Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 340

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Chapter 340: Chapter 340 - Disaster

Chapter 340 Disaster

Holy City was in pandemonium as terrifying dimensional creatures endlessly rushed out of the black hole like locusts that blotted out the sky . They charged into Holy City and wreaked havoc .

The clashing of forces and human cries were everywhere . Many innocent humans died and countless families had been destroyed .

Zhou Wen didn’t know if Wang Mingyuan’s choice was right or wrong . That wasn’t something he could figure out yet .

He extended his hand to grab the crystalline blood and the Lost Immortal Sutra immediately circulated crazily and absorbed it . Zhou Wen immediately felt a strange force spread across his body .

“What are you waiting for? Take the opportunity of the chaos to storm out of Holy City! Do you want to wait to be caught?” Zhong Ziya pushed Zhou Wen .

He wasn’t sad anymore . No matter what Wang Mingyuan had become, Zhong Ziya felt that it was enough as long as Wang Mingyuan was alive .

Jiang Yan and Hui Haifeng ran out . Holy City was in a mess—humans were fighting the dimensional creatures everywhere, so no one had the time to pay attention to them .

The four of them retreated as they fought . They saw powerful humans riding gigantic dragons and streaking across the sky to fight the dimensional creatures . There were also people wielding flying swords . The sword beams shot out like thousands of shooting stars, instantly wiping out a large number of dimensional creatures .

Various terrifying experts tore through the air to engage in combat, but they were unable to kill all the dimensional creatures that had invaded Holy City . Furthermore, the black hole was constantly open, allowing dimensional creatures to constantly charge in . The flames of war raged nonstop .


Zhou Wen and company were fleeing as a tyrannous eight-headed snake landed in front of them . The eight heads spewed various powers of wind, rain, thunder, and lightning, instantly turning the area into a doomsday battlefield . Many ordinary people who were escaping died due to the various terrifying forces .

With the four of them cornered, all they could do was retreat . Zhou Wen’s figure flashed using Ghost Steps, as he dodged the venom that spewed at him .

But just as he was about to get his footing, the winged scorpion descended from the sky, its tail radiating a cold light as it shot towards him .

Zhou Wen drew his saber and slashed the scorpion in half . However, more flying scorpions rushed over like locusts .

Hui Haifeng, Jiang Yan, and Zhong Ziya were also engaged in tough fights . All of Holy City was filled with dimensional creatures, so it was really difficult for them to storm a path to freedom .

When everyone was scattered, Hui Haifeng shouted, “Find your own opportunity to charge out . Leave if there’s a chance . Rendezvous in school . ”

Zhou Wen knew that their strength was minute in such a battlefield . Just barging out was impossible . All he could do was seek out an opportunity to escape without any other considerations .

He believed that with Jiang Yan, Zhong Ziya, and Hui Haifeng’s abilities, they wouldn’t die so easily .


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A mountain-like monster landed several hundred meters in front of Zhou Wen, but with it punching the ground, the streets and buildings that spanned thousands of meters were instantly reduced to fragments . The fragments collided with other objects, killing all the humans caught in between .

Zhou Wen hurriedly brandished his Bamboo Blade and slashed apart the fragments that were flying towards him . He was still wearing the stone armor for defense, but many spots on his body had been pierced through by the fragments . He was already injured .

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He gritted his teeth and ran in another direction . The Lost Immortal Sutra in him continued circulating rapidly, as though it had reached a critical point and was about to break through .


The mountain-like monster once again slammed the ground, but this time, the ground didn’t shatter . Instead, it created a powerful suction force that sucked in everything around it .

Zhou Wen stabbed his Bamboo Blade into the ground, but his entire body was dragged towards the mountain . Despite leaving a deep mark on the ground, the Bamboo Blade failed to stop him from flying towards the mountain-like monster .

Zhou Wen turned his head to look and saw countless gaping mouths on the mountain-like monster . The humans that had been sucked in had been devoured . He had no idea what their outcomes were .

With a thought, he activated the Demonic Astral Wheel, using its suction force to keep him firmly on the ground and resist the mountain’s suction force . This prevented him from flying towards it .

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However, the strange mountain’s suction force was just too potent . Zhou Wen was ultimately unable to escape the suction force . He could only barely stop himself from being sucked in .

Just as Zhou Wen was wondering how he could escape the suction range of the mountain, he saw a figure tear through the air . It was a woman dressed in black . She had appeared on an ancient bronze sword and entered the region of the strange mountain, but she wasn’t pulled in by it . All she did was float in front of the strange mountain .

With a pull of her hands, a sword flash immediately condensed between her hands . With a nudge, the sword beam flew towards the mountain .

As the sword beam flew, the surrounding void trembled as the sword beam split into two, then two to four, four to eight, and eight to sixteen . By the time the sword beam reached the strange mountain, it was already a cloud of swords .

The strange mountain opened its mouth . After all, it was covered with mouths . It swallowed the cloud-like sword beams .

The black-robed woman frowned slightly . As she landed on the ancient bronze sword, the sound of the ancient greenish-bronze sword reverberated . She flew back into the air and charged towards the strange mountain .

The strange mountain didn’t hesitate . It opened its mouth and sucked at the ancient bronze sword . However, a moment later, rays of sword light emerged from the strange mountain, piercing through its body like sharp swords, and soon, the strange mountain resembled a porcupine . Boom!

The strange mountain suddenly crumbled as the ancient sword returned to under the woman’s feet . She didn’t stop and flew towards other terrifying dimensional creatures on her sword . Wherever she went, the sword beam was like a turbulent river that slew countless dimensional creatures .

Zhou Wen wasn’t in the mood to watch further . Once the mountain was dead, the suction force would naturally vanish . He chose a direction and charged out of Holy City .

However, there were too many dimensional creatures . Zhou Wen killed many as he ran, but he only reached the third ring road of Holy City .

Jiang Yan and company were nowhere to be seen . Apart from the dimensional creatures, he could only see humans fighting for their lives . The majority of them were soldiers, as most ordinary people had turned into corpses .

A little girl was crying in the ruins, and a centipede that was several meters long was crawling towards her .

Zhou Wen’s rationality told him that it wasn’t the time to be nosy . Escaping Holy City was imperative, but he couldn’t help but slash out a saber beam, cleaving the centipede into two .

“Follow me now . ” Zhou Wen saw that there was nothing around her, except for corpses . Even if the girl’s parents and family weren’t dead, they probably weren’t nearby . All he could do was take her out of Holy City before making plans .

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