Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 350

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Chapter 350: Chapter 350 - Magic

Chapter 350 Magic

More than ten Tiger Cage Demonized Generals immediately charged forward, bent on slashing the blood-colored avatar to death . The Mutated Stone Chi roared and the stone dragon Life Soul spewed out large amounts of grayish-white smoke . It made several Tiger Cage Demonized Generals have no choice but to brandish their halberds to fend off the gray smoke . Meanwhile, Banana Fairy spat out a mouthful of Grand Yin Wind . Instantly, a Tiger Cage Demonized General beside her was blown away before slamming into the city wall, causing bricks to fly everywhere .

The blood-colored avatar thankfully didn’t die after being struck by lightning . It immediately used Ghost Steps to dodge the Tiger Cage Demonized Generals’ attacks .

The devil-masked man on the city gates took out another stack of yellow paper and cut it into a human shape . Scattering it again, more than ten Tiger Cage Demonized Generals descended .

Who could withstand that? A Tiger Cage Demonized General was already a top Epic creature . Now, there were about thirty of them . Zhou Wen had to fight one against thirty . If it wasn’t for the fact that his Life Soul was empowering, and he had two powerful Companion Beasts helping him, he would have died long ago .

“Banana Fairy… Come…” Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar to beckon at her, summoning the Banana Fairy into his hand . He shook the fan and fanned a few times .

In the past, due to his limited Primordial Energy, he had to rest once he fanned . He would wait until his Primordial Energy recovered before doing it a second time, but now, he was frantically fanning . He didn’t have to worry about the Primordial Energy expenditure .

Although the Grand Yin Wind produced by Zhou Wen wasn’t as strong as Banana Fairy’s use of it, he could do it as many times as he wanted . As the fan fanned in every direction, gust after gust of Grand Yin Wind swept out, sending the Tiger Cage Demonized Generals flying into disarray . They slammed into one another or crashed into buildings, causing many of the buildings to collapse .

With the Overlord Sword in Zhou Wen’s other hand, he slashed out without any hesitation, beheading the Tiger Cage Demonized Generals in midair .

Bam! Bam! Bam!

White smoke spewed out from the Tiger Cage Demonized Generals’ heads, reducing them to paper figurines . They floated to the ground, but nothing dropped .

Clearly, the Tiger Cage Demonized Generals transformed from paper figurines weren’t real dimensional creatures; they were just the strange person’s Primordial Energy Skill .

Seeing so many Tiger Cage Demonized Generals killed, the strange person began cutting paper again . Zhou Wen didn’t give him the chance to do so . The two wings on his back which were formed from White Shadow of Poison, flapped as he activated Flash to instantly close in on the city gates . With Transcendent Flying Immortal, he wanted to slay the strange person under his sword .

However, the strange person reached out and threw a rope that shot into the sky like a rod . Dark clouds appeared above his head .

The strange person held the end of the rope, pulling it into the dark clouds . When Zhou Wen’s Overlord Sword hit the clouds, the terrifying sword beam sliced apart the dark clouds, but the strange person was nowhere to be seen .

In the next second, he saw a strange figure appear on the roof of a small building in the city . The strange person scattered the yellow paper in his hand as more than a dozen cut Tiger Cage Demonized Generals landed and relentlessly charged at Zhou Wen .

Who is this fellow? He has terrifying and bizarre powers . Zhou Wen charged forward with Banana Fairy as he kept fanning the banana fan, sending the charging Tiger Cage Demonized Generals flying .

This time, Zhou Wen was too lazy to kill the paper-created Tiger Cage Demonized Generals . Killing them was useless . Nothing dropped from a piece of paper .


Therefore, Zhou Wen rushed straight for the strange person on the roof as he slashed out Demonic Astral Wheel with Overlord Sword . The strange person dodged Demonic Astral Wheel but didn’t expect it to boomerang as it immediately struck his back .

Zhou Wen was delighted when he saw the strange person sliced in half . However, white smoke emitted from the strange person’s body as two halves of a yellow piece of paper fluttered down .

On the other end of the city gates, the strange person appeared again . He casually threw out yellow pieces of paper that transformed into Tiger Cage Demonized Generals .

Zhou Wen battled the strange person in Tiger Cage Pass, but all he killed were either bean soldiers or paper generals without any benefit .

He wanted to kill the strange person, but the strange person’s extremely arcane Primordial Energy Skill made it seem like a magic trick . Even if Zhou Wen’s sword managed to behead him, the strange person would turn into yellow paper the very next second, and his real body would appear someplace else .

I can’t take it anymore . If I continue, my Primordial Energy might remain full, but my body won’t be able to take it . Zhou Wen was extremely exhausted . His muscles were aching .

Although he had sufficient Primordial Energy, he had maintained such a high-intensity use of Primordial Energy Skills that his muscles were about to tear .

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Zhou Wen had no choice but to leave Tiger Cage Pass . Killing the final Boss of Tiger Cage Pass didn’t seem like it would happen any time soon unless he found his weakness . Killing him with brute force alone was impossible .

Although he didn’t have the ability to kill the devil-masked man, Zhou Wen could rush out of Tiger Cage Pass alive . He was already a rare, powerful existence at the Epic stage . Any ordinary Epic might not survive in there .

After quitting the game, Zhou Wen went online to search for information .

The school’s database did not have any records of the strange person . Zhou Wen also checked the history of Tiger Cage Pass and discovered that section of history was rather vague, with only a few recorded folklore tales in the Three Kingdoms .

However, the Three Kingdoms’ records basically pointed to military generals who appeared at Tiger Cage Pass . There was no one who was proficient in Daoist spells . However, there were indeed some legendary characters in the Three Kingdoms-Yu Ji, Zuo Ci, Immortal Nanhua, as well as the latter’s two disciples—who seemed to have such abilities . All of them seemed to be possible candidates .

However, such information wasn’t of much help for Zhou Wen’s slaying of the devil-masked man . After all, the books didn’t provide any methods to crack their Daoist spells .

Zhou Wen roughly compared it and felt that the strange person was either Zuo Ci or Immortal Nanhua and his lineage . Zuo Ci was adept at all kinds of magical arts and was best at various bizarre spells .

Immortal Nanhua’s lineage was represented in the Three Kingdoms as using spells related to talisman soldiers .

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Zhou Wen studied it for a while and found several ways to deal with paper generals online . The most direct way was to attack with water . Paper figurines were the most afraid of water . Legend had it that once it rained, those paper generals would be useless .

However, how could it rain in-game? The more realistic method was to find a Companion Beast that could spray water . As long as he could crack the strange person’s paper figurines, there was a higher chance of killing him .

Apart from the paper figurine avatar, the strange person also had a skill that allowed him to crawl into the clouds with the rope before vanishing . After Zhou Wen checked the Internet, he found that there actually were such techniques recorded . Legend had it that these techniques were known as the Immortal Chains, but they had long been lost . There was no way to crack them yet .

After some thought, Zhou Wen ultimately decided to leave the Tiger Cage Pass’s Boss for the future . This fellow was too difficult to kill . He would try again when he obtained a Companion Beast that could spray water . Zhou Wen decided on going to Ant Nest to kill the Golden Flying Ant .

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