Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 349

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Chapter 349: Chapter 349 - Tiger Cage Pass Boss

Chapter 349 Tiger Cage Pass Boss

Although his attributes hadn’t increased much after he advanced to the Epic stage, with the addition of Transcendent Flying Immortal, and the augmentation of the Slaughterer Life Soul, ordinary Epic creatures couldn’t withstand a single strike from Zhou Wen .

Yet, the black-armored Demonized General was actually able to block his Transcendent Flying Immortal . Furthermore, the strange weapon didn’t snap from the blow . It left Zhou Wen somewhat surprised .

However, Zhou Wen’s strongest strength now wasn’t one Transcendent Flying Immortal strike, but infinite Transcendent Flying Immortal strikes .

The Mutated Stone Chi pounced at the Demonized Soldiers that came charging forward . The blood-colored avatar’s figure flashed as it pulled the distance with Ghost Steps, delivering wave after wave of Transcendent Flying Immortal . Sword shadows danced wildly as they constantly struck the black-armored general .

Although the black-armored general’s combat strength was extraordinary, and he was able to block Transcendent Flying Immortal, he couldn’t use his Primordial Energy Skills repeatedly like Zhou Wen . In the gaps of his skills, Zhou Wen slashed at the joint between the helmet and armor .


Zhou Wen originally imagined that even if this strike couldn’t kill the black-armored general, it would still be able to severely injure him . However, to his surprise, the demonic flames on the general’s body turned into a three-headed, six-armed devil . Among the devil’s six arms, he held a halberd condensed from three demonic flames . One of the halberds had blocked Overlord Sword .

Although the halberd condensed from the demonic flames was shattered, the black-armored general managed to escape the certain doom . Furthermore, the shattered halberd quickly reformed .

The blood-colored avatar’s fight with the black-armored general was like facing the black-armored general and his three-headed, six-armed Life Soul . It was unable to take him down quickly .

However, infinite Ghost Steps and Transcendent Flying Immortal were just insane . Even with the help of his Life Soul, the black-armored general was only able to withstand less than twenty consecutive Transcendent Flying Immortal strikes before being killed by Zhou Wen .

‘Killed Epic creature, Tiger Cage Demonized General . Discovered Dimensional Crystal . ’

Zhou Wen saw a crystal drop out of the black-armored general’s body . Picking it up, he saw that it was a Strength Crystal with a value of 31 . He immediately absorbed it and raised his Strength stat to 31 points .

The Mutated Stone Chi was still engaging in a slaughter amidst the Demonized Soldier horde . Zhou Wen ignored it and charged straight into Tiger Cage Pass to see what was inside .

However, despite killing everything in the pass, he failed to discover any other dimensional creatures of notice, other than the Tiger Cage Demonized General .

Strange, is that all Tiger Cage Pass has? Zhou Wen was somewhat surprised .

Although the Tiger Cage Demonized General was indeed very powerful and should be a top-notch Epic creature, there was no reason why the college couldn’t crack Tiger Cage Pass if that were the case .

No matter how powerful the Tiger Cage Demonized General was, it would be impossible for him to withstand the siege of numerous Epic experts .

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Suddenly, Zhou Wen realized that something was amiss . Ever since he had entered the city, he had killed countless Demonized Soldiers and Demonized Generals, but none of them dropped dimensional crystals . It was rather abnormal .

Zhou Wen took a look at the in-game notification, but he didn’t discover anything special . It kept notifying him that he had killed Demonized Soldiers and Demonized Generals, but nothing dropped .

After storming through the city a little bit more, his suspicions were confirmed . No matter how many he killed, the number of Demonized Soldiers and Demonized Generals in the city didn’t seem to lessen .

Zhou Wen had deliberately summoned Banana Fairy to get her to engage in a mass slaughter with the Mutated Stone Chi, but a large number of Demonized Soldiers and Demonized Generals continued to surge over .

Thanks to having unlimited Primordial Energy, Zhou Wen could continue . Any other Epic expert would probably be exhausted from handling the endless horde .

Zhou Wen carefully observed and discovered that the Demonized Generals and Demonized Soldiers surged out from the city gate’s entrance .

With a thought, Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar and charged towards the city gates .

When he saw the city gates closing from afar, he saw someone standing above them . He had not seen this person when he stormed in, nor when he was on the city gates . Zhou Wen did not believe that he was seeing things . This was because the person was completely different from ordinary Demonized Soldiers and Demonized Generals . He wasn’t wearing any armor or equipment . Instead, he wore a cotton shirt-one that looked odd . It resembled a Daoist robe, but there were differences .

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That person stood on the city gates, wearing a devil mask on his face . It was impossible to tell what he really looked like . He reached into his pocket and dug out something before scattering it into the city .

Finally, Zhou Wen got a clear look . What the person scattered were black beans . When the beans hit the ground, they turned into Demonized Soldiers . Some of the more special beans became Demonized Generals .

Is this the legendary Cast Beans for Soldiers? Zhou Wen was dumbfounded when he saw that . Then, he was delighted . If he were to kill the strange person, he might be able to have the Cast Beans for Soldiers Primordial Energy Skill drop .

Since ordinary Demonized Soldiers and Demonized Generals were no match for Zhou Wen, he stormed a bloody path and charged towards the city gates .

The devil-masked man sprinkled a few more beans . Upon seeing that the Demonized Soldiers and the Demonized Generals weren’t able to withstand the blood-colored avatar, he stopped . He then took out two items—a pair of scissors and a stack of yellow paper . The strange person held the pair of scissors in one hand and a piece of yellow paper in the other . With a few crunching sounds, he cut the yellow paper into a human shape and threw it into the sky . The sky was filled with yellow paper and when the yellow paper landed, it transformed into a Tiger Cage Demonized General .

More than ten Tiger Cage Demonized General instantly surrounded Zhou Wen as they charged at him from all directions .

Zhou Wen sidestepped and dodged a few halberds . At the same time, he slashed out with Overlord Sword, clashing with a Tiger Cage Demonized General’s halberd . Then, he was astonished to discover that the Tiger Cage Demonized Generals which were cut from the yellow paper were actually comparable to a true Tiger Cage Demonized General in terms of Strength and Speed .

What was even more unbelievable was that all the Tiger Cage Demonized Generals produced a three-headed, six-armed devil Life Soul .

Holy sh*t, who’s that strange person? This is way too sick! Zhou Wen was alarmed . This was the first time he had seen such a Primordial Energy Skill .

It was unimaginable that just a paper figurine would be able to reach the standards of a Tiger Cage Demonized General .

Could it be that the strange person is at the Mythical stage? Zhou Wen guessed inwardly . At the same time, he also knew why no one could leave alive after entering Tiger Cage Pass . It was really difficult to stay alive with someone like that guarding Tiger Cage Pass . Shoot the horse before shooting the rider; capture the leader before capturing the looting throng . It’s useless for me to kill these Tiger Cage Demonized Generals that are made from paper figurines . I might as well charge over to kill that strange person . Zhou Wen exerted strength under his feet as he unleashed his full speed with Ghost Steps, dodging the Tiger Cage Demonized General’s encirclement . He soared into the sky and attempted to fly up to the city gates .

However, the strange person held a tiny triangular flag and waved it at the sky . Instantly, dark clouds gathered as lightning bolts struck down and hit the blood-colored avatar . The blood-colored avatar immediately went numb as it fell from the sky .

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