Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 335

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Chapter 335: Chapter 335 - Meeting

Chapter 335 Meeting

“I don’t care if Teacher is an overseas spy . I absolutely cannot let them take him away . Death is inevitable in a place like the Special Investigation Bureau . Ms . Wang, think of a way to snatch him back before they leave Luoyang and destroy the evidence . Then, we can just let Teacher escape into dimensional zones,” Zhong Ziya said .

Wang Fei shook her head and said, “Don’t spout nonsense . You can’t do that kind of thing . There’s no way for him to be a barbarian forever in the dimensional zone, right? Besides, the Director-General of the Special Inspector Bureau brought a Mythical Companion Beast with him . Who could snatch him under his nose?”

Upon hearing this, Zhong Ziya felt deflated . He frowned and said, “Is there no other solution?”

Wang Fei remained silent . If she had had a choice, the Wang family and Luoyang military wouldn’t have allowed the bureau to take him away from the school .

Jiang Yan suddenly said, “Perhaps, Tutor has been expecting this . Since he didn’t escape, it means that he doesn’t plan on escaping . ”

“What do you mean?” Zhong Ziya asked with a glare . Jiang Yan pondered for a moment before continuing, “Think about it . Wouldn’t there always be someone in the laboratory amongst the four of us? Yet for some reason, none of us were in the laboratory out of coincidence . No one was there . ”

“Isn’t that a coincidence? If Teacher had really predicted this, why didn’t he destroy the evidence beforehand? Without the evidence, he wouldn’t have been caught red-handed, and the bureau shouldn’t be able to take him away, right?” Zhong Ziya said .

Jiang Yan shook his head slightly . “Let’s not talk about Zhou Wen . Hui Haifeng often goes out too . The two of them can’t be counted . But the two of us spend our days in the laboratory, and we seldom head out at the same time . Even if something happens, someone will usually be left behind in the laboratory . I left because Teacher asked me to go to the Myriad Buddha Cave to hunt Golden Warriors . What’s the reason for you not being in the laboratory?”

“Teacher got me to buy something outside campus for him . ” Zhong Ziya also felt that something was amiss . It seemed as though Wang Mingyuan had deliberately sent them away .

Hui Haifeng added, “I was planning to go to the lab today, but yesterday, Tutor told me of a new fist technique that led me to practice late into the night, so I didn’t go in . ”

The four of them increasingly felt that Wang Mingyuan had really expected that something would happen today before he sent them away .

“Let’s leave the talking until we are back in the military camp . Before the bureau leaves, don’t go back to the dorms . Besides, there are some questions that you need answering . ” Qin Wufu got the soldiers to take Zhou Wen and company back .

Firstly, it was to protect them . Secondly, they also needed to be investigated thoroughly . If Wang Mingyuan was really an overseas spy, they needed to eliminate the quartet’s suspicion; otherwise, any further problems would pose a threat to Luoyang .

Zhou Wen had no idea what was up with the overseas spy . When he was questioned privately, he only recounted the details of his interaction with Wang Mingyuan . After that, the four of them were detained in the military camp and were not released . However, the treatment they received wasn’t bad; each of them had a single room .

“Ms . Wang, what’s up with being an overseas spy?” Zhou Wen asked in puzzlement when Wang Fei came to see him . Wang Fei sighed and said, “The overseas factions were established during the early stages of the League . They were a few devils who escaped overseas to create a human faction . Before the appearance of the six heroes, they did whatever they wanted and committed countless crimes . Every one of them was an evil fiend . Their hands were stained with the blood of the innocent . The most famous Jing Daoxian was one of them, but for some reason, Jing Daoxian remained in the League all year round and seldom returned overseas . ”

“You mean that Teacher is one of those devils?” Zhou Wen really couldn’t believe that the gentle Wang Mingyuan was a vile devil .

“Although I don’t believe it either, the evidence is just concrete . Furthermore, he was caught red-handed . Even Uncle Mingyuan didn’t provide an explanation and tacitly admitted it . ” Despite having her doubts, Wang Fei had no choice but to believe the truth .

Although that was what was said, Zhou Wen still couldn’t believe that Wang Mingyuan would be such a heinous devil .

The military camp had its rules . Zhou Wen’s phone and whatever he had on him had been temporarily confiscated by the military . Without his phone to game, Zhou Wen could only wait in a single room . This didn’t last long . The next day, Qin Wufu ordered his subordinates to release the four . He also told Zhou Wen that the bureau had already escorted Wang Mingyuan back to Holy City yesterday .

Zhou Wen got back his phone and items-all of them untouched . Only then was he slightly relieved .

The four returned to the lab at Old Dragon Cave and found it in a mess . Not only was all the furniture and equipment damaged, but there were also holes dug into the walls .

The quartet exchanged looks . None of them spoke for a moment . They were unable to accept the fact that Wang Mingyuan was an overseas spy .

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“Jiang Yan, you have the best solutions . Tell me, is there any way to save Teacher?” Zhong Ziya asked while gritting his teeth .

Jiang Yan shook his head slightly . “Unless we can advance to the Mythical stage, no one can save Tutor in this situation . ”

“Then, how will they deal with him?” Zhong Ziya asked again . Jiang Yan thought for a moment and said, “If Tutor really is an overseas spy, and even the Director-General of the bureau was activated, then his status can’t be low . Or perhaps he has some secret that even the Senate wants . That’s why he was forcefully arrested . In that case, it’s possible that they won’t kill Tutor for now, or if he is willing to give them what they want, he might still have a chance of surviving . Other than that, we can’t do anything . ”

Although Zhou Wen knew that it was useless, he still made a phone call to An Sheng and asked his opinion of Wang Mingyuan .

Although he wanted to know his thoughts, he actually wanted to know if An Sheng had any way to save Wang Mingyuan .

If it was for himself, Zhou Wen definitely wouldn’t have asked An Sheng . However, Wang Mingyuan’s position in his heart was different .

Unfortunately, An Sheng told Zhou Wen with sure certainty that since Wang Mingyuan was caught red-handed, there was no room for negotiation unless Wang Mingyuan could produce something that was satisfactory to the League . Only then did he have a chance of survival .

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Zhou Wen originally imagined that the matter would end there, but to his surprise, he, Hui Haifeng, and company received a notification from the League that Wang Mingyuan wanted to see them a few days later . However, Wang Mingyuan didn’t insist that they come . He said that they could come if they wanted . They could likewise stay .

After that, the four of them even had a video call with Wang Mingyuan . Wang Mingyuan only said that he wanted to meet them as he had some things he wanted to say to them in person without any elaboration .

Zhou Wen could sense that Wang Mingyuan appeared to have something he needed to tell them .

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