Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 345

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Chapter 345: Chapter 345 - Death

Chapter 345 Death

A large number of strange vines extended from the bottom of the cliff . A few of them managed to bind the girl while the other vines swept towards Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen slashed with the Bamboo Blade, he managed to damage them but was unable to sever them . Seeing that the vines were still sweeping towards him, he had no choice but to use Fairy Skill to dodge their attack .

The girl had already been pulled to the bottom of the cliff by the vines . Zhou Wen summoned White Shadow of Poison . With a flap of its wings, it chased the vines down the cliff .

He wasn’t sure what the vines were, but he knew that he couldn’t let the little girl live . Otherwise, it would only spell doom in the future .

Vines swept towards Zhou Wen, but thankfully, with the White Shadow of Poison and his movement techniques, he dodged the vines’ attack and chased the girl to the bottom of the cliff .

The scene below left Zhou Wen alarmed . Beneath the cliff was a gigantic mushroom about two to three stories tall . Or, perhaps, it was a Ganoderma lucidum or something similar . Either way, it was a fungus .

The huge mushroom cap was black . Whiskers that looked like vines extended out from under the cap . They wrapped around the girl and the purple-copper sword in her hand as they attacked Zhou Wen .

The girl was entangled by the mushroom whiskers and looked to be in extreme pain . The whiskers were like blood-sucking leeches, clinging onto her and piercing into her skin to extract her blood .

The purple copper sword was bound by the mushroom whiskers and couldn’t break free .

A plant-type dimensional creature can actually hold back that ancient purple-copper sword so that it can’t break free . What in the world is this place? It has such a terrifying plant-type dimensional creature! Zhou Wen looked around, completely unaware of where he was . He had pursued the girl in too deep, so he had no idea where he was .

Mushroom whiskers swept over like an inescapable net . Zhou Wen slashed with the Bamboo Blade, his body constantly moving as he barely managed to dodge the sweep from the mushroom whiskers . However, he was unable to do anything to the gigantic mushroom or even approach it .

Just as the little girl was about to be sucked dry, she let out a painful scream . Her body withered rapidly . Her face contorted into an excruciating grimace .


“Get reborn in a good family for your next life . ” Zhou Wen frowned slightly as he summoned the Overlord Sword . His body rapidly flashed as he found an opportunity to strike out and stab through her body .

Although the girl was doomed, and Zhou Wen didn’t need to add this additional strike, her death meant the wiping out of the grudge between them . There was no need for him to see her die in pain . It was better to let her rest in peace early .

Zhou Wen stabbed through the girl’s body with his sword . At that moment, the girl might have been drained of too much blood by the mushroom and was on the brink of death . She was slain immediately upon being struck by Overlord Sword’s beam .

Just as Zhou Wen was about to turn and leave, he suddenly felt the mysterious phone vibrate before flying out of his pocket .

The phone screen automatically lit up . This was something that had never happened before .

The last time Zhou Wen’s phone was taken away by the military, they had checked it, however, it couldn’t be switched on as though its battery was flat or damaged .

But now, the phone actually moved on its own . The screen showed the Dead Man Tree’s interface, and at the same time, the camera on the phone focused on the slain girl and automatically snapped a picture .

Then, Zhou Wen saw the girl’s corpse and the purple-copper sword vanish together . And on the Dead Man Tree, there was a tiny sprout .

The huge mushroom immediately went crazy when it lost its target . Countless mushroom whiskers extended out from beneath the mushroom cap and swept towards Zhou Wen like a tidal wave .

Zhou Wen didn’t dare hesitate . He grabbed the phone floating in front of him and flew up, heading for the cliff .

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However, the whiskers flew even faster than Zhou Wen, instantly catching up to him .

The Great Yin Wind from the banana fan only blew some of the mushroom’s whiskers askew while even more mushroom whiskers swept over .

All Zhou Wen could do was make a sacrifice . He summoned several Companion Beasts that he didn’t usually use, throwing them at the mushroom whiskers .

Taking the opportunity while the mushroom whiskers bound his Companion Beasts, Zhou Wen flashed away and dodged the attack from the other mushroom whiskers before finally rushing out of the cliff .

He turned back and saw the Golden Warriors and Stone Qilin being caught by the mushroom whiskers . In a blink of an eye, they were reduced to dust that scattered everywhere .

What a terrifying plant-type dimensional creature! Zhou Wen didn’t dare stay any longer as he charged into the sky . He saw the mushroom whiskers soar up like a volcanic eruption, but they failed to catch up to him .

Zhou Wen didn’t dare fly randomly in midair . After leaving the cliff, he retraced his steps . The mushroom whiskers had limited length, so there was no way they could chase after him . This relieved Zhou Wen .

After running for some distance, with no dimensional creatures appearing anywhere, Zhou Wen finally heaved a sigh of relief as he hurriedly checked the information on his phone .

The blood-colored avatar’s information had undergone a huge change, somewhat different from the one he had undergone during the Legendary stage .

Zhou Wen: Epic

Life Providence: Sigh of the King

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Life Soul: Slaughterer (Primordial Body)

Strength: 22 (Sun)

Speed: 22 (Trajectory)

Constitution: 22 (Guilt)

Primordial Energy: 22 (Taboo)

Poison: 17

Wind: 11

His Primordial Energy Skills and Companion Beasts were still the same . The four basic stats were now 22 . Behind Constitution was the word “Guilt . ” Zhou Wen didn’t know what it meant, but from the looks of it, the postfix was similar to the other three stats after he broke through each limit . He just didn’t know why using his teacher’s blood to break through would be “Guilt . ”

His Life Soul’s name was Slaughterer, but when he looked for the information on the Life Soul, he realized that it was blank . He didn’t know why his Life Soul had the name of a Slaughterer . He was clearly a pacifist and didn’t like slaughters .

As for the postfix of the Primordial Body, Zhou Wen had already learned that the Life Soul of humans was different from the Life Soul of dimensional creatures .

A dimensional creature’s Life Soul was fixedremaining the same after birth . However, a human’s Life Soul could grow .

In the beginning, it was a Primordial Body, and after a single evolution, it would be an Evolved Body . A second evolution was a Perfect Body . Currently, the most powerful Epic stage Life Soul for humans was a Perfect Body .

Legend said if a Perfect Body further improved, one would reach the Mythical stage .

Of course, this was only a legend . Zhou Wen had never heard of any human having evolved to the Mythical stage .

Zhou Wen didn’t wish to stay in the wilderness for too long . Thankfully, his memory was outstanding . He still remembered how he came . He rode the Mutated Stone Chi and ran towards a small city nearby .

When he arrived at the location with the signal, Zhou Wen gave An Sheng a call and asked him about the situation .

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