you? Zhou Wen looked at Feng Qiuyan with a mixed expression . Seeing Feng Qiuyan’s sincere and serious expression, he couldn’t bring himself to thank him . All he could do was say helplessly, “Train well . I have something to tend to . I’ll be leaving now . ”

“Coach, don’t worry . I’ll definitely work hard,” Feng Qiuyan shouted as Zhou Wen walked away .

Zhou Wen didn’t turn his head as he waved his hand . He really didn’t know what to say . He clearly hadn’t taught anything, but Feng Qiuyan always made rapid progress . This left Zhou Wen puzzled .

“Coach’s swordsmanship is really amazing!” Ming Xiu walked over and said with a fiery gaze .

He had been researching the sword technique his father had passed down . He wanted to modify it so that it could truly join the ranks of formidable sword techniques . Initially, he had no clue how to proceed, but after seeing Zhou Wen’s Transcendent Flying Immortal, he had a vague idea .

Tian Zhenzhen said from the side, “Zhou Wen’s sword technique is indeed quite good, but he only defeated Feng Qiuyan once . ”

Tian Zhenzhen was already convinced that Zhou Wen was very strong . The strike was indeed domineering and it left a deep impression on her . However, from the beginning to the end, Zhou Wen had been constantly suppressed by Feng Qiuyan . At the end of it, he only had a one-strike advantage . From her point of view, the two of them were evenly matched, and Zhou Wen had only won by a narrow margin .

However, Feng Qiuyan shook his head and said, “That’s just what you see on the surface . Actually, Coach wasn’t asking me to teach him the technique of a swift sword, but to point out the flaws in my saber techniques . ”

“Is that so?” Tian Zhenzhen was quite doubtful of Feng Qiuyan’s words .

Feng Qiuyan asked, “Didn’t you realize that Coach rarely counterattacked?”

“Isn’t it because he was suppressed by your swift saber?” Tian Zhenzhen asked .

Feng Qiuyan said in all seriousness, “Of course not . The reason Coach didn’t counterattack is that he wanted me to demonstrate my saber techniques to the fullest extent so that he could find the flaws in them . He didn’t counterattack much, but every time he did, he hit the flaws in my saber technique, making me realize my weaknesses so that I can correct them in time . ”

“Is that so?” Tian Zhenzhen’s eyes widened in disbelief . However, this came from the horse’s mouth . She just couldn’t doubt him .

Ming Xiu also said, “That’s true . Every time Coach made a move, he did strike at the flaws in the saber technique . To be able to see through the flaws in an opponent’s saber technique so quickly in a battle, his martial arts attainments are indeed much better than ours . ”

With even Ming Xiu saying that . Tian Zhenzhen couldn’t keep up her doubts .

However, Ming Xiu didn’t know that Zhou Wen’s powers weren’t purely because of his martial arts attainments . It was an ability that came with the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra .

Feng Qiuyan nodded in agreement . “Indeed . Coach is caring . He knew that my saber techniques were flawed, so he came specially to point them out to me . Only after I corrected all the flaws in my saber techniques did he defeat me with one strike . If he had gone all out from the beginning, I wouldn’t have been able to withstand that strike of his, so how could I deliver a hundred strikes at Coach?”

Feng Qiuyan didn’t know that Zhou Wen’s Transcendent Flying Immortal wasn’t that strong in the beginning . It was only because he learned the beneficial traits of a hundred saber strikes did he evolve it into something so terrifying .

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That’s what happened? Tian Zhenzhen was alarmed . On careful thought, it did seem to be the case . If Zhou Wen were to directly use that extremely domineering strike, wouldn’t Feng Qiuyan have lost in one strike?

With this in mind, Tian Zhenzhen couldn’t help but sigh . “Sunset College indeed lives up to its reputation as the best college in this district . To think a student could be this strong . My horizons have been too stilted in the past . ”

“That’s very normal . You guys haven’t been here for too long . As time goes by, you will understand Coach’s true strength . In the past, when Coach played games on his cell phone while competing with me . He didn’t even spare me a glance . I wasn’t his match either . Furthermore, I was completely defeated . ” The competition Feng Qiuyan mentioned was actually back during their first encounter at the ball launcher . It wasn’t a real battle . However, when Tian Zhenzhen and Ming Xiu heard this, it left them shocked beyond words . An expert like Feng Qiuyan who could fight Ming Xiu to a draw could actually be defeated by Zhou Wen with one hand . Furthermore, he was gaming on his phone . This was unbelievable .

“Coach… Is he really that powerful?” Tian Zhenzhen changed the way she addressed Zhou Wen, no longer calling Zhou Wen by his name .

“I wouldn’t call him strong, but that he’s on a completely different realm from us . Alright, it’s time for me to train . After Coach’s guidance, not only did he make me correct the flaws of my saber techniques, he even made me realize something new . His final strike was to tell me that no one would foolishly wait for me to deliver more than a hundred strikes . If I can’t resolve this problem, my saber techniques can only be considered inferior . Now, I’m going to practice my saber techniques and resolve this problem . ” After saying that, Feng Qiuyan turned and left .

“I’m also going to practice my swordplay . Coach’s strike has inspired me greatly . I think I have a direction in my research of my own sword technique . ” Ming Xiu also left hurriedly .

Tian Zhenzhen followed Ming Xiu with a complicated expression . She turned back and looked in the direction in which Zhou Wen had left . I thought Ming Xiu was invincible among his peers . I never expected there to be such a strong peer in the world . It’s truly terrifying .

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Zhou Wen naturally didn’t know what they were thinking . Now, his Transcendent Flying Immortal had improved significantly . All he needed to do was train for a period of time to hone his striking and retracting, allowing him to advance to Rank 10 quickly .

Zhou Wen didn’t do anything significant for the next few days . He just trained his Transcendent Flying Immortal in-game . He wanted to push it to the limit and slice through the white cocoon in a perfect manner to obtain a drop of blood from the terrifying creature within to see if he could advance to the Epic stage .

Although he already had quite a number of Epic pets, such as the Mutated Stone Chi, the Purple Air Bell, and the White Shadow of Poison-which were all very strong-he would ultimately suffer if his strength was too weak . It didn’t matter how powerful his pets were if he were to be killed . All of them would vanish and be of no use .

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