Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 339

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Chapter 339: Chapter 339 - A Drop of Blood

Chapter 339 A Drop of Blood

“What is that?” The six excited Senators suddenly saw a figure appear within the resplendent Holy Brilliance-it was right in front of the statue .

The noble woman stared at Wang Mingyuan who was before the holy statue and said in surprise, “That’s… Wang Mingyuan… No… That aura… Why does it feel like a dimensional creature…”

“What is he trying to do?” The middle-aged man frowned, feeling a little uncomfortable .

Naturally, no one could answer his question . They didn’t know what Wang Mingyuan wanted to do . They even believed that Wang Mingyuan should already be dead . No human could survive the Holy Brilliance—he should have been purified a long time ago .

Shen Yuchi’s expression was also changing at the same time . He had an extremely ominous feeling, as if something terrible was about to happen .

Although all of them wanted to stop Wang Mingyuan, no one moved, they didn’t dare enter the statue’s confines . The Holy Brilliance came from the power of the six Holy Temples, so entering the altar was equivalent to fighting the six Holy Temples . Even a Mythical Companion Beast wouldn’t be able to withstand it and would be purified in the Holy Brilliance .

Levitating in front of the statue, Wang Mingyuan stared at the statue and muttered to himself, “If there is an unforgivable crime in this world, then let me be the one to bear it . ”

With that said, Wang Mingyuan slowly raised his arm high like a blade . His fingers pointed into the sky as the strange powers on his arm condensed into something corporeal .

“What… is he trying to do…” Shen Yuchi’s voice was already trembling . He seemed to have guessed what Wang Mingyuan was up to, but he couldn’t believe that something like that would happen .

“Wang Mingyuan…” The six Senators roared in unison, but it was of no use .


Wang Mingyuan slashed down with his arm . The terrifying power was like the Heaven’s blade, forcibly slicing the giant statue into two . The split statue slowly collapsed to the sides .

The whole of Holy City fell into a state of panic . Everyone stared blankly at the god-like figure floating in the air, as well as the two halves of the collapsing holy statue . Their hearts seemed to crumble along with it .


Holy City seemed to quake due to the collapse of the holy statue . It shattered into pieces, but the Holy Brilliance coming from the sky didn’t come to an end . Beams of Holy Brilliance descended from the sky like God’s punishment . It was akin to the apocalypse .

Without the holy statue that prayed to the heavens, Holy City directly crumbled to the ground . No one could predict what the consequences would be . Perhaps the whole of Holy City would be reduced to rubble .

Instantly, everyone was stunned . Even the powerful Senators, who possessed Mythical Companion Beasts, felt their scalps tingle as they quickly retreated, hoping to escape this

area .


The bombardment of the Holy Brilliance did not hit the ground . In the air, the godlike Wang Mingyuan suffered the brunt of the terrifying Holy Brilliance .

The boundless Holy Brilliance inundated him, bathing his body in it . But he didn’t seem to be injured at all . Instead, a terrifying power gathered in him, causing his body to continue to undergo a strange change .

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Amidst the Holy Brilliance, six pairs of butterfly-shaped wings of light appeared behind Wang Mingyuan as a halo that represented godhood appeared behind him . It was as though a true god had descended .

On the altar, Zhou Wen and company were already stunned . Wang Mingyuan exuded an extremely terrifying aura . They had never seen such a terrifying existence .

Even though Zhou Wen had seen the white dragon at the bottom of Dragon’s Well and had seen the nine black dragons in the underground sea before, none of them were as terrifying as the present Wang Mingyuan . Compared to them, the difference was like night and day .

Wang Mingyuan emitted an indescribable god-like halo . When the halo landed on Zhou Wen and company, it made them feel as though their bodies had been baptized by holy water . Their bodies, flesh, and bones-every cell—were transformed . It was as though they had been reborn .

Now, Zhou Wen finally knew what the last gift Wang Mingyuan mentioned was .

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However, Zhou Wen wasn’t delighted when he saw the godlike Wang Mingyuan in midair . Instead, he felt strangely upset .

Wang Mingyuan’s aura transformed into a dimensional aura . Zhou Wen could no longer sense a human aura from him . It was as though he was no longer a human, but a dimensional creature that was an enemy of humanity .

“Little Wen, what will you choose-pain or death?” Zhou Wen couldn’t help but recall the question Wang Mingyuan had asked him .

Now, Zhou Wen seemed to understand something . Wang Mingyuan had been doing research all these years, hoping to find a way out to deal with the situation after the restrictive forces in the dimensional zones vanished .

However, he didn’t see any hope, so he chose another path . Just like the question he asked, he chose to live in pain . The pain he endured might not be physical, but mental pain and anguish-one far more tortuous than physical pain .

In the sky, the godlike Wang Mingyuan looked up with a cold expression . He said calmly, “Since this world lacks the power to eliminate demons, I’ll devolve to become a demon and become a demon among demons . ”

As soon as he said that, the terrifying power in him surged into the sky . Even the Holy Brilliance was dispersed by his power, piercing into the void and tearing apart a huge black hole . Countless illusions appeared within the black hole . There were flying fairies, terrifying dragons, roaring behemoths, holy angels, and savage demons .

Everyone stared at the black hole in the sky in a daze . Before they could react, countless roars could be heard coming from the black hole . A hundred-meter-long black centipede rushed out as it flapped its six wings .

In the next second, all sorts of terrifying dimensional creatures rushed out of the black hole, instantly blotting out the sky . It was as though the apocalypse had dawned .

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Wang Mingyuan looked down at Zhou Wen and company before decisively turning around to walk on air . He slowly walked towards the black hole in the sky .

Despite the countless powerful dimensional creatures present, none of them dared approach him . They automatically made way for him, as though he was the king of this world . Any creature that stood in front of him could not afford to withstand his rage .

“Teacher!” Zhou Wen felt an indescribable pain in his heart as though he had lost something . He couldn’t help but cry out .

However, no one responded to him . Wang Mingyuan had already entered the black hole and his body gradually vanished . However, a drop of red blood flew across space and floated in front of Zhou Wen like a drop of crystallized blood .

The drop of blood was bright red, giving off a warm feeling . It was holy and without any evil .

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