Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 334

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Chapter 334: Chapter 334 - Something Happened

Chapter 334 Something Happened

“Zhou Wen, something happened . Come to Old Dragon Cave quickly . ” Early in the morning, Zhou Wen was still sleeping when his phone rang . When the call connected, he heard Zhong Ziya’s anxious voice .

Zhong Ziya was usually an indifferent person who didn’t take anything to heart . Zhou Wen had never heard him speak in such a panicked tone before and had an ominous feeling in his heart .

“What happened?” Zhou Wen hurriedly asked .

“The League’s Special Inspector Bureau sealed the laboratory, saying that Teacher is a spy from overseas and has arrested him . The school is negotiating with the Special Inspector Bureau,” Zhong Ziya hurriedly explained the situation .

“What?” Zhou Wen was immediately stunned when he heard that . He couldn’t connect Wang Mingyuan to being an overseas spy .

“Wait for me . I’ll be right there . ” Zhou Wen didn’t believe that Wang Mingyuan was a spy . Furthermore, with his understanding of the Special Inspector Bureau, he knew their modus operandi . They would place a groundless, trumped-up crime on their target . He was a living example .

When Zhou Wen arrived at the scene, he realized that the entire Dragon Gate Grotto was sealed off . The uniformed inspectors from the Special Inspector Bureau probably numbered about a thousand . Many of them had high-ranking epaulets on their shoulders .

Zhou Wen recognized Liz from before, but from the looks of it, she was only qualified to stand guard at the entrance .

There were also Luoyang military, college management, and students outside, making the scene look extremely chaotic .

Zhong Ziya, Hui Haifeng, and Jiang Yan were outside, their expressions grave .

“What’s the situation now? Is he alright?” Zhou Wen hurriedly asked .

“It must be a mistake by the bureau . How could Teacher be a spy?” Zhong Ziya said .

Hui Haifeng comforted, “It should be fine . This is Luoyang, and Tutor is from Luoyang’s Wang family . If there’s no concrete evidence, even the Director-General of the League’s Special Inspector Bureau being here in person wouldn’t be able to take him away so easily . Ms . Wang Fei and the school’s management, and Deputy Governor Qin are inside . It won’t be that easy for the bureau to frame Tutor . ”

Zhou Wen felt better hearing Hui Haifeng’s words, but on second thought, he felt that something was amiss .

“The Deputy-General of the Special Inspector Bureau is here?” Zhou Wen asked Hui Haifeng .

Hui Haifeng nodded slightly . It was obvious that he was very worried about this .

If only they were ordinary inspectors, even if they were ministers of a particular ministry, everything could be easily resolved . It was almost impossible to take someone away from Sunset College .

However, it wasn’t an easily resolvable task if the Special Inspector Bureau’s Deputy-General was here personally . There was only one reason for him to come personally . The six hero families had already reached a consensus on the matter . This might be extremely disadvantageous for Wang Mingyuan .

The four of them no longer had any desire to speak . They looked at Dragon Gate Grotto eagerly, hoping to see anything or hear good news .

Not long after, they saw a group of people approaching them from the stone staircase . Many of them were part of the school management, including Wang Fei and Deputy Governor Qin, but their expressions were sour .

However, when they saw Wang Mingyuan, their bodies trembled . Wang Mingyuan was held by two inspectors at gunpoint . He was handcuffed .

Zhou Wen and company knew very well what this meant . Even Deputy Governor Qin had been unable to stop Wang Mingyuan from being arrested . The situation was already at a terrible level .

“Teacher,” Zhong Ziya called and wanted to charge forward, but he was stopped by two inspectors .

Zhong Ziya had a fearless personality . He tried to force his way in as though he would stab anyone who dared touch Wang Mingyuan even if they were a god .

“Ziya, stop it . ” Wang Fei came over to stop Zhong Ziya . Zhong Ziya knew of Wang Fei and Wang Mingyuan’s relationship, so he didn’t charge madly when she stopped . However, his eyes remained glaring at the inspectors .

“They’re Wang Mingyuan’s students, right? Bring them in for interrogation . ” A brawny, elderly man in a military uniform and jacket said as he glanced at Zhong Ziya and company .

“Yes, Deputy-General . ” Some of the inspectors immediately took the order and wanted to arrest the rest .

“Deputy-General, they are only ordinary students . They only have an ordinary student-teacher relationship with Wang Mingyuan . As to them having any problems, we will conduct a thorough investigation . There’s no need to trouble your bureau . ” Deputy Governor Qin extended his hand as a gesture . The troops beside him immediately protected Zhou Wen and company, forming a confrontation with the inspectors .

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“Governor Qin, there is concrete evidence that Wang Mingyuan is an overseas spy . Can you guarantee that his students weren’t brainwashed by him and have been made downlines?” the elder said coldly as he stared at Qin Wufu .

“No, which is why I’ll take them in for proper investigation . Our Sunset army will not spare a bad person, but we won’t malign a good person either,” Qin Wufu said .

With Qin Wufu not backing down, the elder frowned slightly . Qiao Siyuan walked over and whispered something into the elder’s ear before looking at Zhou Wen .


The elder’s gaze landed on Zhou Wen and he said indifferently, “So he’s from the An family . It’s no wonder that Governor Qin is protecting him so flagrantly . Forget it, I’ll let him off on account of the An family . However, if our investigations show that he’s involved, I’m afraid the An family won’t be able to shirk their ties with him, even if they want to . ”

Then, he ignored Qin Wufu’s reaction and led the inspectors outside .

Wang Mingyuan appeared very calm while he was being escorted out . He nodded at Zhou Wen and company with a smile, but he didn’t say a word .

“Ms . Wang Fei, did they frame him? Think of something; we can’t let them take him away . The Special Inspector Bureau is a place where even the innocent will come out half-dead . We mustn’t let Teacher enter a place like that,” Zhong Ziya said as he tugged at Wang Fei . He knew that with his own strength, there was no way he could save Wang Mingyuan even if he were to risk his life with the Deputy-General present .

Wang Fei held back Zhong Ziya as she said with a heavy expression, “We’ll talk when we get back . ”

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Everyone watched helplessly as Wang Mingyuan was escorted away . However, there was nothing they could do .

“Ms . Wang, can you explain the situation?” Zhou Wen asked .

Wang Fei sighed softly . “Although I don’t believe that Uncle Mingyuan would be that kind of person, the evidence is conclusive . ”

The four of them were stunned when they heard that . Zhong Ziya said, “Impossible! How can Teacher be that kind of person? It must be the Special Inspector Bureau wronging Teacher . They are a bunch of mad dogs that bite anyone they see . ”

Wang Fei shook her head slightly and said with a wry smile, “Those documents have Uncle Mingyuan’s signatures . Many of the things were gathered by Uncle Mingyuan himself . Those things can’t be faked . ”

Zhou Wen and company were taken aback, momentarily at a loss for words .

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