Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 338

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Chapter 338: Chapter 338 - A Farewell Gift

Chapter 338 A Farewell Gift

The divine statue’s radiance was dazzling like a divine tower that reached the sky .

A godly glow spread out across the sky, bathing the entire Holy City . Those who knew of the radiance of the Holy Tower were overjoyed .

The six Senators were also overjoyed . After decades, the Holy City’s brilliance finally appeared in front of everyone once again .

“This is the real Holy City . This is the Holy Brilliance that can stir the souls of everyone . With the Holy City around, the League is eternal…” a Senator said feverishly, his eyes burning with excitement .

Shen Yuchi was also excited . To be able to accomplish such a great thing was undoubtedly a great contribution all thanks to the Special Inspector Bureau .

In front of the Holy Tower, the entire altar was lit up with a bright Holy Brilliance . The humans inside seemed to melt like snow .

Shen Yuchi and the six Senators were not surprised because they already knew that such a thing would happen . Back when the six families first activated the Holy Tower, something similar had happened . How could a human be able to taint the holiness of God? Once the Holy Tower was activated, everything on the altar would be purified . This was something that couldn’t be avoided .

No human could survive on the altar, including the six heroes of the past . They knew very well how terrifying the power of the Holy Tower was . It was a power that came from the six Holy Temples . Other than the mighty existences within the Holy Temples, no human could withstand it .

Zhou Wen felt his body being corroded by the intense Holy Brilliance . He hurriedly summoned the Stone Chi and transformed into a stone armor to protect his body . However, the armor rapidly melted under the terrifying Holy Brilliance as though it was being eaten by termites .

Jiang Yan and the others were in similar circumstances, looking extremely uneasy .

“Teacher, let’s escape now,” Zhong Ziya said as he slashed at the brilliance before him . However, his sword ended up being melted . He failed to deal any damage to it .

“Escape? Why would I escape? I came here to wait for this moment . ” Wang Mingyuan looked at the resplendent statue in front of him with a determined gaze .

“Teacher, what are you trying to do?” Although Zhou Wen had always felt that Wang Mingyuan wouldn’t harm them, everything Wang Mingyuan was doing now was beyond his imagination .

Wang Mingyuan turned his head and said to Zhou Wen and company, “We’re master and disciple after all . There are some things I need to give to you . Just treat it as Wang Mingyuan’s final inheritance in this world . Keep it as a memento . ”


The shackles on Wang Mingyuan’s body split apart automatically and fell to the ground like garbage . Before they landed on the ground, they were melted by the Holy Brilliance .

Wang Mingyuan exuded a strange power that blocked the Holy Brilliance, preventing his four students from suffering any more damage from it .

Zhou Wen looked at the power emitted by Wang Mingyuan and felt that it was somewhat familiar . However, he couldn’t figure out the reason for its familiarity .

Wang Mingyuan had been held for many days . He was probably only left with his prison uniform . However, when he extended his palm into the void, he seemed to tear through it as he grabbed something out of thin air .

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It was a thick diary that looked old, but it was very well-preserved . Zhou Wen had seen it in the past . It was a diary that Wang Mingyuan had always carried with him . Whenever he had any ideas and inspiration, he would jot them down in the diary .

“Jiang Yan, your personality is the most similar to mine and you like research . This contains my years of experience and thoughts . I’ll give it to you,” Wang Mingyuan said as he handed the diary to Jiang Yan .

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Jiang Yan took the diary with both hands, saying nothing .

Wang Mingyuan didn’t say anything further . The power around him grew stronger, his body seemed to be affected by it . It was as though he was gently trembling . Zhou Wen could even see the rippling power flowing around him .

Wang Mingyuan took out another sheathed sword and handed it to Zhong Ziya . “You’re too extreme, so it’s inevitable that there will be some deviation in what you do . Perhaps giving this sword to you will be of some help to you . ”

Zhong Ziya remained silent as he received the sword and stared straight at Wang Mingyuan .

Wang Mingyuan knew what Zhong Ziya wanted to hear, but he didn’t tell him anything . Instead, he took out something else and handed it to Hui Haifeng . “You have great ambitions and will definitely accomplish much in the future . These are the savings that I’ve saved over the years . They’re useless now . Take them . ”

“Yes, Tutor . ” Hui Haifeng didn’t decline it . He respectfully received the small box, unsure what it contained .

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Finally, Wang Mingyuan’s gaze landed on Zhou Wen as he said with a smile, “You are the simplest of the four of them . You don’t have as many thoughts and desires as the three of them, but you’re also the most difficult to understand . Although I know what you want, I can’t do it now . Apart from that matter, what other wishes do you have? There’s no harm in telling me . ”

At this moment, the power on Wang Mingyuan’s body was almost tangible, transforming into streams of light that constantly circulated around his body . The familiar aura Zhou Wen sensed intensified .

Now, Zhou Wen finally remembered where he had felt such an aura .

Beneath the Dragon’s Well, the white cocoon protected by the White Dragon contained the same aura . However, the white cocoon’s aura was very weak, so weak that it was almost undetectable . This left a very vague impression on Zhou Wen .

However, Wang Mingyuan’s aura was very strong . It was so strong that it left Zhou Wen stifled .

Could it be that Teacher… Zhou Wen had an extremely nasty thought as he looked at Wang Mingyuan . “I don’t have much time . Answer me . What do you want?” Wang Mingyuan had a strange expression as his entire body trembled . His voice seemed to be suppressed .

Zhou Wen looked at Wang Mingyuan with some bitterness . After a moment, he said, “Teacher, can you give me a drop of your blood?”

Zhou Wen’s words stunned Wang Mingyuan, Zhong Ziya, and company . Wang Mingyuan looked at Zhou Wen and smiled . “You’re indeed the most difficult person to understand . ”

With that said, Wang Mingyuan ignored Zhou Wen . He slowly turned around and back faced the four of them as he gazed at the resplendent statue .

“I’m really very happy to spend time with you guys . Unfortunately, things must always come to an end . Today, we shall bid each other farewell . From now on, we will be unrelated . As a final farewell, I’ll give you another tiny gift . ” With Wang Mingyuan’s trembling words, the power in his body exploded, spewing out like an erupting volcano as his body changed .

The black hair on his head instantly turned white and quickly grew . It almost reached the ground, and a pair of crystal-like horns grew on his head . His entire body was undergoing an unusual transformation .

Unfortunately, Zhou Wen and company couldn’t see Wang Mingyuan’s face; otherwise, they would definitely discover that his face had turned handsome and strange . His eyes emitted an indescribable odd glow .

That terrifying power rose up from his body like countless divine beams of light that surrounded him . His clothes moved without any help from the wind as his body floated up to the statue .

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