Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 346

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Chapter 346: Chapter 346 - Return

Chapter 346 Return

“Young Master Wen, you shouldn’t have gone to Holy City . Holy City suffered casualties this time . Wang Mingyuan’s crime has implicated the Wang family . If it wasn’t for the fact that they have some influence in the League, the entire Wang family would have been doomed . Even so, the Wang family is still in a terrible fix and they won’t have it easy . As for the four of you being Wang Mingyuan’s students, I’m afraid no one in the League will dare to hire you in the future,” An Sheng clearly knew of what had happened at Holy City as he spoke to Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen fell silent . He didn’t mind if no one dared to hire him, but with Wang Mingyuan’s infamy that would last generations, there was probably no way to whitewash him .

Many lives were lost because of his actions . There was no way he could be rid of the guilt .

“Young Master Wen, where are you? I’ll send someone to pick you up . As long as you return to Luoyang, no one in the League will touch you,” An Sheng said .

“There’s no need . I remember the way . I can head back myself . ” Zhou Wen rejected An Sheng . As the path An Sheng had taken previously wasn’t too dangerous, he could return to Luoyang safely with his present strength .

“Alright, be quick . Now that Holy City is in a mess, the six families and the Special Inspector Bureau don’t have the time or manpower to do anything to you . However, things will be different after a while . You have to return to Luoyang as soon as possible,” said An Sheng .

After hanging up, Zhou Wen rode the Stone Chi and headed for Luoyang . An Sheng was right . He needed to return quickly .

In the past, the bureau had tried to arrest him simply because of a tiny bit of suspicion . Now, his teacher, Wang Mingyuan, had committed such a huge crime, and they had been right beside him when things went down; therefore, Zhou Wen refused to believe that the six families would ignore them . Therefore, he had to return to Luoyang as quickly as possible . If there was no other choice, he could only escape into a dimensional zone .

He didn’t encounter any danger along the way . Zhou Wen rode on the Mutated Stone Chi that moved faster than a car . However, it was too bumpy, making it very uncomfortable for gaming

Zhou Wen observed the Dead Man Tree on his cell phone every day and saw the flower sprout growing bigger by the day . It was very similar to the situation after Yan Zhen’s death .

From the looks of it, after Yan Zhen died the last time, he was sucked in by the Dead Man Tree . That’s why no one saw his corpse . Zhou Wen roughly gained an understanding of what was going on, but he still wasn’t sure if this was a good or bad thing .

The Dead Man Tree was an unknown and terrifying existence . Previously, everything on the phone had been under Zhou Wen’s control, but now, the Dead Man Tree seemed to exceed his control .

However, it was useless to worry about these things now . He couldn’t throw away his phone just because of the Dead Man Tree’s existence .

“Xia Xuanyue, can you tell me exactly what happened?” Xia Dongyue stared at Xia Xuanyue, his eyes filled with rage .

Xia Xuanyue was one of the geniuses that the Xia family had . She had the greatest hope of advancing to the Mythical stage . Her Life Soul had reached the Perfect stage and the Mythical Companion Egg the Xia family had obtained from a dimensional zone was given to her because of her outstanding performance .

Xia Xuanyue lived up to everyone’s expectations . With the Xia family’s resources, she had advanced the ancient sword to the Mythical stage in less than six years .

It could be said that Xia Xuanyue was the main pillar of the Xia family, but she ended up heavily injured while in the wild . The Xia family found her and managed to save her life, but she claimed that the ancient sword was gone .

Xia Yunyue was extremely calm as she recounted what happened that day .

“Are you telling me that you fainted after being bitten by a three-year-old child . After you woke up, that ancient sword Companion Beast was gone?” Xia Dongyue found it unbelievable .

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After a moment of silence, Xia Xuanyue said, “Now that I think about it, the young man was right . That child really wasn’t human . ”


“What’s that young man’s name? What does he look like? Find him . As long as he’s not dead, we must figure out the truth . ” Xia Dongyue held back his anger as he spoke .

That was a Mythical Companion Beast; the Xia family didn’t have many Mythical Companion Beasts . With one gone just like that, how could he not be angry?

Xia Xuanyue knew what Xia Dongyue was suspicious of, but when she thought of the youth’s appearance, Xia Xuanyue said, “I didn’t take a careful look at that young man back then . I fainted after I was bitten . Now, I can’t remember his face anymore . I just found him very ordinary looking, without any obvious characteristics . ”

Xia Dongyue was even more furious, but there was nothing he could do about it . After venting his anger, he allowed Xia Yunyue to leave his office .

That young man must be one of Wang Mingyuan’s four students . I just don’t know his name . Xia Xuanyue was also in front of the Holy Tower back then, so she naturally recognized Zhou Wen, but she just didn’t know his name .

After she returned, Xia Yunyue found information from the bureau and quickly confirmed that the young man she had met was Wang Mingyuan’s disciple, Zhou Wen .

Forget it . If I hadn’t stopped him from killing that girl, such a thing wouldn’t have happened . It has nothing to do with him . He’s already in enough trouble, so why should I heap more on him? Xia Xuanyue closed the window containing Zhou Wen’s information, having no intention of pursuing the matter .

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When Zhou Wen successfully returned to Luoyang, An Sheng and Ouyang Lan had also rushed back from Zhuolu . He was taken to Ouyang Lan before he even entered the city .

“Punk, why are you so unlucky? It doesn’t matter now that Wang Mingyuan’s dead, but he sure brought hellfire on the Wang family and his students,” Ouyang Lan sighed as she held Zhou Wen .

“How are Hui Haifeng, Zhong Ziya, and Jiang Yan?” Zhou Wen hurriedly asked . He hadn’t encountered them the entire way back .

“Hui Haifeng’s family background is clean . There shouldn’t be any problems . He should be at home now . If there aren’t any problems, he should return to school for lessons shortly,” Ouyang Lan said .

“What about Zhong Ziya and Jiang Yan?” Zhou Wen realized that something was amiss .

Ouyang Lan shook her head and said, “No one knows . There hasn’t been any news about them to date . I wonder if they died at the mouths of those dimensional creatures or if they managed to escape and have hidden themselves . ”

Zhou Wen heaved a sigh of relief when he heard that . He believed that it was unlikely for the two of them to die so easily . As long as they didn’t fall into the hands of the Special Inspector Bureau and the six families, they still had a chance of meeting in the future .

“Sis Lan, how’s the situation at Zhuolu?” Only then did Zhou Wen recall that if Ouyang Lan and An Sheng had returned, did that mean that there had been some new developments?

“There’s no progress . The inner sanctum is guarded by Mythical creatures . Our men cannot enter unless Tianzuo brings his Companion Beasts over, but Luoyang isn’t stable either . It’s impossible for him to leave for so long . Otherwise, Luoyang might be the next Holy City,” Ouyang Lan said with a sigh . Clearly, she was helpless on this matter .

From the looks of it, I can only rely on myself . Zhou Wen knew that the An family couldn’t be counted on . He had to think of a way to crack the inner sanctum and find the former principal .

Although he knew that the odds were against the former principal, Zhou Wen refused to give up until the time he saw his corpse .

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