Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 344

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Chapter 344: Chapter 344 - Pursuit

Chapter 344 Pursuit

The girl had an indescribable ferocity . She brandished the ancient purple-copper sword and charged over again . The injuries on her body were almost fully recovered . Her recovery speed was not inferior to Li Xuan’s Immortal God of Combat, and was perhaps superior .

Zhou Wen didn’t escape again when he saw the staggering sword beam brought about by the ancient purple-copper sword . He advanced instead of retreating, pushing Ghost Steps to the limit as he dodged the sword beam . This allowed him to approach the girl as he slashed at her neck with Bamboo Blade .

If the ancient purple-copper sword had been fighting autonomously, Zhou Wen would have fled as far as he could . However, he realized that the girl held the purple-copper sword in her hand as she fought . This made him feel as though he had a chance .

The girl was very strong, and her speed was very fast . Coupled with the indomitable sword beam from the purple-copper sword, she looked terrifying

However, she clearly didn’t know any combat techniques or sword techniques . All she did was fight based on instinct . Her fighting with the sword was inferior to having the sword fight alone . This allowed Zhou Wen to see an opportunity .

He was like a ghost as he pushed the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill, Nine Dragons Art, and Ghost Steps to its limits . The limited Primordial Energy problem that he had before, was now gone .

With his Life Soul, he felt as though he had infinite Primordial Energy . He could continuously use Ghost Steps, Transcendent Flying Immortal, and many other Primordial Energy-expensive Primordial Energy Skills, but he could not sense any signs of his Primordial Energy weakening .

With his Life Soul, Zhou Wen felt as if he had activated a cheat that gave him unlimited skills . All sorts of Primordial Energy Skills could be used without considering the Primordial Energy consumption .

Although he was facing a huge crisis, Zhou Wen felt extremely carefree right now . The feeling of being able to use any Primordial Energy Skill as he wished was just too good .

In the past, he needed to do all kinds of calculations and conservation . Even with the augmentation of his Dao Body, he could only use Primordial Energy Skills intermittently . But now, the exhilaration of using one skill after another ad infinitum was something he had never experienced before .

Now, Zhou Wen felt as though he had become an enhanced version of Lance . Lance could deliver an infinite Primordial Energy Skill combo because he chose Primordial Energy Skills that expended very little Primordial Energy . In contrast, Zhou Wen could now use all sorts of devastating, expensive Primordial Energy Skills repeatedly .

Furthermore, Zhou Wen’s every move seemed to be equipped with a booster . His Strength and Speed increased greatly as every step he took seemed to have him pushed forward by a booster rocket .

Now, Zhou Wen really wanted to check his in-game stats and know what his Life Soul was . Although he enjoyed the benefits brought about by his Life Soul, he couldn’t see what it was .

Zhou Wen’s figure kept flashing around the girl . Although he couldn’t clash with the ancient purple-copper sword’s beam, the girl’s brandishing was insufficient to hit him . Instead, Zhou Wen’s Bamboo Blade would slice through the girl’s body from time to time, producing cuts on her skin .

If it wasn’t for the ancient purple-copper sword’s immense strength and how annihilative the sword beam was, forcing Zhou Wen to retreat at times, the girl would have long been slain by him .

The girl also felt that she was in extreme danger . No matter how she brandished the purple-copper sword in her hand, it couldn’t touch Zhou Wen’s body . This infuriated her .

The girl gritted her teeth and dragged the purple-copper sword as she fled .

How could Zhou Wen allow her to escape? He held the Bamboo Blade and pursued her .

This girl was so vicious and terrifying . If she wasn’t killed today, she might become greater trouble after she grew up and learned some techniques . She might even become another terrifying demoness in the history of the League .

Zhou Wen wished for nothing more than to slay the girl under his blade . However, the ancient purple-copper sword’s beam was too powerful, making it difficult for him to directly slay her . It was also because the girl held it and limited its strength that Zhou Wen could chase after her .

If the girl were to throw it out and let the ancient sword attack autonomously, the one running would probably be Zhou Wen .

The girl clearly didn’t understand this logic as she kept slashing with the purple-copper sword, but it failed to hurt Zhou Wen . Instead, Zhou Wen left deep wounds on her body, ones so deep that her bones could be seen .

The two engaged in combat as the pursuit continued . Soon, they rushed into the mountains . The purple-copper sword’s staggering sword beam sliced through some of the hills, testimony of the sword beam’s shocking prowess .

What was even more shocking was that the girl had gradually begun imitating Zhou Wen’s movement technique and various techniques in battle . Although she was far inferior to Zhou Wen and could hardly cause trouble for him, she was improving rather quickly .

What kind of origins does this fellow have? If she’s human, how can she have such a terrifying physique and capabilities? A powerful existence like the woman in black had been bitten by her, and her outcome is now unknown . Even the ancient bronze sword has been forcefully snatched away . Such an ability is too terrifying . It’s impossible for a human child to possess such powers . But if she’s a dimensional creature, why doesn’t she have the aura of other species on her? She looks human in every single way . Zhou Wen recalled the dimensional black hole that Wang Mingyuan had opened . If this girl had really come from the dimensional black hole, her origins were definitely extraordinary .

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Unfortunately, all this was just speculation . Zhou Wen didn’t plan on figuring out her origins . He only wanted to quickly kill her so that she wouldn’t grow stronger .

There were already many wounds on the girl’s body . Many of the wounds would have been fatal to ordinary people, but she had managed to survive them . Furthermore, she could continue fighting . The wounds on her body also healed quickly in battle . Now, other than beheading her, Zhou Wen had no idea how he could kill her .

As the pursuit continued deep into the mountains . The girl suffered another strike from Zhou Wen, sending her flying as she landed beyond a cliff .

Zhou Wen immediately rushed over and slashed his saber at the girl’s neck, giving her no chance to land on the ground .

The girl was in midair when she forcefully produced a sword beam, forcing Zhou Wen to dodge . He circled in the air like an eagle to dodge the sword beam before lunging at the girl who had fallen to the bottom of the cliff .

The girl clearly didn’t have the ability to fly . Without any place to land her feet to propel her elsewhere, she was unable to dodge . Her face finally revealed a look of panic as she desperately swung the purple-copper sword furiously .

Zhou Wen flew through the air like a fairy, dodging the shocking sword beams . Finally, he approached the girl and slashed at her neck .

Fresh blood splattered . Although the girl had tried her best to twist her neck, she suffered a horrendous wound . Zhou Wen had sliced a fifth into her neck .

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Zhou Wen was just about to continue striking the wound when he suddenly felt a terrifying force spew out from beneath the cliff .

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