Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 337

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Chapter 337: Chapter 337 - Blast of Light

Chapter 337 Blast of Light

“Teacher, can you activate the Holy Tower?” Jiang Yan asked Wang Mingyuan .

Wang Mingyuan nodded slightly but didn’t say a word . Instantly, the vehicle fell silent .

The Holy Tower was not actually a tower in the ordinary sense of the word . It was a divine statue that was over a hundred meters tall . It was snow-white like jade, as if a person had spread open his arms towards the heavens and was praying for something .

Legend had it that before Jing Daoxian stormed into the League building and started his massacre, the statue emitted infinite holy light that enveloped the entire Holy City . No matter how many powerful dimensional creatures there were, they were unable to tear through the holy light .

However, even though the statue remained white and clean, it didn’t have any of its godly radiance . It was just a majestic statue .

In front of the statue, there were many military officers and inspectors . Among them were six eye-catching figures—four men and two women . If anyone knew them, they would be shocked to see all six appear at the same time .

These four men and two women were the heads of the six families right now . They were Senators from the Senate . When the six of them stood together, they had even more authority than the League President .

After all, the League President’s bills had to be approved by the Senate .

“Sir, Wang Mingyuan is here . ” Even the powerful Shen Yuchi had to be respectful in front of the six of them . He did not dare commit a faux pas .

One of the six-a noble, goddess-like ladyasked calmly, “Is everything ready?”

“Everything is ready . Wang Mingyuan has already agreed to activate the Holy Tower,” Shen Yuchi said .

“Very good . We have been waiting for this day for too long . If Wang Mingyuan can really reactivate the Holy Tower, he would be the greatest contributor to the League . It’s just a pity…” Another elegant middle-aged man said calmly, but he didn’t finish his sentence .

“Based on the information obtained from him, it’s indeed feasible . However, there are one or two key points that our researcher can’t figure out . We need Wang Mingyuan to do it personally,” a secretary-looking person said .

“Then let him go,” the woman said calmly .

“Yes . ” Shen Yuchi responded and got someone to bring Wang Mingyuan over .

When Wang Mingyuan walked past the six of them, the elegant man looked down at him superciliously and said, “Wang Mingyuan, after the Holy Tower is reactivated, we will pardon all your crimes and give you the chance to redo things . You must seize this opportunity and not waste our kindness . ”

“I will grab hold of the opportunity . ” Wang Mingyuan wore shackles-a manifestation of a special Companion Beast . Even a Mythical creature would find it difficult to escape if it was bound by the shackles .

With the inspectors escorting them, Zhou Wen and company followed Wang Mingyuan to the statue .

“Are the four youths Wang Mingyuan’s students?” the elegant middle-aged man asked as he looked at Zhou Wen and company .

“Yes, one of them is related to the An family,” Shen Yuchi said .

“In extraordinary times, even the Ans are no exception . To be able to sacrifice for the League is considered priceless . I believe the Ans can understand,” the elegant middle-aged man said ethereally as though he had determined Zhou Wen and company’s fate .

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Wang Mingyuan stopped in front of the Holy Tower . In front of him stood a stone cauldron which was in front of the statue . Everyone’s attention was drawn to him . Even the six people standing at the top of the League couldn’t help but stare at Wang Mingyuan, anticipating his actions .

Wang Mingyuan turned to look at the League official beside him and said, “The sacrificial ceremony can begin . Let’s go according to procedure . If anything goes wrong, it won’t be my fault . ”

“If something goes wrong, you’ll be the first to die . ” That official gave a cold snort before looking at where Shen Yuchi was .

Seeing Shen Yuchi nod slightly, the official gave the order . A group of soldiers walked up and lined up before the stone cauldron . Then, they cut their fingers and dripped a drop of blood into the stone cauldron .

As more and more blood dripped into the stone cauldron, it suddenly ignited . It was as if the blood was gasoline . The more blood dripped into the cauldron, the stronger the flames inside the cauldron became .

Glee appeared on the four men and two women’s faces . If the Holy Tower could really be reactivated, the safety of Holy City would be greatly increased . Even if all the dimensional zones in the future were to lose their binding forces, the Holy Land would remain the last bastion of humanity . No dimensional creatures could storm in .

But as more and more soldiers offered up their blood, the flames in the stone cauldron rose higher and higher; yet, there were no other changes . The statue did not emit any holy light .

Seeing that the last soldier had left the altar after sacrificing his blood, the official frowned and asked, “Wang Mingyuan, what do we do next?”

“Next requires a sincere prayer,” Wang Mingyuan said .

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The official was slightly taken aback as he asked in puzzlement, “Is praying useful?”

“If prayers were useful, there wouldn’t be so many poor people in the world,” Wang Mingyuan said with a smile .

“Are you messing with me?” The official was enraged . He pointed at Wang Mingyuan and said, “You’d better activate the Holy Tower or I’ll make you regret that you were ever born . ”

Wang Mingyuan suddenly moved and slammed into the official . The official’s strength was average to begin and held a deskbound job . His combat skills were almost nil . Caught off guard by Wang Mingyuan’s collision, he involuntarily retreated and slammed into the stone tripod cauldron . Immediately, he fell into the burning stone cauldron .

The official’s entire body burst into flame . He screamed and tried to climb out, but it was as though a pair of hands were pulling him from inside the stone cauldron, preventing him from climbing up no matter how hard he tried .

“Wang Mingyuan… What are you doing?” Shen Yuchi was furious . All the soldiers and inspectors aimed their firearms at Wang Mingyuan . With just an order from him, they would immediately riddle Wang Mingyuan with holes .

Wang Mingyuan ignored him and turned to face the statue . Shen Yuchi frowned and shouted a few more questions, but Wang Mingyuan ignored them . He just stood there and looked up at the statue .

The noble woman stopped Shen Yuchi, who was about to personally deal with Wang Mingyuan . She pointed to the statue and said, “Hold on, look at the statue . ”

All they could see was a bright glow on the hands of the divine Statue . Even though it wasn’t very bright, it was something that had never happened before in their years of research on the Holy Tower . It left them ecstatic .

The tragic cries of the official in the flames began to weaken, but the glow on the statue grew stronger and stronger . Not only its hands, but the entire statue emitted a holy glow, as though it was really manifesting its divine powers .

“In a sacrificial ritual, a sacrifice is obviously needed . ” Wang Mingyuan wore an odd expression and muttered as he watched the holy brilliance rise up .

Zhou Wen and company were inches away . As they looked at Wang Mingyuan’s expression, they felt that he looked extremely unfamiliar at that very moment . He didn’t seem like the same person in their memories .

Shen Yuchi and the other six high and mighty existences were all filled with excitement . They saw that the light above the two hands of the statue shot up into the sky, turning into a halo that spread out in all directions, as if it wanted to turn the entire sky into a holy resplendence .

All the residents of the Holy City saw this strange scene . Some of the older elders couldn’t help but cheer . They still remembered the time when the Holy City was enveloped by the holy light . Those were the safest periods of their lives .

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