Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 354

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Chapter 354: Chapter 354 - Condensing a Life Soul

Chapter 354 Condensing a Life Soul

“How early was early?” Zhou Wen turned to look at Li Mobai and asked . After all, he hadn’t agreed to his conditions . He didn’t mind hearing it if Li Mobai was willing to tell him .

“Anyway, it’s much earlier than the League’s investigations on Zhuolu . It should have been when Old Mister Ouyang was still young,” Li Mobai said with a smile, “If you’re still interested and want to carry on listening, we can discuss conditions again . ”

“I don’t think there’s any need to continue the discussion . ” Zhou Wen turned around and left .

This time, Li Mobai didn’t say another word . All he did was watch Zhou Wen enter the college’s west gate, still wearing that smile as though nothing had changed .

On the way back, Zhou Wen kept thinking about what Li Mobai had said . Ouyang Lan had indeed told him that Principal Ouyang used to take her to see the Companion Beast when she was young . What Li Mobai said wasn’t impossible . It was only recently that the Zhuolu battlefield had a dimensional zone appear . When Principal Ouyang was young, Zhuolu didn’t have any dimensional zones . Where did he get the Companion Beast? Zhou Wen couldn’t figure it

out .

Since he couldn’t figure it out, Zhou Wen didn’t think about it any longer . As long as he could find the former principal from the Zhuolu battlefield, all his doubts would be resolved .

Therefore, Zhou Wen only wanted to quickly raise his stats and find a way to advance his Life Soul . Then, he would head to the two temples and attempt to find the weaknesses of the Mythical Creatures .

“How was it? What did my brother say to you?” When Zhou Wen returned to his dorm, Li Xuan was waiting for him at the entrance .

Zhou Wen recounted the encounter between them and Li Xuan heaved a sigh of relief when he heard that . “I never expected him to do this much investigation . However, why don’t you directly ask Qin Xiyuan? Since the former principal stored his pet with him, he should know something?”

Zhou Wen shook his head . “I’ve seen Qin Xiyuan before, and always have a bad feeling about this person . Later on, after careful thought, I realized that he might have appeared too warm . It made me feel a little uncomfortable . ”

The next morning, Zhou Wen woke up as usual and took out his phone to game . However, he heard hurried knocks on the door . When he opened it, he saw Feng Qiuyan standing outside the door, looking delighted .

“Coach, I’ve figured it out,” Feng Qiuyan said excitedly as he grabbed Zhou Wen’s shoulder .

“What did you figure out?” Zhou Wen asked in a daze . He was completely helpless against Feng Qiuyan, feeling that it was fine as long as he was happy . Nothing else mattered .

“I seem to have figured out One Saber Art that I’ve been practicing . I think I might be advancing to the Epic stage, but I’m not sure,” Feng Qiuyan said .

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“You’re about to advance to the Epic stage?” Zhou Wen was slightly taken aback .

Feng Qiuyan nodded and shook his head again as he said incoherently, “I’m not too sure either . I feel like I’m about to break through, but the old man who taught me the One Saber Art said that it would take at least five to six years for me to advance to the Epic stage from the Legendary stage, and to figure out the true meaning of the One Saber Art . From that, I would condense a Life Soul and advance to the Epic stage . However, I’ve only been at the Legendary stage for just over a year now, so I shouldn’t have advanced so quickly… But I feel like I’m about to break through . ”

“In what way do you feel like you are about to have a breakthrough?” Zhou Wen’s heart stirred as he asked Feng Qiuyan .

“I don’t know either . I just kept practicing . By the way, didn’t you specially instruct me in the past? I’ve been practicing my saber techniques recently, trying to resolve the problems with it . I finally came up with a solution . It was at that moment that I felt like I was about to break through . That feeling was very clear to me, that if I continued practicing, I would be able to break through a critical point . I believe it’s about breaking past the Legendary stage, but it seems too fast . I’m only 17 years old . Can I really advance to the Epic stage?” Feng Qiuyan seemed somewhat lacking in confidence .

“Then give it a try . Since it’s a breakthrough, there shouldn’t be any harm if you do not advance to the Epic stage, right?” Zhou Wen said .

“You’re right . I’ll try now . ” Feng Qiuyan was too excited just now, so when Zhou Wen said that, he immediately snapped to his senses and slashed with his saber .

This is my living room! Why are you practicing here? Shouldn’t you be at the training field at the very least? Zhou Wen immediately felt depressed . Feng Qiuyan was a martial arts fanatic . He lacked common sense in a way worse than Zhou Wen, or rather, his mind was focused on his saber practice . He could not think about anything else .

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Only such a person can obtain such achievements . Success indeed doesn’t have any shortcuts . How much you put in is how much you gain in return . Zhou Wen sighed inwardly .

However, Feng Qiuyan didn’t give a d*mn about anything . He slashed out repeatedly with his saber in Zhou Wen’s living room without releasing any saber aura . However, Zhou Wen could sense that the force from the saber was becoming stronger and stronger .

Feng Qiuyan slashed out ten times on just an ordinary slashing stance; yet, the saber force was already unbelievably powerful . It was as though Feng Qiuyan could split a mountain in front of him with one cleave .

Zhou Wen felt that his essence, vitality, and spirit were somewhat different . It was as though something was spewing out from him . The present Feng Qiuyan was like a volcano about to erupt .

Zhou Wen looked at Feng Qiuyan and suddenly had a thought . The Lost Immortal Sutra is different from ordinary Primordial Energy Arts . It can automatically circulate, so much so that one doesn’t need to gain any insights for a breakthrough . As long as my stats reach a certain level, I can advance immediately . However, ordinary people need to cultivate in Primordial Energy Arts and understand the true meaning in it before they can push their bodies, essence, vitality, and spirit to the limits and break through to produce a Life Soul . If I were to do it according to how ordinary people advance to the Epic stage, can I also condense several other Life Souls?

Zhou Wen was unable to confirm if this was possible because his few Primordial Energy Arts were apparently simulated by the Lost Immortal Sutra . It wasn’t something he had mastered himself, so he wasn’t sure if he could condense a Life Soul like an ordinary Primordial Energy Art . All he could do was give it a try in the future .

While Zhou Wen was pondering over it, Feng Qiuyan seemed to have unlocked a particular shackle . An unparalleled saber intent erupted from his body . This caused an indomitable terrifying power to erupt from him . The power grew stronger and stronger, condensing above Feng Qiuyan’s head, transforming into a corporeal saber .

The blade was very pure and the design was the simplest saber often seen in the Tang dynasty . It didn’t look fancy, but it was sharp . It looked as if no one in the world could block its sharpness once it moved .

Zhou Wen wasn’t surprised when he saw that Feng Qiuyan’s Life Soul was a saber . This person probably only had his heart occupied by sabers . It couldn’t be any more normal to have a saber for his Life Soul . It would be odd otherwise .

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