Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 342

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Chapter 342: Chapter 342 - Epic Advancement

Chapter 342 Epic Advancement

The Stone Chi and Overlord Snake were still in armor and sword form . Without Zhou Wen’s order, it was impossible for them to turn into pets and fight the enemy .

Although White Shadow of Poison charged towards the little girl, it did not have much effect on her . The little girl’s speed was above it, and its poison couldn’t hurt her .

Doctor Darkness’s scalpel was unable to immobilize the little girl . The syringe was unable to penetrate her skin . So he was utterly useless .

The other Companion Beasts like Tyrant Behemoth were too low-leveled to be useful, so Zhou Wen didn’t even summon them .

With the girl already charging at him, Zhou Wen’s consciousness was completely drawn by the power in his body . Unable to care about the outside world, he appeared to be in mortal danger .

With a bang, Banana Fairy automatically got out of her companion form without any orders . She recovered her original form and sat on the banana leaf, putting herself between Zhou Wen and the girl as she exhaled .

The Grand Yin Wind immediately blew the little girl hundreds of meters away . The little girl knocked into a forest, slamming through many thick trees that spanned two arm widths . She left a long ditch in the forest .

But very quickly, the little girl rushed out of the forest . There was still frost on her clothing, but her body wasn’t injured .

Seeing the little girl rushing back, Banana Fairy gritted her teeth and blew out another Grand Yin Wind, blowing the little girl away .

However, this time, the Grand Yin Wind was clearly much weaker than the first . The distance the girl traveled wasn’t as great as before . She only fell into the forest and slammed through two trees .

The Grand Yin Wind expended plenty of Primordial Energy . The short interval limited the amount of Primordial Energy that Banana Fairy could restore; thus, the Grand Yin Wind she blew out naturally weakened .

The girl was too obstinate, as though she wanted to fight to the death . She charged over and pounced at Zhou Wen again .

Banana Fairy blew another mouthful of Grand Yin Wind, sending her flying again . She repeatedly prevented the girl from rushing towards Zhou Wen who was condensing his Life Soul to advance to the Epic stage .

However, the Grand Yin Wind that Banana Fairy blew out was weaker with each instance . It started with sending her flying a few hundred meters and leaving a long ditch in the ground .

However, after ten instances, the Grand Yin Wind could only blow her a few meters away . After the girl landed, she dashed towards Banana Fairy quickly again, not giving her a chance to catch her breath .

Banana Fairy’s face was pale . The Grand Yin Wind that she could produce had weakened drastically, but she remained in front of Zhou Wen without any intention of backing off .

A gust of Grand Yin Wind blew out again, but the girl wasn’t sent flying . She continued walking towards Zhou Wen against the strong wind .

At the instant the Grand Yin Wind stopped, the little girl flew up and grabbed Banana Fairy’s neck . She yanked her off the banana leaf and pressed her to the ground .

The girl’s eyes were ice-cold as her palm was about to snap Banana Fairy’s neck when she suddenly felt a force blast out from Zhou Wen . She couldn’t help but look up .

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An invisible force surged from Zhou Wen’s body, making his body float up uncontrollably . His body emitted a strange force that enveloped his entire body .

The girl stared at Zhou Wen in midair as her eyes shimmered . It was as though she had seen something that surprised her . She was momentarily stunned .

At that moment, Zhou Wen finally opened his eyes . Simultaneously, wisps of invisible flames rose up from him, a kind of indescribable force .

It contained Zhou Wen’s Primordial Energy, or even his essence, vitality, and spirit . However, it was different from ordinary Primordial Energy . It was not a pure energy body like a Companion Beast . It was a magical power that resembled a form of energy but also a form of life .

The energy kept rising in Zhou Wen’s body as it slowly gathered behind him, as though it had formed the legendary entity known as a Life Soul . Zhou Wen could sense the existence of his Life Soul and could sense the terrifying power that came with it . However, he couldn’t see it, as though it was transparent and invisible .

Zhou Wen wasn’t in the mood to figure out why he couldn’t see his Life Soul . When he saw the little girl pressing Banana Fairy’s neck to the ground, he was already raging inside .

He drew his Bamboo Blade and slashed it at the girl .

However, with this slash, Zhou Wen felt that it was somewhat different from usual . Usually, when he slashed out, how much strength the blade had was limited by his own strength .

But now, with this slash, Zhou Wen felt an additional force that exceeded his limits, being injected into his saber .

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More accurately speaking, his entire body seemed to be enveloped by a strange force . When he swung his saber, it was as if someone was holding his hand before swinging the saber with him .

The slash completely exceeded Zhou Wen’s expectations both in speed and strength . The blade seemed to teleport as it vanished briefly before appearing in front of the girl .

The girl revealed a look of surprise as she extended her arms to block the blade .

Immediately, blood splattered as the girl’s arm was sliced open . Through the wound, he could see the flesh and bones inside . Her body was also sent flying and, when she fell to the ground, she created a hundred-meter-long ditch in the ground that had roots entrenched in it .

Zhou Wen looked at the saber in his hand in a slight daze . The strength of the saber had far exceeded his expectations . Logically speaking, although he had advanced to the Epic stage, his physical stats hadn’t been raised . It was unlikely he had suddenly become this strong .

Even if he could become stronger, that would be when he absorbed stats crystals and increased his stats to a higher level .

But now, he had not done anything; yet, he was already so strong .

Is this the power of a Life Soul? Zhou Wen inspected himself, but he didn’t see anything . He clearly felt that there was a Life Soul outside his body, but he couldn’t see it .

Banana Fairy flew back and rubbed her neck, looking very uncomfortable .

Zhou Wen glanced at the girl and saw her get back on her feet . He couldn’t help but frown slightly as he clenched the saber in his hand, preparing to completely finish her .

He absolutely couldn’t let such a vicious creature live in this world . Otherwise, there would be endless trouble .

With her vengeful personality, she definitely wouldn’t stop until Zhou Wen was killed .

Zhou Wen drew his saber and was about to head towards the little girl who had just gotten up when he suddenly saw a sword flash in the sky . A black figure appeared on a flying sword, blocking him .

After Zhou Wen saw who it was, he couldn’t help but frown slightly . The person riding the sword in front of him was the one who had killed the strange mountain back in Holy City .

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