Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 351

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Chapter 351: Chapter 351 - Slaying the Golden Flying Ant

Chapter 351 Slaying the Golden Flying Ant

Zhou Wen was already very familiar with Ant City . He didn’t need to do anything as his mount, the Mutated Stone Chi, could finish off a large horde of black-winged flying ants and the flightless ants .

The low-valued crystals that dropped were of little use . The Companion Eggs that dropped were fed to his few pets as snacks .

Tyrant Behemoth was simply too gluttonous . Its appetite alone was comparable to Banana Fairy and Silver-Winged Sky Spider . Furthermore, it was only at the Mortal stage, but the phone often popped up a notification that it was hungry . This gave Zhou Wen a headache .

If it’s such a glutton at the Mortal stage, won’t it really be able to swallow a thousand mountains when it truly advances to the Mythical stage? Zhou Wen was worried if he could afford to rear this fellow .

When he saw his old friend, the Golden Flying Ant, again, it hadn’t changed at all; however, Zhou Wen was no longer the same Zhou Wen who waited to be butchered by it .

Using Ghost Steps, he was able to instantly dice up the Golden Flying Ant with Transcendent Flying Immortal . The previously mighty Golden Flying Ant couldn’t even withstand a single strike from Zhou Wen . The speed it relied upon for survival was useless in the face of Ghost Steps and Transcendent Flying Immortal .

‘Killed Epic creature, Golden Ant . Discovered Dimensional Crystal . ’

A golden crystal dropped from the body of the dead Golden Ant which Zhou Wen grabbed before it landed in the honey pool .

It was a Primordial Energy Skill Crystal . Inside the golden dimensional crystal was the shadow of a Golden Flying Ant . However, it was unknown which of the Golden Flying Ant’s Primordial Energy Skill it was .

He reached out into the pool and scooped up some ant honey before trying it . It tasted pretty good and at the same time, a warm current entered his body . However, the ant honey was no longer of any use to Zhou Wen; it couldn’t increase his Primordial Energy .

After getting Banana Fairy to eat a little, Zhou Wen’s heart stirred when he saw that Banana Fairy seemed to like it . He summoned Tyrant Behemoth and got it to eat the ant honey .

Tyrant Behemoth didn’t stand on ceremony . It buried its head in the honey pool to drink, quickly dropping the honey level in the pool . After it was halfway done, Tyrant Behemoth was surprisingly satiated and stopped devouring the honey .

This was a rare situation . Even a glutton like Tyrant Behemoth had times when it was satiated .

It’s quite good to use this ant honey to feed my Companion Beasts . I’ve finally found a source of food for the future . Zhou Wen was delighted . In the future, as long as he killed the Golden Flying Ant, he wouldn’t have to worry about not having any food to feed Tyrant Behemoth . He had solved a huge problem .

He chose to absorb the Primordial Energy Skill Crystal that was dropped by the Golden Ant; however, a notification indicated that he lacked 7 points of Light stats .

Zhou Wen obviously didn’t have a Light stat . He was instantly depressed . Many Epic Primordial Energy Skills had stat requirements, and even Primordial Energy Arts had requirements . It wasn’t like the past when he could freely absorb them .

Looking at the white cocoon suspended in midair, Zhou Wen gritted his teeth as he unsheathed his sword and slashed at it . After cutting it open, he indeed saw the creature inside .

She was the same as before . She was curled inside the white cocoon, but when Zhou Wen saw her, he was alarmed . This was because he felt that the creature inside the cocoon seemed to have grown significantly . Even the wings on her back seemed to have expanded significantly, making her look less tender than before .

She’s growing up? Zhou Wen was somewhat surprised .

The dimensional creatures in the game were like NPCs . No matter how many times Zhou Wen visited, their behavior and levels were the same . There wouldn’t be any changes .

However, the creature inside the cocoon actually grew . This was quite terrifying .

Zhou Wen was about to use Overlord Sword to slash at the creature inside the cocoon when she opened her eyes . She was originally hugging her knees with her face buried in her arms, but she tilted her head, revealing her side profile and an eye . She then glanced at the blood-colored avatar .


The blood-colored avatar’s body exploded as the game screen went black .

How is this fellow so powerful? With my present strength, I can’t even withstand a glance from her? Zhou Wen was alarmed . This was probably the most terrifying dimensional creature he had ever seen .

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Whether it was the nine black dragons, the white dragon under Dragon’s Well, or even the two mythical creatures in the temple, they couldn’t be compared to the creature inside the white cocoon .

At the very least, the other Mythical creatures couldn’t instantly kill the blood-colored avatar with just a mere glance .

Thankfully, Zhou Wen didn’t expect to kill the creature inside the white cocoon himself . After all, the Golden Ant and the honey pool were his main targets, so he had completed his mission .

As the blood-colored avatar died, the Primordial Energy Skill Crystal dropped by the Golden Ant had been erased .

Zhou Wen didn’t mind . After some hesitation, he dripped his blood to revive . He started the Dragon Gate Grotto instance dungeon and went to Old Dragon Cave .

The creature inside the white cocoon was terrifying, and when Wang Mingyuan transformed into a dimensional creature, he clearly had the aura of the white cocoon which was protected by the white dragon . Zhou Wen didn’t know what Wang Mingyuan had done to the white cocoon, so he wanted to head down to take a look . Given his current strength, as long as he wasn’t too close to the white dragon, there shouldn’t be too much danger .

Zhou Wen kept his stealth when he went down Dragon’s Well until he arrived at the white dragon’s stone pillar . However, what he saw left him somewhat astonished .

The white dragon was still coiled around the stone pillar, but the white cocoon above the stone pillar was gone .

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How did it disappear? Could it be that Teacher really took away the white cocoon or killed the creature inside? However, even if he took away the white cocoon, it should still be in-game . Could it be that the white cocoon has a unique attribute? Be it in-game or in real life, as long as one takes the white cocoon away or the creature inside the white cocoon is killed, it will no longer exist? Zhou Wen thought about it and felt that it was a more reasonable conjecture or there was no explaining the disappearance of the white cocoon . Teacher, what have you done to the white cocoon? Zhou Wen still had some doubts, unsure how Wang Mingyuan had used the white cocoon to become a dimensional creature .

Not daring to alarm the white dragon, Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar to secretly leave Dragon’s Well .

Ant Nest has already been cleared . Tiger Cage Pass only has that one Boss left . Now, I should head to Zhuolu’s bat cave . I’ll grind more stats crystals there and raise my four basic stats . Then, I can head to the temple to give it a try . Although I doubt I can kill the two Mythical creatures, I can try to find their weaknesses . As long as I can find their weaknesses, there might be a chance to kill them, even if they are Mythical . Zhou Wen entered the Zhuolu instance dungeon and began grinding crazily .

Epic creatures had stats that ranged from 21 to 41 points, but in fact, only Mythical creatures could reach 41 . The highest attribute a typical Epic creature had was 40 points . And this was even with a certain Overdrive mutation . In fact, most Epic creatures’ stats only reached 36-37 points . That was already considered pretty good .

Apart from dropping 36-valued Speed Crystals, the ordinary bats dropped relatively low-valued stat crystals . Only the White Shadow of Poison dropped a 40-valued Speed Crystal . This was Zhou Wen’s main goal .

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