Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 347

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Chapter 347: Chapter 347 - Slaughterer

Chapter 347 Slaughterer

After returning to the school’s dorm, Zhou Wen continued studying his Life Soul .

When an ordinary person advanced to the Epic stage and condensed a Life Soul, they would sense their Life Soul to a certain extent and would know its approximate powers .

However, Zhou Wen was very puzzled about his Life Soul . He could sense the existence of Slaughterer and sense its close relationship with him, but he was unable to communicate with it .

It felt like Zhou Wen’s Life Soul was a lifeless robot . All it knew was to follow a program .

In any case, this feeling was extremely odd . Zhou Wen didn’t discover anything after looking through the college’s records regarding the Epic stage . Why are my Life Providence and Life Soul so strange? It’s fine if I can’t read the information about the Life Soul, but I can’t even see it . What’s going on? Zhou Wen had tried many times in-game-his Life Soul didn’t seem to have a corporeal body . When attacked, Zhou Wen could sense the Life Soul on him, but it didn’t stop any attacks . Any force would penetrate it and affect Zhou Wen as though it didn’t exist .

Zhou Wen couldn’t command Slaughterer to take the initiative to attack, nor could he allow Slaughterer to use any skills . It was as though Slaughterer’s effect was to passively increase Zhou Wen’s Strength and Speed, as well as provide an infinite reservoir of Primordial Energy .

Why does my Life Soul and Life Providence seem to be swapped when compared to others? Others have a Life Providence that provides passive abilities, while their Life Soul has active skills . Why is my Life Soul a passive ability? Zhou Wen found it very strange . Zhou Wen wished that his Life Soul was like Dr . Soul’s . It could aid Doctor Darkness and could also attack independently . That was Zhou Wen’s ideal Life Soul .

In fact, most Life Souls were like that . The Life Soul of the Mutated Stone Chi was in an offensive and defensive state . At the very least, even Wang Mingyuan’s Life Soul was a bottle with a healing ability . However, Zhou Wen’s Life Soul had no ability to attack on its own . It could only attach to him to provide support .

Zhou Wen wanted to test out Slaughterer’s support, so he planned on heading to a test venue . After all, he had advanced to the Epic stage and the ordinary testing apparatus in his dorm didn’t have such a high upper limit . He couldn’t accurately make measurements with them .

Just as he walked out of Four Seasons Garden, he saw Wang Fei walk over .

“Zhou Wen, do you have time? Can we have a chat?” Wang Fei walked over and asked .

“Ms . Wang, what’s the matter?” Zhou Wen guessed that Wang Fei was probably going to tell him about Wang Mingyuan .

Indeed, Wang Fei sighed and said, “I shouldn’t have introduced you to Uncle Mingyuan . I originally wanted you to study well, but I ended up bringing you to harm instead . ”

“Ms . Wang, it’s nothing like that . I don’t regret learning from Teacher . No matter how others see him, he will always be my teacher,” Zhou Wen said with a serious expression .

Wang Fei stared blankly at Zhou Wen for quite some time . After confirming that he wasn’t joking, she shook her head and said with a bitter smile, “Even those who share the same blood can’t compare to a student . This world is really different . ”

“Ms . Wang, has something happened?” Zhou Wen felt that the Wang Fei today was a little different from the Tutor Wang Fei he had known before .

Wang Fei shook her head . “It’s nothing . From tomorrow onwards, I won’t be your tutor anymore . I came to see you before I leave the school . I originally wanted to apologize, but since you don’t mind being Uncle Mingyuan’s disciple, there’s no need for me to say sorry . ”

“Ms . Wang, you are leaving the school?” Zhou Wen said in surprise .

Although he wasn’t quite studious usually, this didn’t stop him from believing that Wang Fei was a good tutor .

“After Uncle Mingyuan’s incident, I can no longer remain in the school as a tutor . I’m a family member of a monster who betrayed all of humanity . No one can tolerate such a person to continue teaching . The League can’t tolerate it; nor the parents of the students, so I, as a relative of a sinner, can only resign,” Wang Fei said self-deprecatingly . Zhou Wen was at a loss for words . Wang Mingyuan’s incident was terrible and there were far-reaching influences . This was something expected .

Anyone could be willful and say that one had to be responsible for their own actions . However, if something were to really happen, certain influences couldn’t be avoided .

“That’s good too . I’ve always felt that I’m unsuitable being a tutor . Perhaps the battlefield is where I belong . ” Wang Fei looked at Zhou Wen and said, “Zhou Wen, study hard . Don’t let others look down on you . After all, Uncle Mingyuan and I have taught you before . ”

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With that said, Wang Fei waved her hand, indicating that Zhou Wen need not say another word . Then, she turned and left . Zhou Wen felt somewhat uncomfortable as he watched Wang Fei leave . He ultimately believed that she was a good tutor .

“No one’s more suitable as a tutor than you,” Zhou Wen said to Wang Fei’s back . Unfortunately, Wang Fei had already gone too far and couldn’t hear him .

Before Zhou Wen could enter the testing hall, Li Xuan called him on the phone, requesting he head to the activity room of the Xuanwen Club . “Old Zhou, are you alright?” Li Xuan asked as he sized up Zhou Wen . “Why wouldn’t I be? I’m more curious about why you’re looking for me,” Zhou Wen said casually . “Our Xuanwen Club has been established for quite some time now, but we haven’t organized many activities . Now that you’re finally back, I plan on inviting all the members over for an event,” Li Xuan said with a smile . “It’s not a good time now, right?” Wang Mingyuan’s matter had just happened, and all of the League citizens all knew about it . As for being Wang Mingyuan’s disciple, although there wasn’t any news about this spreading, many people on campus, especially the members of the Xuanwen Club, knew that Zhou Wen was studying under Wang Mingyuan . “This is the best time to run one . Only then will we be able to tell who truly is a trustworthy partner,” Li Xuan said with a smile . “I’ve informed all members and also told them that you will be coming . As for how many will eventually come, I don’t know . ” “There’s no need, right? It’s just a school club, and we aren’t real companions . Why do you need to know so clearly?” Zhou Wen said disapprovingly . Li Xuan played it off with a laugh and said, “We recently recruited quite a number of people and it feels quite troublesome . We can take this opportunity to kick a portion away, so that it will save us the trouble . ”

Zhou Wen didn’t say anything else . After some time, people slowly straggled in, but most members didn’t come . Some gave excuses while others didn’t even reply, nor were they seen .

What surprised Zhou Wen was that Gu Dian was here . Fang Ruoxi and Tian Xiangdong had also come .

Then, there were Feng Qiuyan and Wang Lu . The Xuanwen Club which had reached a membership of almost thirty people had now been reduced to the few of them .

“Those who came today are all true friends of our Xuanwen Club . Okay, let’s cut the chatter . In the future, none of you will be left out when there are special activities . This is some bonus from the club . I know no one will be impressed by it, but just treat it as a little token from Zhou Wen and me . ” Li Xuan distributed the special passes he had prepared . They were passes to dimensional zones that students usually couldn’t enter .

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“Never expected such a bonus . Can you count me in as well?” Someone pushed the door open and walked in .

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